Hu Tian's words caused Juan slightly to hesitate. This was because Alima's father truly was a reputable member of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe, and one that was extremely powerful as well. Arima's father, Tusk Gu Nuo, was a valiant general. Her father had fought since she was a child, and on her side, he had never lost. He had never fought victorious battles.

As long as it was a city he felt he could take down, then he would absolutely not be lenient. But as long as he felt that he could not fight in any war, then he would definitely lose this war. He still remembered when Juan was young, when he was the crown prince of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

About six years ago, Juan was only twelve years old, but because Juan was a talented young man who was also the Crown Prince, and his father, Hu Wang, was a very strict person, he had taught his children back and forth since he was a child, telling them to listen to politics and tell him how they felt about the matter. Especially towards his son, the requirements were extremely strict. Furthermore, Juan and Hu Tian were the sons of the crown prince, and Juan was the future leader of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. Since he was young, Hu An had accompanied his father, King Hu, to listen in on the internal affairs of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

Six years ago, the Twin Eagles had provoked the Sirius and sent a small force to the border of the Sirius Tribe to cause trouble. However, this was a cunning army. As soon as the army arrived, they would immediately disappear without a trace. Once the army left, they would cause trouble again. The Heavenly Wolf Tribe's army could do nothing to them. The situation became even more chaotic, and finally caused the Direwolf King to become angry. He felt that the Twin Eagles were simply too much of a bully, so he decided to send his troops north to teach the Twin Eagles a lesson.

After looking at the map, he felt that the terrain of the valley was very dangerous, so he shouldn't rush out. Although the valley looked more favorable to the Heavenly Wolf Tribe, he felt that this matter was not that simple, because the location was suggested by the Twin Eagles and they had long been waiting for the arrival of the Heavenly Wolf Army. There was only one exit to the sky's ravine. If one wanted to enter, they would have to walk out horizontally, enter alive and carry out the entrance. The Twin Eagles could not be so stupid as to choose such a region for their location. But with the exception of Tusk Gu Nuo, all the generals felt that this was a good opportunity to exterminate and take over the Twin Eagles. The reason was that the Twin Eagles had deployed almost all of their forces. As long as the Sirius surrounded the valley, the Twin Eagles would die.

However, the sky inside the valley was always covered with dust. The soldiers came to report that they saw that almost all the troops of the Twin Eagles had entered the valley. The sky inside the valley was indeed filled with the rumbling of war, and the generals of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe thought that this was the last battle between the Twin Eagles and the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. The people of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe had no idea what was going on inside. Although they had seen the entire army enter, they could only hear the sound of the drum, but not the shadow of the army. Furthermore, with so many people entering, there was no sign of food, which made the situation even more suspicious. Moreover, it was impossible for the Twin Eagles to fight against the Sirius for no reason at all. They had to use almost all of their military power to fight against it, and that was even more impossible. However, because of its anger, the Direwolf King's eyes were blinded by it's anger. It did not consider the situation thoroughly and listened to the other generals, bringing its army to battle with the Two Eagles.

After the Direwolf King led his army to the Skysplit Valley, the valley was filled with smoke. The Direwolf King led his army straight through the dust cloud, seeing the Twin Eagles army inside, but their numbers were not as high as the ones they had obtained in their intelligence reports, maybe not even a tenth of them. Just when the Direwolf King was at a loss of what to do, a group of Twin Eagles army suddenly appeared from the outside, blocking the exit of the Skysplit Valley.

After their army entered, a large portion of the army had moved away from the underground tunnel. The remaining portion of the army, in charge of raising the dust in the sky, had confused the Sky Wolf Soldiers, mistaking the fact that the army was still inside and had long left. When the Heavenly Wolf Army was brought in, they would then block the entrance outside, and the armies of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe would become turtles in jars, ready to be slaughtered by them.

However, it was a flawless plan, but it was seen through by Fang Gu Nuo. Just when the Direwolf King had fallen into the trap of the Twin Eagles and was about to be carried out in the narrow valley, Fang Gu Nuo had led his army to kill them. They had broken the Twin Eagles' maze, ruined their plan, rescued the Direwolf King, also rescued the Heavenly Wolf Army, and left a lot of troops for the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

After this incident, the Direwolf King would be the first to ask for Gu Jiu Nuo's opinion, regardless of the major matters. If Fang Gu Nuo did not agree, then the plan would not be approved. From then on, Fang Shoudao garnered a lot of prestige within the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. In the past two years, Fang Shoudao had garnered a lot of military strength, especially after the death of the Heavenly Wolf King, Hu Changzai.

