The crowd was silent. Everyone looked at her as if they were looking at a retard. In the entire capital, even a three year old child knew that Phoenix King was unconscious. Forget about a mere Royal Consort Feng, even if Old Phoenix was alive, he wouldn't dare to be so arrogant, right?

Gu Qiu Yan had already mentally prepared herself, thinking that these blind people would not even put her in their eyes. Her clear eyes that was as cold as frost slightly moved, and her eyes that were filled with killing intent changed, "What, is This wangfei's words useless?"

The surroundings were still silent. No one spoke first.

The eunuch lay prone on the ground, trembling violently. "Gu, Miss Gu, do you want to ?"

Gu Qiu Yan suddenly raised her foot and stepped on his back. "This wangfei is a Royal Consort Feng bestowed by His Majesty, are you not going to admit it?"

As he spoke, he exerted a little pressure on his foot. The young eunuch was trampled so hard that he fell to the ground, not daring to raise his head! He regretted it, really regretted it. Would he die here today?

"Wang-wangfei ?"

"That's right! I remember that you personally came to announce the decree, so forgetful, not good. Say, you have blocked the path of the This wangfei time and time again, and even made me do such a disrespectful thing to enter the palace.

"This is all up there..."

Halfway through the eunuch's words, Gu Qiu Yan took out a pair of scissors from his bosom and stabbed it into the eunuch's neck. A shears slit the throat, right in the middle of a large artery, blood was flowing out endlessly.

The eunuch did not finish his words before dying. The people behind were all shocked. Very quickly, the imperial guards rushed over, but they did not dare to confront her openly. Instead, they said: "Royal Consort Feng, aren't you going too far?"

Gu Qiu Yan ignored him, pulling out her scissors to cut off his hair. She scolded loudly, "You damned servant! This Consort will talk to you properly, but if you don't listen, you have to fight against me. With the matter exposed, This Consort actually dares to splash dirty water on others. She actually wants to seek His Majesty for an explanation. "

Guard: "..."

He was not stupid, Gu Qiu Yan was just pointing at Sang Huai. If he were to continue pestering her ?

Fortunately, Gu Qiu Yan said that she wanted to enter the palace. Then, did that mean they only needed to look after her? The guard thought like this and didn't dare to argue with her. He only said: "Royal Consort Feng, please get on the palanquin."

Gu Qiu Yan quickly put away the scissors. This was her only life-saving weapon, she could not let anyone snatch it away. The guard's mouth twitched as he looked at her precious embroidery scissors. He should not be so ignorant to fight over things with a woman! Even though she looked extremely intrepid.

Gu Qiu Yan looked towards the side in disdain: "Did you not hear that, This Consort does not want to create this thing?"

It was sent by the Kaiser. Without even thinking, one could tell that there was nothing good inside. It would be strange if she was fooled! Moreover, to make such a small palanquin, it was clear that it was not her style.

The guard was embarrassed. At this point, it was impossible for them to create a new palanquin for her.

Gu Qiu Yan did not make things difficult for them, since she had no enmity with the guard. The cold voice commanded, "Get down!"

The guard was stunned and did not want to follow suit.

Gu Qiu Yan indifferently repeated what she had just said to the young eunuch, "This Consort is the Feng Wangfei bestowed by Your Majesty, you guys ?"

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