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C6 Nonsense

Xi Yan replied: "Of course. The princess is under the tutelage of the doctor, how can an ordinary doctor compare with her? "

She went quiet for a bit, and then sighed: "If it wasn't for the fact that he has such an important identity, I'm afraid Beimu Emperor wouldn't even insist on marrying the Prince Jin Princess. If the princess had not married to the Prince Jin, she would not have suffered like this. No matter what, Third Princess is to be blamed. If not for her unwillingness to marry into Prince Xian and wanting to lick her face to marry into Prince Jin as a concubine, she wouldn't be like this right now. "

Bai Su noticed something was amiss and asked casually: "Tell me, why did Beimu Emperor insist on marrying me to the Prince Jin?"

Xi Yan said: "Isn't it because the princess is a disciple of the Fairy Doctor? If the princess were to marry her, she would be able to spread the medical skills of the Fairy Doctor to her Beimu Kingdom. As Beimu Emperor's most beloved Sixth Prince, Prince Jin would think of him the first thing in his life if there was anything good. "

"Oh." Bai Su asked again, "Then tell me, why is it that the Third Princess isn't willing to marry the Prince Xian as her official wife and insisted on marrying the Prince Jin as her concubine?"

Xi Yan said: "Of course, who doesn't know, although Prince Xian is the Fourth Prince of the Northern Profound Beast, he has no power nor power, and his body is also suffering from a hidden disease ? It was said that it was a good thing for men. It would be weird if Third Princess would marry him! "

"No?" Bai Su said with a smile that was not a smile, "You've tried it before, otherwise, how would you know if he wouldn't move?"

"Oh, princess!" Xi Yan was annoyed, "If you keep on making fun of me, I'll ? "Then ?"

"Alright." Bai Su pinched her meat bun like face and said, "Have you finished preparing the salted water?"

It was clear that Mu Lingfeng did not care about her injuries. Although she was a genius doctor, he did not have any spirit medicine, and could only use salt water to disinfect the wound.

It was easy to say, but when the salt water touched the wound, Bai Su felt a pain so intense that she wanted to die.

"Muddler!" I, Bai Su, swear that in the future, I will make you pay with your blood! "Ouch, it hurts so much ?"

Xi Yan consoled with tears streaming down his face, "Princess, please bear with it ? Will this really work? "

Bai Su lied on the bed, lazily twitching due to the pain. "Alright, let's see how it goes tonight ? If I have a high fever, I might... " They would die.

Before she could finish, she fainted from pain.

Xi Yan tidied up everything and squatted down by the bed. Looking at the wounds on his body, he sniffed. He wanted to cover her with a blanket, but he was afraid of touching her wounds, so he could only stand there with tears in his eyes.

"Princess, you must get up early. This servant has recently thought of a lot of new dishes. When Princess is done, I'll make it for you ?" "Princess, hurry and get well ?"

"Mm ?" Xi Yan's food is the most delicious, I will be good ? "

Hearing Bai Su's confused voice, Xi Yan cried with joy: "Princess, are you alright? "Wuwuwu!

Ever since the princess fell sick three years ago, her body had changed from the inside to the outside. She had become gluttonous and spicy ? It seemed like he didn't care about anything, but he understood everything.

In Xi Yan's heart, the princess was just a black wolf with a big tail.

However, it was precisely such a princess that caused others to feel close to her, and made their hearts ache.

"What are you crying for ?" "So noisy ?" Bai Su did not open her eyes, her voice was broken and broken, as if she was spouting nonsense, "This old man has transmigrated over and is still crying even after receiving such a terrible anger, what the f * ck are you crying for? Humph, I'm really feeling wronged today ? [You dregs, just you wait ?] "Wait ?"

"?" Although he didn't really understand those words, Xi Yan knew that the princess truly hated the Prince Jin.

Bai Su, "Wuwuwu, why are you toying with this daddy like this ? I really want to go back ? I miss having a computer, a cell phone and a refrigerator, I don't want to stay here... "Don't..."

"Disillusionment? Handwritten notes? Ice fragrance? What is that? " Xi Yan didn't understand the nonsense that his princess was spouting, but hearing her cry caused his heart to ache. "Princess, in these three years, you have never cried. "Sob, sob, sob ?"

It was a small matter, but a big one.

Just as night fell, the unconscious Bai Su had a high fever!

"What should we do?" "The princess said that if she had a high fever, she would die ?" Xi Yan was so anxious that he resembled a headless fly. He looked at Bai Su whose face was flushed red to the ears, gritted his teeth, and said, "Princess, don't worry. Even if I have to risk my life, this servant will definitely bring a doctor back for you!"

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