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C7 Dream shadow

The night gradually turned darker.

A black shadow acted as if no one was around to hide from the guards, sneaking into the Prince Jin Palace, heading straight to the backyard.

In the dark room, Bai Su laid on the bed with her eyes closed, as if she was having a dream that she didn't want to wake up from.

The dark figure leapt in through the window and approached the bed step by step.

He stared at the person on the bed for a while before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Looking at the pale-faced Bai Su and the bloody wound on her back, the only eye that was exposed on the black figure's body suddenly shrank. Her aura instantly became chaotic.

His five fingers slowly closed, clenched, and slowly loosened.

He seemed to be angry, but at the same time, he seemed to be patiently enduring.

"Susu, I won't let anything happen to you." At the same time his hoarse voice came out, a small porcelain bottle appeared in his hand. "This is the best Golden Sore Medicine in the world. You will definitely recover soon."

When the powdered medicine landed on Bai Su's back, it was immediately absorbed by the bloody wound.

The unconscious Bai Su frowned, as if she was enduring a great deal of pain.

However, even though she was unconscious and unable to control her own actions, her consciousness was incomparably clear.

That hoarse voice, that intimate address, they were all so familiar ? He seemed to have heard of it somewhere, but where had he heard of it?

Bai Su shook her eyelids, she really wanted to open her eyes and see what the owner of this voice looked like.

However, even after she tried for a while, she was still unable to open her eyes.

She was too weak. Although she had regained consciousness, she was unable to control her body.

After the black figure finished applying the medicine, she coincidentally saw the trace of pain and struggle between Bai Su's brows.

He reached out and touched her forehead. It was a light touch, as if he was afraid he would wake her up with a little force.

"Susu." He went silent for a moment before saying, "You have to learn how to be strong and not be bullied again. "Otherwise, I will be unable to resist the urge to send those who bullied you to hell, never to reincarnate ?"

Although the voice was very soft, it was very eerie, just like the voice in his nightmare that night.

Bai Su's eyelids suddenly twitched!

This voice clearly came from the person who kidnapped her on the night of their wedding!

? Throw the person who bullied her into the eighteenth level of hell, never to reincarnate?

To think that he still had the face to say such words. Wasn't the person who bullied her the worst was him?

If he hadn't kidnapped her on the night of their wedding night, why would she be bullied like this by Mu Lingfeng and Bai Zhi?

Bai Su really wanted to open her eyes and clearly see this man's appearance. Even if he could not beat him now, she would still need to take revenge in the near future.

However, she didn't have a chance.

The black shadow came suddenly and left even more abruptly.

The room quickly regained its calm, as if no one had ever come before. Other than the rustling of the leaves outside the window, there was no other sound.

Gradually, Bai Su fell into a coma again.

Early in the morning, when the first rays of the sun shone into the room ?

Bai Su was woken up by the sound coming from outside the window. She moved his body and felt as if all the bones in his body had been broken.

However, the weird thing was that the wound on his back didn't hurt that much anymore.

Before his eyes was a field of red; there was no time to change out of the new house.

"Could it be that last night wasn't a dream at all? Is there really someone who has appeared before? " Bai Su thought as she struggled to sit up.

The faint sound of a maidservant purposely lowering her voice came from outside the window.

"Sister Xi Yan suffered such heavy injuries, what a pity ?"

"Poor what? This was the life of a servant girl. If you had to blame something, you could only blame her recklessly charging through the Lotus Garden to ask for medicine for her master last night, disturbing the Prince and the side concubine. I think she probably won't live. "Let's hurry. If the secondary wife finds out, both you and I will suffer ?"


"Xi Yan?" Bai Su frowned, and quickly got off the bed.

She held on to the wall and walked step by step toward the door.

In the courtyard, Xi Yan lied on the ground, covered in injuries.

That small face was dyed red by the blood that was flowing down, making it look extremely terrifying.

Bai Su clenched her fist tightly, her entire heart filled with the flames of anger.

She raised her foot and walked over the threshold to Xi Yan's side with difficulty. She squatted down, turned over her wrist and took her pulse.

Time passed second by second, Bai Su's face became extremely ugly.

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