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A son is a slave. (4) A son is a slave

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Pantheon (IV)

His son was used as a slave and a bunch of people were waiting anxiously outside the courtyard. When had anyone like him, such as Rong Qian, Lei Yang, and Shangguan Qingchen ever seen a woman giving birth to a child? As for Bei Chenluo, only a child of Zi-er would he care, worry, and fear.

Although Zizi's shout was not very loud, they were all experts in martial arts and possessed extraordinary inner strength. Thus, even though Zizi's voice was not loud, everyone could hear him clearly.

It was because they had heard it clearly that they knew how much Zi`er's heart ached. The repressed Shen Yin caused them to feel even more nervous and heartache.

"Why isn't he coming out yet?"

Bei Chenluo's fist landed on a big tree in the yard. His fist, which did not use any internal force, immediately grinded his skin, causing blood to ooze out.

"Your Highness."

The personal guard next to him, upon seeing the prince's appearance, naturally cried out in alarm, but he also knew that the wangfei hadn't given birth to her son. When the mother and son were safe, the prince would certainly be worried.

Bei Chenluo looked at the delivery room, and could not help but walk forward. It did not matter if he had any bullsh * t rules, he had to stay by her side.

If it wasn't for the fact that Zi`er chased him out earlier, he definitely wouldn't have left.

"Your Highness, now is the critical moment. Since you've asked your highness to come out just now, you probably don't want your highness to be inside. If your highness enters now, it wouldn't be good if you disturb your highness." The midwife and the doctor were both inside. If there really was a problem, they would not dare to hide it. This subordinate has heard that this is how women come to bear children. I believe it won't be long before the wangfei and the little mistress meet with the prince safely. "

Therefore, it was hard to be a confidant around the prince. Not only must one have high martial arts skills and a good brain, one must also understand the problem of a woman giving birth to a child.

Bei Chengluo stopped in his tracks. Thinking back to how he was chased out of the city by Zi`er, he didn't dare to move forward anymore.

When the crowd saw that King Ding was no longer about to enter the delivery room, they were finally relieved. Fortunately, the Crown Princess wouldn't allow him to go out, otherwise, she would definitely be the first Crown Prince in history to stay in the delivery room to accompany her to give birth to a child.

Just when Bei Chengluo was about to smash the tree again, the sound of a child crying could be heard from the delivery room. Everyone outside was greatly relieved when they heard that the child was born. They could finally be at ease.

Bei Chengluo could no longer bear it and barged in. Judging from the child's voice, there shouldn't be any problems, but his treasure did not make a sound. How could he be at ease if he did not personally witness her safe and sound?

In the end, those who had tried to stop him did not dare to do so. Forget it, the young master had already given birth to a child. Now that the prince had entered, there shouldn't be much of a problem.

"Let the prince wait outside. I did not allow him to enter, so he is not allowed to enter."

Bei Chen Luo was about to open the curtain and enter when he heard a hoarse voice. Although it wasn't loud, Bei Chen Luo could still hear it clearly.

Of course, he could pretend that he didn't hear her and immediately go in. However, he couldn't bear to disobey his precious treasure's words, so he could only wait at the door for his precious treasure to summon him.

"Bao`er, are you okay?"

The moment Prince Ding's words left his mouth, the midwives and female doctors were all stunned for a moment. They didn't know that the Crown Prince would address her as such.

"I'm fine. Just you wait, you're not allowed to come in."

She didn't want him to see her like this. Anyway, he knew that it was best not to let him see her like this.

Bei Chengluo listened carefully to Zi`er's words and felt more at ease. He guessed that Zi`er shouldn't have any problems; otherwise, the people inside would not be able to remain so calm.

"Congratulations, Your Highness. It's a young master."

The midwife quickly tidied up the mistress, put on her clothes, and carried her to the door to look at the king.

As for the princesses, they had yet to be tidied up, so the little mistress could let the prince have a look.

