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Fellow (V) father and son duels

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"Where's the brat?"

Just as Zi`er came out of the kitchen, he saw Bei Chenluo walk towards him with a furious expression. There was no need to ask to know for sure since it was clear that their son had provoked him again.

This kind of scene happened almost every day in Dingdong. As long as Bei Chenluo was home, as long as their son was home, either their son would complain to their mother or their father would find a wife to beat him up.

Yan Yan was the son of Zi`er and Bei Chenluo. His name was Bei Chenyuan, and he was no ordinary naughty kid until he was three years old.

Of course, his mischief will usually only be aimed at his father, King Yan.

As for why Yan Yan would only be mischievous towards his father? Or rather, why did he only like to tease his father? It was all because his father always wanted to take away his mother's concubine.

Once or twice. We, Yan Yan Yan, have endured it.

However, after repeating it over and over again, after countless times, Yan Yan could no longer hold on. The words spoken by his mother's concubine no longer exploded out in the midst of silence, and died out in the silence. There was no need to endure any longer.

As a child that had yet to reach the age of three, he needed the love of a mother. As a child that had not yet reached the age of three, he also needed the love of a mother.

The stealing of his mother's concubine had happened countless times since he could remember. As for the fact that he didn't remember, he didn't know how his father bullied him before he was a year old.

Since his father could be so cruel to him, he naturally couldn't bear to save him. His father was kind to him, but his father wasn't kind. As his son, he could also be unfilial.

Thus, from the day that we, the Crown Prince Yan, couldn't bear it any longer, the House of Dingdong.

"What's wrong with them today?"

Her son liked the dishes she cooked, so she often cooked the dishes herself recently. She didn't make much of the dishes, which were usually four dishes and one soup.

Because of this, Bei Chengluo had muttered that before their son was born, Zi`er was not as diligent in cooking as he was before he was born. Therefore, Zi`er was biased towards his son and treated him better than him.

As a result of this problem, Zizi had suffered much more miserably at night than before his son was born.

Sometimes, she really wished she could drug that guy who caused her to be unable to wake up even at noon the next day, and let him taste the taste of not being able to be a man.

However, there was one more thing she didn't dare to do. If she really dared to drug him like that, she had a premonition that the consequences wouldn't be something she could bear.

"That brat, today he sneaked into my study and drew tortoises on the official letters that I had prepared. If it wasn't for the fact that I had been treated a lot by him recently, I would have sent someone else to send the letters to check on him. Those official letters would have already spread across the world."

This kind of thing had happened several times. Due to his son's mischief, his study room was guarded from day to night just to stop that brat, but that brat always found an opportunity to sneak in.

There were many rare books in his study, and they were all filled with tortoises by that fellow. Fortunately, the places where he drew the tortoises were all empty spaces, so he was still able to see through all of them.

It was one thing to paint a turtle on the book, but what was even more hateful was that as long as he didn't send the contents of the official letters in time, the brat would make trouble for him.

The official letter that he had been working on this entire morning had been destroyed by that stinking brat. He still wanted to finish up early and accompany Bao`er out of the city for a stroll. He didn't plan to return home tonight either.

Now, however, he had to reprocess the official letters in the afternoon. Could he not be angry?

"I don't know where he is either. I was in the kitchen the whole time. Tell someone to look for him."

With regards to the fight between father and son, Zizi maintained a neutral attitude. He didn't want to help either of them, so that they wouldn't say she was biased against them.

One said that she was biased towards her son, while the other said that she was biased towards her father.

Therefore, she didn't care about him right now.

He was even in the mood to move stools and get someone to prepare tea and melon seeds to watch the fight between the father and son.

Her hand gently caressed her belly. She had a warm and caring son. This child should be her daughter, right?

The child in her stomach had been there for more than a month. Two days ago, Bei Chenluo was still asking why she hadn't come back this month. She wasn't sure if there really was one, so she used some excuse to fool him.

When this guy saw her giving birth to her first child, he was really scared, so he refused to have any more children.

