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(1) other people's rascals; (1) other people's rascals

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"Little Yang Mei, can you go play at your royal father and mother's place?"

Bei Chen Luo had just returned from his study when he saw Rui Yang and Shangguan Qing's daughter, Little Yangmei, come over to pester Zi`er again.

Although this girl was only a year old, her character was definitely not that of a calm person. What made Bei Chengluo even more depressed was that this child did not understand what was going on. Especially catechism.

If she didn't make a trip to the King's Manor every day and pestered Zi`er for most of the day, she wouldn't be happy.

As the child's month grew bigger, it was hard enough for her. However, she still had to help Baili Ruiyang and Shangguan Qing Qing lead the child for half a day, and she couldn't even have a good rest now.

She didn't want the maidservants in the mansion to play with her, but she wanted to follow beside Zizi'er and listen to his questions.

Baili Ruiyang and Shangguan Qing Qing were truly magnanimous, their daughters were able to be thrown into the King's Manor for the greater part of a day, and it was not just their first or second time, he had seen them at least a dozen times.

Only Yang Mei could walk and speak, but when she heard the first thing she said when she woke up in the morning, she wanted to hurry over to play with her consort.

As a man, he didn't want this girl to disturb her sleep, but he couldn't just tell her not to come back another day. Once she did, he'd play with the maids and sisters while her Aunt Wangfei took a rest.

Otherwise she would cry.

He had the patience to coax the kids of his family, but he had no interest in coaxing anyone else's kids.

Hearing Bei Chenluo's voice, little Yangmei wrinkled her little nose. One could tell with a single glance that she was about to cry.

"Little Yangmei, you can't cry. If you scare the baby in Aunt Wangfei's stomach, then you can't play with her anymore. Besides, Aunt Wangfei won't like you anymore."

If Bei Chen Luo wanted to coax her, that would be alright. He knew how to do it. However, if he was to coax such a little child and if she was even a little child who loved to cry, it would be really difficult for him.

Therefore, his coaxing became a threat later on.

However, even without mentioning, little Mei Yang was probably the only one who knew how to deal with Bei Chen Luo's cold expression.

"It's fine, why did you scare the child?"

This child liked her, and she also liked children. However, Bei Chengluo saw that her month was getting bigger and bigger, and was always worried that this child might accidentally touch her, or pester her so that she wouldn't have enough time to rest.

Bei Chengluo held Zi'er's hand, coaxing her: "The child will probably be out in the next few days, but Rui Yang and Shangguan Qing Qing know how hard it is for you to work now, and you actually threw the child over to us. The two of them are really good, sticking together all day long, you sure are magnanimous."

Zizi looked at Bei Chenluo speechlessly, "Why are you so nervous? With so many people around me, it wouldn't be a problem if our kids wanted to come out and meet us.

The wet nurse is already prepared, and the midwife is already living in the mansion. What needs to be prepared has already been prepared, so what's there to worry about. "

Zizi was very clear about his condition. Although her pregnancy was a little big, it looked very good.

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