Bei Chengluo frowned as he looked at the monkey like little kid in front of him. The little guy was bright red, and he didn't dare to take the little girl in his arms.

Before the child was born, he practiced carrying the child. It was just that when he was carrying the doll before, he thought that hugging his own child was the same as carrying a doll. But now, he realized that he really didn't dare to take over the doll.

"Carry her to my side. Is the princess well?"

Compared to the little brat, he was more concerned about his own treasure. If it wasn't for this little brat, Bao`er wouldn't have to work so hard.

Not to mention, the kid wasn't even a daughter.

If a boy wanted to be pampered, how could he let his father carry him?

Bei Chen Luo kept a close eye on what was going on inside. He walked into the room as soon as the catalpa was cleaned up.

"How is it? Is there anything uncomfortable about it? "Does it still hurt?"

Bei Chengluo sat beside Zi`er, tightly holding her hand. He looked at the hair on her face that had yet to dry and gave her a pained kiss on her forehead.

Although she had already cleaned it up, how could her sweaty hair be done so quickly? Judging by her sweaty hair, it was easy to tell how much pain she had suffered.

"It doesn't hurt much. I'm fine now, so don't worry. I know my body well. I was thinking of wait for my son to grow up and have another daughter."

After giving Bei Chenluo a glance, Zi`er's loving gaze quickly fell on her son. Only after the birth of her son did she truly feel the joy and satisfaction of being a mother.

"Your son is tired. Let's let him rest well and put him on the bed. Otherwise, you won't be able to rest properly."

Bei Chengluo saw that his Bao`er actually ignored him because of his son, and immediately felt unhappy in his heart. Just now, he caused his Bao`er so much pain and suffering, and now he still wants to fight with Laozi for Bao`er's attention?

How is this possible?

"It's alright. The bed is so big, let him stay here. I can feed him later."

Zizi was reluctant to put her son on the bed. She hadn't seen enough of him yet.

"Not good, his presence here will affect your rest. You said earlier that you have to take good care of your body and wait to give birth to his little sister."

A glint flashed in Bei Chenluo's eyes. If he only said to let the little girl have a good rest, she definitely wouldn't do it. However, if it was a girl, his wife would probably agree.

"Then you go accompany him, I'll take a nap."

Although Zi`er agreed, he still chased him away. Bei Chengluo glared at his son from a corner that Zi`er had not seen. It was all his fault; otherwise, he would have been able to accompany Bao`er when she was at her most tired.

Bei Chengluo could not bear to see Zi`er so tired. In order for her to have a good rest, he could only stand beside his son and glare at him resentfully.

The brat also opened his eyes, a pair of shiny black eyes curiously moving around. Bei Chengluo thought his son was curious about everything he saw, he never thought that the newborn child's vision was still blurry. Even if he were to look at it closely, he wouldn't be able to see it clearly.

Bei Chengluo and his son stared at each other. This was what he felt. His son didn't have that intention from the start, he simply couldn't see his father sitting next to him.

"Little monkey, you're too ugly. Didn't we say you looked like your father? You're so ugly that your mufei won't be able to look at you in the eye? This King warns you, you better hurry up and grow back for This King. If you torture This King to any end, This King will immediately throw you into the army so that you won't be able to pick up your mufei.

Also, you better be smart for this king. When you grow older, hurry up and learn what you need to learn and take responsibility for the Residence of Crown Prince. Your father and mother don't have that much time for you to play around, your mother has already been married to your father for so long, so I still haven't found the time to accompany her properly.

Who told you not to be a girl, as a man, you have to do your best to grow up, especially as my son, I will not allow you to waste your time playing. If you have the ability, learn from your father and get married as soon as possible, have a son, and let him take over your job. "

Bei Chengluo was mumbling to himself. Zi`er was not listening to him and his son. She was truly tired and had fallen asleep already.

