Before he finished his sentence, the guard prostrated himself on the ground. She was the Royal Consort Feng bestowed to her by His Majesty. Not to mention that Phoenix King didn't die, even if she died, she would still bear the burden of being the Royal Consort Feng. Normal people couldn't touch her.

"Someone come!" Carry the palanquin for the This wangfei. " After Gu Qiu Yan finished speaking, she sat on the body of the guard by herself, with a majestic and noble air.

With a human skin palanquin, he reckoned that after walking around the capital, Gu Qiu Yan's reputation would become even more resounding.

The guards looked at each other in dismay, but in the end, they still walked over. If he had to maintain a stable condition and not throw the two of them to the ground, the difficulty could be imagined.

Gu Qiu Yan sat on top of it arrogantly, her eyes squinted, looking like she had fallen asleep.

Everyone held their breath. Ever since they entered the palace to become guards, they had never had such a difficult mission. After this, they swore that if they ever saw the Gu family's eldest daughter again, they would take a detour.

Qing Feng hid in the dark and watched all of this happen. The corner of his mouth twitched. This woman was dead! He immediately sent his subordinates back to report this to Prince.

When Feng Jiu heard about it, he did not have any sort of special reaction.

Gu Qiu Yan, who was pretending to be powerful, had already sat on her human body on a palanquin at the entrance of the palace. The guards at the entrance saw the miserable state their comrades were in and did not say a word, directly allowing them to enter.

Gu Qiu Yan laughed sarcastically. Look, she knew that no matter which society they were in, they would always bully the weak and fear the strong! Along the way, she didn't idle around, mainly observing the surrounding people's expressions and movements. She could tell from the minute details that something was wrong no matter how hard she tried. At least, in terms of etiquette, there wouldn't be much of a problem later.

Imperial study, entrance.

The guard carefully put down his boss, but Gu Qiu Yan did not need anyone to invite him down. He even said to them with a silly smile: "You guys wait here, This wangfei will be back soon."

Guard: Are you sure you can survive after entering the royal study?

After Gu Qiu Yan finished saying this, he tightened her grip on her braids. She suddenly raised her voice and rushed into the imperial study with a wail. As they ran, they cried and shouted, "Your majesty, your majesty! You must uphold justice for the This wangfei. "

Kaiser was in the middle of reading the imperial reports and was shocked by the voice. Wu De, the Chief Eunuch, was startled when the imperial report was dropped on the table. He quickly kneeled down and begged for forgiveness.

The voice of the Kaiser unconsciously contained a few hints of anger, "Who are those people outside!"

Wu De did not have the time to explain, when Gu Qiu Yan had already scuttled in front of him. The moment he saw the emperor, he actually forgot to kneel down and greet him. Instead, he had snot and tears in his eyes as he said, "Your majesty, are you the emperor?"

Kaiser was going to explode, what is going on! Who was this crazy woman in front of him?

Wu De saw that Kaiser was in a state of unease, and immediately warned him, "Your majesty, this is Gu Qiu Yan, Royal Consort Feng."

Gu Qiu Yan heard with her ears that when they said the last three words, they had emphasized their tone, and their expressions were rather unnatural. But what did it matter?

In any case, as things stood, there was nothing they could do about it. Otherwise, Gu Qiu Yan would not have given up her image and made such a scene.

Of course, the most important reason was that she did not want to kneel down at all!

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