In order to strengthen his power, before the death of the Wolf King, Fang Gu Nuo told the Wolf King that he would marry his daughter to Juan. The Wolf King had considered his saving grace and the prestige of the Sirius tribe. It was hoped that after his death, Ou Gu Nuo and Juan would be able to take care of the Sirius tribe together. Therefore, before his death, they had reached an agreement with Ou Gu Nuo. But his father was the king, and he was in danger, so Juan didn't say much, but he was unwilling to do so. Every time Arima came looking for him, he would try his best not to see her, but he was forced to. Slowly, Juan didn't reject her, but he didn't really like her either. At most, he treated his sister like how he treated his older brother, with no other intentions.

Juan was at a loss. He knew that as soon as he returned to the Heavenly Wolf Tribe, the first thing he would do was to marry Arima, even if she didn't mention it herself. At this moment, the image of another woman suddenly appeared before his eyes, and that was Fusang. He did not know why, but these days, more and more Fusang appeared in front of him. When he slept and ate, no matter what time it was, Juan would occasionally think of her, as if she had taken over his mind.

Seeing how troubled Juan was, Hu Tian didn't say anything more. After exchanging a few words, he left. Juan lay on the bed, his heart suddenly uneasy. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling, which suddenly flashed with the image of Xue Sifang. Suddenly, he had an idea. He didn't want to leave this place anymore. He wanted to go find Xue Sifang and tell her that he liked her and wanted to be with her. Juan really felt that he had fallen in love with Xue Sifang, and that he had fallen in love with her at first sight, making him unable to forget her.

But at the same time, he could not forget about his position as the Heavenly Wolf King. As a female, how could the Heavenly Wolf King give up on the great cause of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. Juan shook his head and closed his eyes, trying to prevent himself from getting tangled up like this. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He didn't know how long he had slept, but he could vaguely see a person standing in front of him. It was Xue Sifang, and she was smiling at him from her bed. What was going on? He couldn't believe it!

"Am I dreaming?" Juan closed his eyes and shook his head, thinking that he was dreaming. He muttered to himself, "He must be dreaming."

"How is it? Is this dream good?" Xing Sifang opened her mouth.

Hearing Fangsi's voice, Juan was startled! He abruptly sat up. "Am I dreaming?"

Pang Sifang covered her mouth and laughed. "What are you daydreaming about in the middle of the day?" Don't you see what time it is? Sleeping in the middle of the day is not at all for the sake of your people. "

"I am locked up here. I can't even think about my people. I am lucky to be able to get out of Chenguo alive." Hu An sat up and said.

"From what you're saying, it seems like our Chenguo has bullied you. You are enjoying the treatment of an emperor here, it's no different from the treatment of a prince. Why do you feel wronged?" Pang Sifang said with a smile.

"No matter how good this place is, it is still not my home. My home is on the grassland, and I am a wolf from the grassland. If you keep a wolf in the castle, no matter how much you give him food every day, he will no longer be a wolf." Juan's voice was filled with a sense of loss.

"I can tell from your words that you really want to go back, but aren't you going back soon? Why are you so sad? " Pang Sifang was talking to Juan while observing the surroundings, as if she was here for some purpose.

"Can you not go back? I've been away from home for more than two years, but now there's something I don't want to go. " Juan's voice was gentle as he watched her visit the room.

"What?" Don't you like it here? Why are there items here that are worthy of you leaving behind? " Pang Sifang turned around and asked in surprise.

Seeing Xue Sifang turn around, Juan looked away from her and said to her, "There is no one in this world who is absolutely annoying and no place that is not good. Although this place has trapped my freedom, it is also definitely not a good place. As for what it is, I won't tell you. "

Pang Sifang laughed. "Haha, it seems like you don't want to tell me. It doesn't matter. You'll tell me one day." Pang Sifang's confident smile caused Juan to be at a loss for words.

"Oh? You are so confident? The thing that is placed in my heart is just like the sword in my hand, something that will never be put down. " Juan said.

"Just look at this. There is nothing I can't get that I want. The things in your heart will be known sooner or later. One day, I will make you speak your mind willingly."

"Don't underestimate me! Speak, why did you come to find me today? " Juan asked.

"It's been two years since you came to the palace, and we've only met once so far. I heard that your Heavenly Wolf Tribe is here for a pilgrimage, so I came to take a look." Actually, Xue Sifang's purpose in coming here was not that simple. She wanted to trick Juan into saying something. The Chenguo was also in a state of turmoil. There was nothing related to the Chenguo's safety that Xue Sifang would not let go.

