Chapters 16 - 016

Feng Jiu raised his brows, his expression indifferent: "He, will only follow you."

This meant that he would only spy on her and not protect her. This was the first time Gu Qiu Yan felt so lucky. Back then, she had learnt some skills in the base, at least enough to protect herself. If it were the original owner, she probably wouldn't even need to be bothered by them and her life would be gone.

What Feng Jiu said was quite true, after he left, not long after, there was someone grandiosely heading to the entrance of her courtyard, they did not even need to report to their servant. It looked like he was here to capture the prisoners, and she had no human rights at all.

Gu Qiu Yan resigned herself to her fate and walked out, but she did not put on makeup. There was no expression on her quiet face, making him look like someone who had gone out of the world.

According to the information she had gathered yesterday, the original owner should be like this. She was a fool, not a fool. However, those people had better not provoke her easily, otherwise, she would definitely teach them a lesson today.

The eunuch who had come to deliver the decree was still the same.

"Young Miss Gu, let's go!"

Gu Qiu Yan didn't say anything, she only looked at him once, but in her heart, she decided to kill this man in a bit. She should make an example out of everyone! Naturally, the closer she got to her master, the better.

A small green tent appeared to be about a square meter in size.

Gu Qiu Yan took a glance, was this the style of the Royal Consort Feng? They were joking with her. Without any hesitation, she started to walk forward. Even if her legs hurt to death, she would rather walk to the Imperial Palace than suffer such humiliation.

The people from the palace were dumbfounded. Didn't they say that Miss Gu had recovered from her illness? Why was the situation still unclear?

The young eunuch who came yesterday followed her in embarrassment: "Miss Gu!"

Gu Qiu Yan did not say a word.

The young eunuch simply walked in front of her and blocked her way, "Miss Gu, you went in the wrong direction. We should make a palanquin and go to the Imperial Palace. "

Gu Qiu Yan still ignored him and went around him. Little brat, if I can't deal with you, then I'll have to use your surname.

Embarrassed, the young eunuch gave chase for the third time.

Gu Qiu Yan looked at him coldly, then suddenly raised her leg and kicked at his calf. At the same time, she shouted angrily, "Damn you, servant! You were the one who blocked This wangfei's way. "

The young eunuch was kicked so hard that he fell to his knees, not daring to get up. He couldn't seem to understand why the fool, the Gu family's young lady, who had allowed him to hold her hand the day before, would become like this at this moment.

He clearly knew that she wasn't stupid at all. Then, what was the situation now? Could it be that she didn't know that if she were to offend the famous person beside Kaiser, she would only be forced to leave?

However, he didn't dare go against her at the moment. He then bent down respectfully and opened his mouth respectfully, "Princess, please get on the palanquin."

Gu Qiu Yan looked straight at the person kneeling at her feet, "Hehe, where is that palanquin you were talking about?"

The young eunuch was stunned again, but he still pointed at the nearby tent.

"Hehe!" The first time This wangfei entered the palace, you made This wangfei sit on such a damned thing! Who gave you the guts? " Gu Qiu Yan quickly said: "Men, drag this damned servant away and chop him off for This Consort."

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