Prince's Mischievous Consort/C5 Become angry from embarrassment
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C5 Become angry from embarrassment
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C5 Become angry from embarrassment

Bai Su lifted her lips and sneered coldly. Step by step, she walked in front of Mu Lingfeng and stared calmly at the man who looked pretty good.

"Pah!" Without much thought, she raised her hand and gave him a slap.

Mu Lingfeng was completely caught off guard, and got a slap on the head.

In a split-second, the entire small courtyard became so quiet that only the sound of falling leaves fluttering in the wind could be heard. No one could believe that Bai Su had actually hit their Prince Jin Palace's most respected person.

Mu Lingfeng maintained the posture of turning his head, and only turned his head after a long while.

"Do you know what you're doing?" The voice seemed to be slowly emitting through the gaps between his teeth, and it was cold.

Bai Su smiled lightly: "Prince, you wronged me first. If you don't apologize, I can only give you a slap across the face. Speaking of which, I was at a disadvantage. You must know that not only did the two palms of Prince make people wish they were dead, it also made my already small chest flatter. This will directly affect my future sales. "

The corner of Mu Lingfeng's mouth twitched, and then he said with a flushed face: "Bai Su, do you still want face? It looks like This King has been deceived for the past month by your feigned weakness! "

"Tsk, speaking as if you have a face." Bai Su curled her lips and muttered in disdain, "My face has already been thrown by you, why would I still come?" Beating women wasn't the most embarrassing thing!

"Ba-Su!" Mu Lingfeng clenched his teeth, the veins on his forehead bulging.

"My ears are really good, Prince, you don't have to be so loud." Bai Su said indifferently, "If there is nothing else, please take your precious baby and go back to do what you love to do quickly, we need to hurry up."


The few people by the side were all shocked by Bai Su's shocking words.

Sensing Mu Lingfeng's anger, Bai Zhi took a step forward and advised in a low voice: "Big sister, just treat it as little sister begging you. Just don't make Prince angry again, okay?"

That voice was even more charming than a girl in a brothel. Tears immediately filled her large watery eyes, filling up the room to the brim with mist.

I really pity her when I see her.

Bai Su looked at her and said with a smile: "Then little sister, please quickly bring out this king ? Mm, Prince can take it, I am also tired. "

When Bai Zhi heard this, she was stunned. She turned her head and looked at Mu Lingfeng, and said softly: "Prince, big sis is also tired, why don't we go back first?"

Mu Lingfeng did not listen to him at all.

His entire body was filled with anger, his face was completely red, his eyes were glaring at Bai Su, the moment he opened his mouth, his voice was like a Yama coming from hell: "Come! Princess Hua-Yang's maid, Xi Yan, took bad care of Princess Hua-Yang, so he will be severely punished! "

"You!" Bai Su's expression changed, as she gritted her teeth and said, "It's none of her business! If there's any punishment, just come at me! " This man always knew how to take advantage of her weakness!

Mu Lingfeng was just waiting for her words. With a cold smile, he said, "In that case, I'll let the wangfei take over the fifty planks." Finishing his words, he turned around and left without looking back.

It was a fine day, and the afternoon sun shone through the open window and onto the floor of the room.

Bai Su laid on the bed, with her head turned to look at the light spots on the wooden floor, her eyes blinked uncontrollably as though she was uncontrollably sleepy.

Xi Yan walked in quickly and placed a basin of water on the stool beside the bed. He turned around to look at the shocking wounds on the back of Bai Su's back, and his big tears rolled down his face. "Wuu!

Bai Su opened her eyes and said, "I'm not dead yet, your princess. He wanted to teach me a lesson, so you don't have to blame yourself. "

Xi Yan continued to sob: "Prince is too heartless! The princess has never suffered such a thing. " She went silent for a moment, and then said, "Princess, you shouldn't have acted so quickly just now, angering Prince."

Bai Su curled her lips: "You don't know, but looking at his expression as if he's eating something, I feel really satisfied in my heart. "With a breath of anger, it would be worth it even if she were to be slapped."

"Pfft!" Xi Yan laughed, crying and laughing, "At that time, Prince looked like he ate dog shit, I really don't want to look too good."

Bai Su laughed: You've eaten before? Otherwise, how can you be so clear about it? "

"Princess ?" Xi Yan was annoyed, "At this time, you still have the mood to joke around with me. Prince treats the princess like this, and does not invite a doctor over, how can the princess' injuries be well ? "

Bai Su laughed without care: "The best doctor in the world is here, of course he won't invite another one."

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