If Zizi heard that his precious son was threatened by his father like this less than an hour after he was born, he would probably be extremely angry.

Was there anyone that was a father like this?

Seeing that Zi`er had fallen asleep, Bei Chengluo immediately and carefully stood up and walked towards her. Son or whatever, what was there to be company for? He had to be with the woman he treasured the most.

Seeing her pale face slowly regain its color, Bei Chen Luo wanted to reach out and gently stroke her, but he was afraid of waking her up, so even if he wanted to look at her properly, he didn't dare to keep his eyes on her face. He was worried that it would affect her rest.

Having a son, he did not want to give birth to his second child anymore. Having a child was too difficult and too dangerous, and he was unwilling to let his Bao`er experience the pain of having a child again.

However, this woman seemed to want another one. What could he do to stop her?

Bei Chengluo was a little worried, he knew clearly in his heart that if he insisted on having Bao`er, it would be very difficult for him to stop her.

Asking the imperial physician to help him concoct the medicine so that he wouldn't have another life?

That won't do, his precious woman's medical skills were so good. Even if he didn't say if she could treat him, he was afraid that when he took that medicine, she would find out.

So it won't work.

Sigh, his Bao`er's medical skills were too good. When he encountered this kind of problem, it was truly a bit difficult.

However, he still had time to think slowly. At least two years later, Bao`er would probably want a second child.

He hoped that in two years time, he would be able to come up with a very good idea.

When the Crown Prince's son was born, on a day of joyous celebration in Yan Prefecture City, no one knew that at this very moment, Prince Ding was already thinking about how to take away his son's childhood and how to enslave him.

When Zi`er woke up, almost two hours had passed. Under Bei Chenluo's guidance, he felt much better after filling his stomach.

"Your Royal Highness, hurry up and go eat. What time is it?"

This man was too sticky. After he gave birth to his child, he was always by his side when he heard that he never even went to the latrine.

"Can This King have the dinner placed in the room?" "He can also help look after his son."

Bei Chen Luo was depressed that his Bao`er wanted to kick him out, but he didn't dare to show it. He could only think of a way to stay by her side.

"No, I have a lot of things I can't eat right now. You put the dinner in the room, so what do you want to do with me?"

There were so many people outside congratulating him. There were many things that needed him to take care of, but he didn't show himself at all.

"Then I will only eat what you can eat, and if you are greedy, I will eat more. Bao`er, I want to accompany you more, you have worked so hard today, and the housekeeper can handle everything outside. Besides, there is also Ah Qian and Rui Yang." Besides, my son has just been born, and I haven't seen enough. I also want to accompany him. We are a family of three now, This King is very happy. "Think about it. If you let your son leave your sight, wouldn't you be reluctant to part with him?"

Bei Chen Luo looked at Zi'er pitifully. That wronged look on his face, how could he be a prince? He was just a pitiful abandoned brat from the start.

"As you wish!" Zizi was speechless as he looked at the smiling man, his eyes filled with deep emotions. How could she not know that he was reluctant to leave her.

Naturally, she would cherish his feelings and emotions. She would accept them, and would not push them away.

Moreover, what he said wasn't wrong. Right now, she couldn't bear to part from her sight of her son. She also wanted the man she deeply loved to be by her side.

A family of three. From today onwards, they would be a family of three.

As for Bei Chenluo, after finally getting Zi`er's promise to stay, he was exceptionally happy. The curve of his lips could not be suppressed at all. The first step had already been achieved, so the plan to share a bed with Bao`er tonight should be successful.

Even if Zi`er hadn't agreed at the beginning, he would have thought of a way to get her to agree to his request. Just like what happened just now, Zi`er originally wanted him to go out and deal with those people, but now, he has agreed to let the steward receive him.

Although it would be more difficult to sleep in the same bed with Zi-er, but Zi-er loved him so much that he certainly couldn't bear to lose sleep.

How could he sleep without her? txttopsho7 ();

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