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He is going to have a baby (2) and a baby is going to have a baby (3) and a baby is going to have a baby (2).

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"Don't worry, that was just a fit of pain just now. Every woman who gives birth has to bear it. There's no problem. After the pain, everything will be fine. Look, I am fine now. The time between each pain will be shorter and shorter, you don't have to panic, and don't worry, I and the baby will be fine. It's still too early for me to have a baby, and I don't think I'll be able to have one until night at the earliest. Now, get someone to prepare hot water for me, I'll wash my hair and take a bath. "

Although Zi`er had never given birth to a child, he knew that the child wouldn't be born so soon when the child was in pain. While there was still a long time between the pains, she first washed her hair and bathed, then ate some food to worry about.

"Can I?" If it was something else, Bei Chengluo would have no doubts about it. But now, even if he listened to what Zi'er said, he was still nervous, so he had to ask the experienced midwife.

When the midwife who was waiting at the side heard the prince's question, she quickly replied in detail, "Reporting to the prince, what wangfei said just now is correct. The child won't be born so soon, and it's good for the wangfei to bathe and change clothes while there's still time. Otherwise, when the child is born, you won't be able to bathe and wash your hair while sitting in bed."

Can't you wash your hair and take a bath for a month?

At the most, she would wash her hair in half a month's time. Then, she would immediately dry her hair. After the baby was born, she would be able to take a bath three or five days later.

Hearing that she could wash her hair and take a bath, Bei Chenluo did not stop her. He got someone to prepare hot water and personally go wash her.

He also knew that she wasn't used to letting people who served her into the bathroom when she took a bath. Furthermore, he didn't want to do it himself even if it was a woman serving her, so he had to do it himself.

"Does your stomach still hurt? "Let's wash quickly, then you can eat more. I heard it takes a lot of effort to have a baby."

After Bei Chengluo had washed Zi`er's hair clean, Zi`er refused to let him help with the bath. He could only stand aside and carefully protect her, fearing that Zi`er's stomach would suddenly hurt again.

At this moment, he was extremely depressed. Why couldn't a man have children? If a man can have a baby, he won't have to suffer.

"It's okay, don't be so nervous. It's just a child. Any woman will have this experience. Others' families aren't as well-prepared as us. Some families are still working in the fields the moment before they have children."

With so much prepared and my health being good, our children will definitely come out safely to meet us. "

In fact, her stomach still hurt occasionally, but seeing how nervous this man was, even if she was in pain, it wouldn't be hard to show it.

Although the pain was unbearable, it wasn't unbearable.

Besides, they were separated by quite a bit of time, so it didn't seem like it would be difficult for her at all.

"Alright, I've already washed it very cleanly. Hurry, I'll help you wipe it."

He didn't care how other women gave birth to children, but he couldn't bear to see his wife in such pain.

Although the child was very cute, his wife couldn't eat what she liked when she was pregnant. Furthermore, she had to sleep poorly all day and all night, so he couldn't bear to part with her.

So just one child.

Zi'er didn't stop him. They were already familiar with each other, and even if she was shy, it wouldn't be right now.

He put on his clothes and dried his hair with the help of his inner force. All the dishes that catalpa liked to eat were prepared as well.

"I'll accompany you to eat more."

Seeing that there was indeed a lot of food prepared on the table, Qing Shui guessed that the people below had prepared a lot of food for Qing Shui because they thought that he was about to give birth to a baby.

In order to let Zi`er eat more, Bei Chenluo naturally wanted to eat with her. Despite his current nervousness, he had no appetite at all.

She also knew that she should eat to her heart's content, not to mention the fact that it was her favorite food. However, the intervals between the pains were getting denser and denser. She really couldn't eat much.

Although she had never given birth to a child, she had some understanding. She knew that the time between the periods of pain was so short, so it was likely that she was about to give birth.

He originally thought that the child would not be born until nightfall at the earliest, but now it seemed that the baby in his stomach was anxious to meet his parents.

It wasn't easy for him to finish a bowl of rice and drink a bowl of soup.

"I think she's going to have a baby soon. Tell the midwife to get ready and help me to the delivery room."

When Bei Chengluo carried Zi`er to the maternity ward he prepared, the midwife and the medical woman who specialized in gynecology in Yanzhou City were also ready.

After King Ding had placed Princess Dingwang on the bed, the midwife began to examine her.

However, Zizi only felt waves of dull pain coming from his body, while his mouth was filled with a miserable moan. She could bear to not shout it out, but there was no way to hide the expression on her face. She didn't want to make Bei Chenluo worry, but having a child really hurt.

"You go out."

This scoundrel man had let him out just now, but he refused. He insisted on accompanying her in the delivery room.

Zizi bit his lips as he glared at the man who tried to step forward and put his palm in her mouth for him to bite. He shouted with a trembling voice, "Hurry up and get out. If you are here, I won't be able to scream. If I can't, then it will hurt even more."

Zizi felt that his body was in good condition. Otherwise, how long would it take for her to show signs of illness? He thought it would only be born at night, but it wasn't even time for dinner yet, and the child inside her stomach was already rushing to come out.

Beichen didn't want to go out, but Zi`er wanted her to, and he couldn't bear not to listen to her.

"Your Highness, don't worry. Princess Hua-Yang has a good temper. My young mistress and Princess Hua-Yang will definitely be safe and sound."

The midwives and medical girls also didn't wish for the King to stay in the delivery room. They all said that when a woman gave birth, that man couldn't be allowed to enter the delivery room. It was said that it would be unlucky.

Bei Chenluo did not care about the unlucky fate, but he could not disobey the words of Qing'er.

Moreover, how could he not listen to his most beloved woman when she was suffering to bear the pain and bear his children?

Seeing that the prince had finally left, everyone in the delivery room finally let out a sigh of relief. With the prince here, the pressure would be immense.

Although the wangfei's status was also honorable, but the grandeur she exuded was already restrained due to the fact that she was giving birth to a child.

Therefore, they didn't feel the imposing aura of the wangfei and naturally weren't as nervous.

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