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C10 Wind Wave

Star Moon Pavilion, noon. The sun was bright and the sky was white. A figure sneaked into Yu Beiyuan's room. She was holding a gunny sack in her hand.

With a light pull, a long snake slithered out of the sack and slithered along the floor toward Yu Beiyuan's bed.

After waiting for Yu Beiyuan and Hongxiu to say their goodbyes, they finished their meal and returned to the Star Moon Pavilion leisurely, intending to take a nap.

The moment Yu Beiyuan stepped into the room, she frowned and sensed an unfamiliar aura. Yu Beiyuan became alert and walked slowly towards the bed. Just as she was about to sit on the bed, a slender snake suddenly jumped out.


When Ruqing heard Yu Beiyuan's scream, she hurried over. When the two of them rushed into Yu Beiyuan's room, they saw Yu Beiyuan holding a wooden stool in her hand, facing the bed, seemingly ready to die together.

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her nose and smiled embarrassedly. Although she was on guard, she was still scared. Fortunately, her hands were quick and her body was light. She had dodged the snake's attack.

With the help of Ruqing and Ruhong, the three of them tossed and turned for a long time before finally catching the snake.

Ruqing pinched the snake's seven inches and frowned. "Miss, I've never heard of a snake in the Prince's Mansion."

Yu Beiyuan distanced herself away from the snake with disdain as a trace of viciousness flashed across her eyes. Of course not, because... This was released by someone. "

At this moment, Ruyue had just gone to get the plank. Her butt was festering and she was lying on the bed unable to move.

The door to the servant's room was kicked open. Ruhong walked in proudly with something in her hand. Ruyue lay on the bed, unable to catch her breath.

Behind Ruhong, Yu Beiyuan leisurely walked over with a smile while swaying back and forth. When she saw Ruyue leading the way, the corner of her mouth slightly curled up, and she slightly raised her eyebrows at Ruhong.

Ruhong handed the cup of soup in her hands to Ruyue and smiled. "Sister Ruyue, when I heard that you took the plate, my heart ached. I specifically ordered a servant to catch a snake and make this serpent soup to nourish my sister's body."

Ruyue's body stiffened as cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she trembled all over. Stunned, Yu Beiyuan didn't dare to say a word. When she saw this, she couldn't help but laugh. "Ruhong, tell me, who had such a huge enmity with me, to actually want to kill me?"

Ruhong reminded him helplessly, "Lady, that snake is harmless."

Yu Beiyuan's eyes shifted to Ruyue's ashen face and raised her eyebrows. "Ruhong, why hasn't Ruqing invited Sixth Prince over?"

Upon hearing this, Ruyue was scared out of her wits and shouted in panic, "What do you guys mean!"

Yu Beiyuan smiled but didn't say anything. At this moment, there was a sound coming from outside the door. Ruqing brought Sixth Prince and a bunch of guards with her in an aggressive manner.

Seeing this, Sixth Prince frowned and snapped: "What's going on?"

Yu Beiyuan feigned weakness as she said pitifully, "Your Highness ~ my daughter was thinking of taking a nap this afternoon, so she changed the medicine and bandaged her wound for Your Highness. Who knew that a snake would suddenly jump out from her bed?" "Say, what do you think of King Dingnan Manor if my daughter is scared silly?"

Thus, Sixth Prince had a rough idea of what was going on. He looked at Ruyue without batting an eyelid, then shouted at the guards behind him, "Investigate! "Investigate everything!"

"This famous medicine woman is Ninth Uncle's savior! To be treated like this in King Dingnan Manor, what kind of words would spread out?! "

Ruyuexin paused for a moment as her hands trembled. At some point, the servants had already surrounded them. One of Mo Huan'er's servant girl spoke in a soft voice, "It can't be Miss Mo's pet snake, right?"

Sixth Prince had sharp ears and quickly caught the key words. He looked at the servant girl and asked seriously: "Miss Mo's pet snake?"

