Prince's Mischievous Consort/C9 Wearing white clothes and beautiful men
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C9 Wearing white clothes and beautiful men
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C9 Wearing white clothes and beautiful men

The shopkeeper was puzzled and asked in surprise, "Young Master, what do you mean?"

Bai Su smiled and said, "In the future, if you find some patients with difficult problems here, you can leave them to me if you are unable to solve them. I will come to see you every few days. As for the medical fee, how about fifty cents? "

The shopkeeper was a little surprised at first, but when he thought about it, he immediately laughed: "Awesome! It was a blessing for the young master to come here to treat a patient! How could I disagree? "

Bai Su snapped her fingers, "Then it's a deal!"

"Good!" "Good, good, good!"

Bai Su picked up her medicine bag and walked towards the door with a bright face.

Just as he stepped out of the door, he accidentally knocked into a meat wall.

"Hiss ~ ~" Bai Su's forehead was in pain, she took a step back abruptly and almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, her arm was held back in time. That person used a bit of force and pulled her up before she pounced into a faintly fragrant embrace.

Bai Su raised her head, and bumped into a pair of eyes that contained hidden feelings and warmth.

What kind of eyes were those?

Even though it sounded ordinary, it carried a profoundness that ordinary people would not be able to sense.

It was cold, but it also had a warmth that made one's heart palpitate.

What kind of man was that?

He was dressed in white, like a holy immortal.

A white jade mask covered his face, hiding his appearance. But even so, people still felt that he was extremely handsome, as if he couldn't be described with words.

In short, he was a very different man.

He possessed a magic that others would never forget after taking a look at him.

Bai Su was stunned, she looked at the man in front of him for a long time and forgot about his actions.

"Medicine." A cold voice came from his side.

Bai Su came to her senses and hurriedly pushed away the big palm that the man was holding around her waist, grabbing the medicine bag in the hands of the youth at the side: "Sorry. "Thank you."

As he spoke, he turned around to leave.

"Hold on." Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men spoke gently as he bent down to pick up a jade and handed it over. A warm smile flowed out of his eyes, "The thing dropped by you."

His voice was as gentle as jade, just like his voice. However, after he finished speaking, he cleared his throat as if he couldn't catch his breath.

Bai Su received the jade pendant, lowered her head and said "thank you", then quickly ran away.

Why was she running so fast?

Because she discovered that when she was facing the Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men, her heart had become so fast.

Especially when she heard the pretty boy's voice and saw the smile in his eyes, she seemed to have been possessed.

Bai Su ran for a long time until she could no longer see the figure of Tong Ji Hall.

"Phew ?" She clutched her chest and exhaled, muttering to herself in annoyance, "What? Bai Su, you have no backbone! "Isn't she just a beautiful man? It's not like I've never seen her before, she really doesn't have any ambition at all!"

After strongly looking down on herself for a while, Bai Su suddenly became heartless again.

He strolled left and right on the street, observing the different styles of Mudu City while picking out a few good-looking things at the same time.

"This, Xi Yan will definitely like it!"

"And there's this, she'll definitely jump with joy when she sees this."

Bai Su brought along her spoils of war, and shakily hummed a small tune as she walked towards the Prince Jin's Palace.

When he passed by a small alley that was almost empty, he heard faint footsteps behind him.

Bai Su listened carefully with light footsteps. There was really a sneaky sound of footsteps following her!

After some thought, Bai Su sped up her footsteps and walked forward.

She remembered that there was a street ahead. There were many people there, making it more suitable for hiding and escaping.

But if she wanted to, so did the people following her. Almost at the same time she quickened her steps, the people behind her rushed up and shouted, "Stupid woman, stop right there!"

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