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A light sound woke Yu Beiyuan from her stupor.

Yu Beiyuan opened her eyes and saw that it was still an old-fashioned wedding room covered in red silk.


She sighed lightly. She had truly transmigrated.

"Aiyo, my would-be wangfei, your highness is about to arrive. No matter how anxious you are, you don't need to come out right now to see it. You're still a child of the emperor, so be more reserved!" A madame with heavy makeup put down her wine glass and rushed over, forcefully covering her head.

Yu Beiyuan felt a wave of helplessness. Since this was a feudal society where marriage and death could not be left to one's own hands, forcing one's way through would definitely not be possible.

She remembered that when she woke up in the afternoon, she only felt that it was ridiculous that a teleportation could happen to her.

But the truth was like this. As a doctor of orthopaedics who never took a break, she finally managed to regain her interest while on vacation. She fell off a cliff and died while climbing the cliff, and then she transmigrated to Yu Beiyuan who had the same surname and surname as her.

Yu Beiyuan, the eldest daughter of a fifth-grade official in the ancient society, had now married into the royal family and became the imperial concubine. Today was the day of her grand wedding.

As for her husband, Huo Ming, a prince who could not be considered a saint, he had been depressed for many years due to his illness left behind from his early battles on the battlefield.

Now that Huo Ming was about to enter his new year, with so many people arguing outside and outside the capital, he couldn't stand up to public opinion, so he had no choice but to get married …

Yu Beiyuan sorted out these thoughts in her mind. Suddenly, someone pushed open the door and entered. Before he could even get close, he smelt the scent of alcohol all over his body.

"Your Highness!" That old woman called out with a face full of smiles, "Prince, please lift your head."

No one seemed to be moving.

The old woman continued, "Your highness, the auspicious hour has arrived. Today is a day of great joy, do not delay …"

"Get out."

"Yes!" "Yes, yes …"

There was another rustling sound and the woman had already left.

Yu Beiyuan forced herself to calm down. Losing her body right from the start was intolerable, so she had to find an excuse.

But before she could open her mouth, her eyes suddenly lit up, and her head was already lifted.

Yu Beiyuan raised her head and met Huo Ming's eyes. There was a scar on his brow bone, which was very eye-catching.

But he was extremely handsome, more beautiful than a woman, and now that he had that scar, it only served to highlight his manliness.

Completely natural!

The Creator was truly biased.

Yu Beiyuan composed herself and cleared her throat. "My lord, today I …"

"Didn't you not want to marry This King? You've already taken the poison, why haven't you died from the poison yet?" Huo Ming sneered.

"How do you know I took poison?" Yu Beiyuan looked at him with wide eyes. "Did you deliver that poison to Yu Mansion?"

Yu Beiyuan had admired Sixth Prince for a long time, but it was a pity that the Goddess had no intention to harm King Xiang, and she was weak and didn't dare to resist the engagement.

Lv'er had followed her for so many years, but when she brought the medicine over, she said that it would be better to just settle things herself than to follow along with the uncertain and unknown Ninth King, who would one day be sentenced to prison by His Majesty!

Yu Beiyuan stood up abruptly and questioned, "You bribed my maidservant to send me poison, was it to incite me to commit suicide?"

"This King would like to ask you." Huo Ming suddenly grabbed Yu Beiyuan's throat and said coldly, "Lv'er saw you take the poison with her own eyes. Why didn't you die?"

"Ugh …" Yu Beiyuan's face turned purple. "Let go, quick..." "Let go!"

Huo Ming was as vicious as a god of death in hell. Seeing that Yu Beiyuan was about to die, he finally let go.

"Cough, cough, cough …" Yu Beiyuan covered her neck and coughed violently. She raised her head and saw Huo Ming approaching, so she hurriedly moved to the side.

This person was simply crazy. She didn't want to get too close to him!

However, the nine kings' long arms pulled Yu Beiyuan into their arms and threw her on the bed without caring about her resistance.

"What are you doing?" Go away! "Let's go!"

"Go away?" Huo Ming forcefully took off her outer robe, opened the hem of Yu Beiyuan's dress and tore off her pants with a 'squeak'.

"Scram!" "Scram!" Yu Beiyuan tried her best to kick him around, but he had been practicing martial arts since childhood and had fought countless battles on the battlefield.

Finally …



Yu Beiyuan slowly woke up. She felt as if her body was being torn apart.

When she stood up, she realized that she was in a yard full of junk. It was extremely desolate here, with not a single sound coming from it, let alone a figure.

Broken To... It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it the haunted house.

Yu Beiyuan walked to the door, but tripped over something. She looked down and saw a bench lying on the ground, covered in dust.

She was stunned. Did Huo Ming throw her into such a shabby yard after doing such a thing to her?

It really was unpredictable!

Madman! He was completely crazy!

It was fine that he didn't want to bother with her after marrying him, but if he did that, she might as well have gone out and made an appointment with him. As for her hatred for him reaching such a level, did he really have to create such a crappy place for her to live in?

"Is anyone there?" Annoyed, Yu Beiyuan tore off the crooked phoenix crown on her head and removed the emerald ring pearl ornament. She tore it down and flung it all the way down. She walked to the entrance of the courtyard and forcefully pulled the door open.

It was locked.

What kind of damned prince is this, narrow-minded and petty!

He might even be a pervert.

Not only did he give her a thatched cottage, he even placed her under house arrest!

However, no one came to pay attention to Yu Beiyuan, who had spent the entire morning in the courtyard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Yu Beiyuan, with her hair in a mess and still wearing the same bright red bridal gown, was sitting on the threshold of the house. She raised her eyes and looked at the gate.

The copper lock was opened and two swordsmen came in to guard it. Behind them was Attendant, who was carrying a few large boxes.

Another maid came over and threw a quilt onto the ground. She glanced at the phoenix coronet and golden hairpins that Yu Beiyuan had tossed all over the floor. With a cold expression, she said, "Esteemed Princess Consort, the king said that your dowry should still be placed in your courtyard."

Yu Beiyuan looked at him coldly without saying a word.

"There's a small kitchen in the yard. I'll have to trouble Esteemed Consort to clean it up. From now on, someone will bring the firewood and rice dishes you need every five days. You should pray for yourself."

At this point, someone came in with a basket of vegetables and a load of firewood.

Yu Beiyuan fumed with rage as she gritted her teeth and said, "I want to see him!"

The maid rolled her eyes and snappily said, "Esteemed Princess Consort, your highness is not in a good condition and needs to rest. Please do not make so much noise.

After saying this, the maid waved her hands in satisfaction, and the servants who brought the items quickly retreated, while the two guards once again tightly locked the courtyard door.

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