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Hate when unmarried (6) Hate when unmarried

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One second later, he remembered the address: The fastest update! No advertising!

Pantheon (VI)

Zizi was speechless as he looked at his father and son. He had seen them fight for a child, but a three-year-old son and a twenty-year-old father were competing for a child. Before his son could walk and talk, Zizi really didn't think that there would be such a weird father and son.

"Mufei, didn't you say our family was democratic? Since our family is democratic, why didn't my father allow me to enter his study? And the worst thing about him is that he wants my son, who isn't even three years old, to starve.

Since he likes his study so much that he can't even let someone else in to tour around, and he's even more on the lookout for my son, then that's fine. I won't enter his study, so you can let him stay there tonight as well, mother. "

After finishing most of the bowl of soup, Yan Yan began to complain. From a point of view that he didn't think his mother had noticed, he didn't forget to give his father a provoking look, nor forget the look in his eyes and that silky smooth face. It was clear that he was suing in front of his mother's wife.

Zi`er gave him a piece of pork chop in his bowl and another piece in Bei Chenluo's bowl. He looked at the father and son with an indifferent gaze and snorted: "Is today's food not that tasty? Otherwise, why wouldn't it be enough to cover your mouth?"

"No!" The father and son duo spoke up in unison, denying it very quickly. Then, the two of them hurriedly focused on eating, or to be more precise, they started a new round of competition to snatch food from the dining table.

Zizi didn't know what to say. After all, she had already become numb to all the scenes playing out before her, so she had no interest in talking about it.

In any case, the father and son duo would not stop. As long as an outsider was around, the etiquette they displayed would not be inappropriate.

"Since you have ruined the results of This King's work for the entire morning, then help This King to transcribe those official letters."

Having eaten their fill and drank their fill, the father and son duo finally decided to return to the main hall. One of them was drinking tea, while the other was playing with a toy.

Then the father would not forget to do what his naughty son had done this morning, and ask him to make amends for the destruction of his hard work this morning.

"As long as you feel that the words I write will not cause you to lose face in the Residence of Marquis."

As his son leisurely played with the toy his mother's wife had designed for him, he casually said that since he had purposely painted a turtle on his father's letter, he had intentionally let his father return to work. He didn't have the time to fight over his mother's wife with him.

It would be best if his father had to work overtime tonight and didn't have time to sleep, so that he could stay with his mother's wife and sleep with her instead of being thrown back into his room after he fell asleep.

Sometimes, he was really depressed about his age. If he and his mother were the same age, then that would be great! That way, he could marry his mother and have nothing to do with his father.

It was a pity that he was still too young to let his mother's consort be taken away by his father when they were unmarried.

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