"You think I would believe you?"

"So what if I believe, so what if I don't!" Xiao Zhi An would definitely not let Feng Jiu see this woman, if not he would have easily caught up to her and stopped her.

Gu Qiu Yan was finally willing to take a glance at him. However, her gaze was not that much different from an idiot. She opened her mouth and pointed directly at the vital parts of her body. "If his life and death are truly uncertain, why would you guys come over one after another to find fault?"

According to common sense, if that Phoenix King was really unconscious, they would probably be more anxious than anyone else! Even if she was a woman gifted by the Kaiser, they might not even put his in their eyes.

Isn't this kind of testing, a kind of emphasis?

Surprise flashed across Xiao Zhi An's eyes, even if he said that the woman was not from Kaiser, he did not believe it. But didn't the rumors say that the Gu family's eldest daughter didn't understand anything?

"What? Am I right?" His eyes were seen by Gu Qiu Yan, and he sneered, then said: "Heh, if I said that giving me a marriage was an accident, would you believe me?"

Xiao Zhi An shook his head. He naturally did not believe it. However, what he was concerned about was another question. He looked around the room and asked, "Didn't you set the house on fire?"

Gu Qiu Yan nodded her head and pointed to the burnt black pile behind the door, indicating that the things were there. How could she really make the house burn? She still had to live here for a while!

Xiao Zhi An looked at it and was speechless.

"What do you want to see This King for!" At this moment, a stern voice came from outside the door. Xiao Zhi An frowned, he was finished, A Jiu had still come out.

Feng Jiu had already been listening outside the door for a long time, and this woman immediately recognized that Xiao Zhi An wasn't him, which was a little unexpected. After that, when he heard that she was' pestering 'him, he couldn't help but come out.

Xiao Zhi An angrily glared at him, but in the end he didn't say anything and retreated. He had a premonition that Gu Qiu Yan was very different from the others.

Gu Qiu Yan looked at the man in front of him, and couldn't help but be surprised. There was actually such a person in the world. When she stood there, she was like a pine tree, but when she opened her mouth, he was like an ice mountain snow lotus, unreachable. Two conflicting feelings converged on him, but they did not seem out of place.

When Gu Qiu Yan was sizing him up, Feng Jiu was also sizing her up. His face that was the size of a palm looked very gentle. She did not speak. It was hard to imagine that the one who had been so aggressive just now was her.

However, she did not answer his question. Feng Jiu, who was aware of this, frowned. In the next second, he opened his mouth impatiently: "Answer This King!"

Gu Qiu Yan trembled. Not only was this fellow ice-cold, he also had a violent temper. Her intuition told her that this person was very dangerous and that she had to stay away. However, even though he was thinking like this, he didn't show it on the surface. On the contrary, she lightly mocked back, "What, is this Prince's attitude towards your wangfei similar to this?"

Her words seemed to anger the man in front of her. Her cold eyes swept over him and threatened, "Say that again!"

Gu Qiu Yan's heart went cold, but she held her neck tight and continued: "Say it again, say it again! I came through your door and I was your man. Life is your family, death is your family's ghost! If you want to get rid of me, I'm sorry, but there's no way. "

Sorry, she was just like that. You are weak, she is strong; you are strong, she is stronger.

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