However, Zizi still wanted one more. His son was almost three years old now, and it was about time for him to have a daughter.

"What is the food for today?"

Bei Chenluo did not want to have any more children, so he had the family doctors prescribe medicine for him to drink. Thus, he had never thought that Zi`er would get pregnant again.

He had been looking for his son, but now that the official letters were ruined, he was not in a hurry. He wanted to eat up all the food that his son had cooked, but he would not be able to do so when his son returned.

As for finding a child to beat him?

When can't I beat him up?

That brat will definitely come to find his mufei when he gets hungry.

"Sweet and sour pork, emerald prawns, small rape mushrooms, steamed fish, and a bamboo shoot and winter melon soup."

Since she often cooked, the dishes that she cooked were also common.

"Let's eat first, I'm hungry."

How could he not know what he was thinking? He did not say that he would wait for his son, since even if the two of them wanted to eat up all the food, Bai Mei and the rest would definitely let their son have his share first.

Ever since their son was born, in the hearts of Bai Mei and the others, Yan Yan Yan was their most favorite person.

Thus, even if they knew what their prince was planning, they would definitely secretly help Yan Yan Yan.

Yan Yan Yan was also his son. Don't look at how he would always be a stinky brat, in his father's heart, his son was definitely a smart and good son.

The relationship between father and son was also very deep. It was just that the way they got along was a little special.

"Mufei, mufei, I'm hungry!"

As for his father, no matter what tricks he had up his sleeve, he would have to wait for him to eat his fill first.

"Stinking brat, how dare you. This King said last time that if you dare sneak into This King's study again, This King will definitely not be merciful."

Bei Chengluo looked at his son who was rushing over quickly. He grabbed him by the back of his collar and glared at him unfriendly.

Yan Yan also looked at his father with an unfriendly gaze. He snorted coldly, "You speak as if you've been merciful to me. Mufei said that the world is the best place to eat. Wait for me to eat my fill."

"You …"

"What is it? Do you want to ignore mufei's words? It's one thing if you don't want your precious princess consort? Mufei, your father is unreliable. Look, he won't listen to you anymore, what's he going to do in the future?

"But don't worry mufei, your son will protect you and let you live a good life for the rest of your life."

Bei Chenluo's chopsticks almost hit the table, but just as he was about to clap his chopsticks and glare angrily at this little brat, his good son brought up the words of his precious daughter-in-law. Thus, he endured it in the end.

What did he mean by unreliable? Was there really such a relationship between his parents?

Fortunately, his darling wife believed in him. No matter how that stinking kid disagreed, he, Bao`er, wouldn't suspect him.

"Do you think your mufei is like you? Your mufei is so smart and powerful, who treats her well?" She understood in her heart. You know, this king and your mother's wife are a loving couple, so we'll have to spend the rest of our lives together. You'll be different, you'll have your own wife and your own children in the future, and at that time, you won't be the only kind to your mother's wife. This King is different. This King can treat your mufei well for the rest of his life. "

"I can avoid marriage. Also, you are so much older than mufei, and I am so young, that is why I am able to accompany mufei for a lifetime. When mufei is old, I can still take care of him. "Hmph, when you get old, it's better to not ask mufei to take care of you."

Yan Yan Yan proudly glanced at his father. Being young was good, but when his mother's consort grew old, he would still be young. When the time came, he would definitely look better than her father.

"You wish. If you want to take care of me, it's to take care of your wife. This King's Bao Er will take care of himself. Even if This King is a hundred years old, he can definitely take care of your mufei."

Yan Yan looked at his father with disdain. "You're the one who wants to be beautiful, even if you can take care of mufei then, how can you be more beautiful than me? "So you don't need to think to know that mufei will definitely like the young and good-looking me and not the old and lustful you."

"Alright, alright, do you two still want to eat?" Maybe you guys can go out and discuss first. When I'm old, will the son or the father look better? "Also, I feel that even if I'm old, it's still me who has to take care of you two."

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