Pang Sifang knew that Hu Tian had come to see Juan. She also knew that Juan had been chatting with Hu Tian for a long time, and that they had said a lot in the language of the Heavenly Wolf. Fangsi Fang thought that there had to be something in this, so she tried to find out by passing by. Juan wasn't an idiot. From the moment he saw Pang Sifang's second glance, he had noticed that her gaze had been scanning the room, as if searching for something. Juan had lived in a foreign land for many years, and he had long since become very vigilant.

The second eye was for him, because the first time, Juan's eyes were fixed on Xue Sifang. He couldn't help but be shocked when his dream lover suddenly appeared in front of him, afraid of what might happen next. However, Juan was still very calm and composed. This was because he never smiled, nor did he reveal any of his emotions.

"Thank you for your concern, Princess. This place has been here for more than two years, and I haven't changed a single bit since I first came in. I haven't touched the things on the wall, and the books on the bookshelf, after reading them all, I put them back in their original position. Everything here is the same as before." Juan looked around the room.

Pang Sifang suddenly glared at Juan. With a resolute look in her eyes, she asked, "You don't want to fight back?"

Hu An avoided Xue Sifang's eyes and said, "The princess must be joking. How can we juniors go against the teachings of our ancestors?"

However, she could tell that Juan was not a simple person. He had been in the palace for more than two years, without any friends or family, but he had kept his calm as usual. This was not easy. How much endurance did he need? How much perseverance did he have? Therefore, Fangfang felt that the calmer the place was, the more composed it was, and the deeper Juan's thoughts became. He was sure that he would become a great enemy of Chenguo in the future.

"Princess, if there's nothing else, please return first. I'm from a foreign country, and I'm afraid the longer Princess stays here, the worse the effects will be." For some reason, Juan clearly wanted Xue Sifang to stay here for a little longer, but there was another resistance in his heart for her to leave.

Seeing that Juan was thanking the guest, Fen Sifang did not force him to stay. Before she left, she asked Juan a question that caught him off guard, "People like you who don't know how to laugh, do any women like you?"

Pang Sifang's words made Juan feel as if he had been struck by lightning. He didn't know how to reply. Blinking, he watched her leave.

After leaving Juan's quarters, Pang Sifang returned to her own chamber. At midnight, Eunuch Li, the eunuch who was with King Xueming, came to find Xue Sifang, saying that the Emperor had urgent business with him. Pang Sifang followed Eunuch Li to the imperial study. When Eunuch Li brought her to the imperial study, he withdrew. Fangfang found it strange, because it was already the middle of the night and there was no one else in the royal study.

When Pang Sifang saw Xue Ming Wang, she didn't greet him courteously. Xue Ming Wang had already told her that when the two of them were alone, they had no other formalities. Pang Sifang stepped forward and asked, "Father, why did you call your daughter here so late?"

King Qiming had his back facing Fang Xing, and when King Qiming turned his head, Fangsi was horrified. This was because a lot of white hair had appeared on King Qiming's temples. During the day, his temples were still pitch black and only had a sliver of silver hair. How did he become like this?

"royal father! You, you, what is going on? Why did you suddenly lose so much hair? " Pang Sifang walked up in shock and caressed his temples. Her eyes were already filled with tears, and she felt a twinge of heartache.

King Qinguang released his grip on Pangaea and pointed to a pile of memorials on the table. "Sifang, take a look at the memorials on the table." There was sadness and helplessness in King Qinguang's voice. Fangsi Fang could clearly feel that her father was very weak right now.

Fangsi Fang took out the imperial report and read through it. "Our army fought against the Twin Eagles and was defeated consecutively. Now that we've lost eight cities in a row, please send your troops to assist us."

Fangsi Fang took out the following book. "Our army fought against the Twin Eagles and was defeated in a single battle. Now that we've lost seven cities, please send your troops to support us, your majesty." "Pang Sifang knew that Chenguo was at a disadvantage when it came to fighting with the Twin Eagles, but she never expected it to be this bad." Father? This, this, this, what was going on? How could we have lost so much? " Pang Sifang asked her father in surprise.

"Sifang, there are a lot of things you don't know. This is only the situation at the Twin Hawks border, and the small barbarian country to the south has taken advantage of the chaos to rob two of our cities, and several tribes of the small countries to the west have also taken over a city. As a result, our Chenguo Kingdom has already lost more than a dozen cities. I did my best to keep the news as secret as possible, so as not to upset the public, but I could no longer hide it from you. " Xue Ming King sat on the chair and said with a sad tone. He seemed to have some helplessness in his tone.

"Don't be too worried royal father, why didn't royal father discuss this with the ministers of the imperial court? Have you discussed it with your brothers? " Fangsi Fang asked.

King Qinguang shook his head. "How can I not know the military strength of my own country?"

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