The servant girl trembled, "Yes, when the crown prince gifted Miss Mo to the prince, she brought a pet snake with her to the mansion. "Ruyue has been feeding it all the time, and it won't come out."

Sixth Prince frowned and waved his hand: "Someone, come! Bring Mo Huan'er over here for me! "

The guard behind him immediately bowed, "Yes!"

The two guards jogged out of the room. Yu Beiyuan's eyes slowly turned as she said, "Your Highness, the maid, Ruyue, is not well guarded. She deserves to be punished."

Sixth Prince nodded slightly with a serious face, "We will punish them together when Mo Huan'er comes."

Upon hearing those words, Ruyue nearly fainted. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally thought of using Mo Huan'er's snake to make Mo Huan'er hate Yu Beiyuan even more.

After a while, Mo Huan'er walked in coquettishly and covered her nose with her hands.

The moment she saw Yu Beiyuan, her face turned ashen. Due to Sixth Prince's presence, she felt lucky: "Greetings, Your Highness Sixth Prince."

Sixth Prince nodded slightly. He frowned and asked, "Mo Huan'er, do you have a snake?"

Mo Huan'er was taken aback for a moment before she nodded. "Yes, Your Highness."

Sixth Prince's solemn voice suddenly sounded: "How dare you! Do you know that your pet snake has alarmed your esteemed guest! "

Mo Huan'er was stupefied and felt slightly puzzled. "I don't know."

Yu Beiyuan's lips curled up in a smile, as though reminding him, "Miss Mo, your snake suddenly entered my room today, and nearly scared me to death. "Fortunately, I was smart enough to kill that damn beast, so I calmed down."

Yu Beiyuan's eyes glanced at Ruyue. She wanted Mo Huan'er to hate her even more, so she would do as she said. However, she, Ruyue, could forget about having any good days ahead of her.

Hearing that, Mo Huan'er seemed to have gone crazy and rushed towards Yu Beiyuan.

"You bitch! How dare you kill my baby! You will die a horrible death! "

Yu Beiyuan looked indifferently at the crazed Mo Huan'er. With an indifferent expression, she replied, "It's your fault for being so strict with your discipline. I was the one who was frightened today. If the Prince were to be frightened tomorrow, what kind of punishment would you have!?"

Mo Huan'er glared fiercely at Yu Beiyuan, "You did it on purpose! Slut! Just you wait! I, Mo Huan'er, swear an oath with you! "

Sixth Prince rubbed his temples and waved his hand. "Come and drag Mo Huan'er away. We will give you a salary for half a year and a face for three months."

Mo Huan'er slightly raised her head and with reddened eyes, she coldly glanced at Sixth Prince: "Your Highness, I am your concubine. Your Highness is not qualified to punish me."

"This concubine will definitely wait for Your Highness to wake up, and let Your Highness uphold justice for this concubine!"

When Sixth Prince heard this, he flew into a rage, "This prince can't punish a mere concubine like you!"

Mo Huan'er held her head high and puffed out her chest. She tilted her head to the side, bit her lips and didn't say a word.

Yu Beiyuan suddenly sneered, "I see that Miss Mo has the guts of a bear heart and leopard, as the son of the royal family, your highness is more than enough to kill you."

Mo Huan'er's face was pale and filled with disbelief. "How dare you!"

When Sixth Prince saw this, he immediately echoed, "Mo Huan'er, not only are you not strict with your servants, you even dare to look down on me?"

Sixth Prince shouted, "Someone come! Drag Mo Huan'er down! Give me another fifty slabs! "

Mo Huan'er was stunned for a moment before she suddenly burst into tears. "No! Your Highness, I was wrong, I was wrong!"

When Ruyue saw this, she could not help but shudder. The nightmare was about to come.

"Servant Ruyue, poor security, one year's salary, reduced to a second class maid."

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