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C11 Acuteness

Mo Huan'er was roughly dragged out, and not long later, waves of miserable screams came from outside the room. Ruyue's face turned paler and paler as cold sweat broke out all over her body.

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Ruyue, raised her eyebrows slightly, and leisurely said, "Your Highness, your mood has been affected by how blind you are today. How about we go out and take a stroll?"

When Sixth Prince heard this, he pondered for a while and finally agreed.

So Sixth Prince had brought two of his personal guards, and Yu Beiyuan had left Ruqing at King Dingnan's House, in case Ruyue and Mo Huan'er had given her another big surprise.

The bustling streets were full of laughter. Waves of shouts intertwined and it was extremely noisy. Even though she said that, Yu Beiyuan was in a good mood. She couldn't help but smile as she strolled around.

Along the way, Yu Beiyuan and Sixth Prince chatted and laughed. Sixth Prince narrowed his eyes and suddenly said: "Speaking of which, I have never mentioned my name before, so it's not good for this prince to mention it. May I know your name?"

Yu Beiyuan's body stopped and her eyes rolled up in a circle. She raised her small face and smiled brightly. "My daughter is Luo Jiu."

"Luo Jiu?"

Yu Beiyuan waved her hand without a care. "Your Highness, don't call me Miss. Just call me Xiaojiu."

Sixth Prince's eyes were full of joy. He looked at Yu Beiyuan and laughed. "Then …" Xiaojiu? "

Yu Beiyuan smiled as she replied. Sixth Prince then smiled and said, "Don't call me Your Highness anymore. Just call me Huo Yuchuan in private."

Yu Beiyuan laughed loudly in a carefree manner. She did not know that Huo Yuchuan would torture her to death in the future.

Huo Yuchuan had a smile on his face as he looked at Yu Beiyuan. His eyes lit up as he stared at a small stall set up by a white-haired old man. Huo Yuchuan thought she wanted to buy herbs, but just as he was about to take out the silver, he saw Yu Beiyuan raise her little face into a grin.

Huo Yuchuan was surprised for a moment, then mumbled something but couldn't explain it.

"The chinaberry chinaberry seed is cold, bitter in taste, and is a kind of Qi medicine. It likes warm and moist climate, mainly entering the liver meridians, relieving the liver heat, relieving the pain through Qi, and curing the stagnation of qi and having the syndrome of heat."

Huo Yuchuan had a puzzled look on his face. Yu Beiyuan thought of Huo Yuchuan the moment she saw Chuan Zizi. "Huo Yuchuan, Chuan Zi, don't you think the two of you are similar?"

Huo Yuchuan was suddenly enlightened. Yu Beiyuan was teasing him?

On the other hand, the guard behind Huo Yuchuan roared: "Impudent!"

Yu Beiyuan pursed her lips. Huo Yuchuan's gaze was gentle as he said in a gentle voice, "Hey, Xiaojiu has no ill intentions. You don't have to be nervous."

Even so, the guard continued to glare at Yu Beiyuan viciously. Yu Beiyuan rolled her eyes and made a face at the guard.

Huo Yuchuan and Yu Beiyuan strolled along and before they knew it, they arrived at a sparsely populated riverside. Yu Beiyuan's mood lightened a little when she heard the warm sunlight. Suddenly, she heard a surprised female voice.


Yu Beiyuan looked towards the source of the voice and saw a very delicate and pretty girl wearing a blue flowing immortal dress. She was looking at Huo Yuchuan in surprise. The woman beside her had a shy expression and a blushing face.

Huo Yuchuan's expression was stiff: "Cousin …"

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows. It seemed that Huo Yuchuan didn't like these two girls at all. Just as Yu Beiyuan was about to raise her dress to let them pass, a sharp voice rang out from behind her, "Halt!"

Yu Beiyuan suddenly had a bad premonition. Just as expected, that person's voice could be heard, "Turn around!"

Yu Beiyuan pretended to be generous and turned around leisurely. The woman next to Huo Yuchuan's cousin frowned: "Who are you?"

The corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth twitched. How would she say it?

Yu Beiyuan could only look at him indifferently and asked, "And who are you?"

That person's face was filled with disbelief. He then cleared his throat and said loudly, "I am Zhao Xiu'er, the daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue." As she said that, she pulled a woman who was standing to one side with a face full of arrogance: "This is my good sister, Han Xiangxiang, the direct daughter of Prime Minister's Mansion."

Yu Beiyuan only found out their identities when Huo Yuchuan heard about it. He frowned and said in a cold voice, "This is Miss Luo Jiu who saved Ninth Uncle, don't be rude!"

Yu Beiyuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she heard this. What kind of introduction was this? Even so. Yu Beiyuan couldn't help giving Huo Yuchuan a grateful look, but she actually scolded him in her heart.

Zhao Xiu'er looked at Yu Beiyuan contemptuously. "So she's a medical woman ~"

Yu Beiyuan frowned. In her entire life, she hated people who looked down on doctors the most. Therefore, she looked coldly at Zhao Xiu'er, her eyes narrowed slightly, "My daughter is not talented, but a doctor's parent. I hope that Miss Zhao does not have any unhealthy diseases in the future. If I can get it, then even if Hua Tuo reappears, Zhao Xiaonu will die alone! "

Zhao Xiu'er's face turned ashen, and a wave of anger rose in her heart. You curse me! "

Yu Beiyuan said innocently, "I did not."

Zhao Xiu'er snapped, "You are!"

Yu Beiyuan blinked and poked Huo Yuchuan's arm, feigning weakness. "Your Highness, quickly accompany me to buy medicinal ingredients ~"

Huo Yuchuan was surprised and felt a chill in his heart. He had seen this woman ruthlessly pull Ninth Uncle back from the gates of hell. Huo Yuchuan could only nod slightly, not daring to refute Yu Beiyuan's words.

Han Xiangxiang's face turned pale and she patted Lili, shouting angrily, "How can a girl like you be so shameless, and how can we, Xiangxiang, be comparable to you when we are born with great talents and talents?"

Yu Beiyuan shifted her gaze to Han Xiangxiang, only to see her smiling awkwardly. Yu Beiyuan was laughing coldly, probably because she was very happy in her heart.

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her eyebrows and looked indifferently at Han Xiangxiang. "So what?"

Zhao Xiu'er was pleased with herself and said, "You don't know, but we, Xiangxiang, are famous for being talented. Not only are we proficient in the art of zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, we are also gentle and considerate. Who doesn't envy Xiangxiang?"

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her brow and added in a more serious tone, "So what?"

Han Xiangxiang couldn't hold it in any longer and blurted out a few words, "Does Miss Luo Jiu want to compete with me?"

Yu Beiyuan was stunned and lowered her head. Huo Yuchuan frowned: "Xiangxiang, don't mess around."

Before Huo Yuchuan finished his sentence, the corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth rose slightly. Her clear and melodious voice came slowly over, "Sure."

A trace of disdain flashed in Han Xiangxiang's eyes as she smiled. "Then let's compete in poetry. I'll be the first."

"I don't know if Luo Hua has feelings, and whether or not it is unintentional.

It is said that the sun and moon share the same radiance, but it can be compared to the moon and the moon. "

Yu Beiyuan smiled as she looked at Huo Yuchuan, who had an ugly expression on his face. This Han Xiangxiang was way too bold.

You don't know if I'm interested in you or if you don't have any feelings for me. We are just as good, and I will put out the light to set off your talent.

Zhao Xiu'er acted as if she was watching a good show. "Miss Luo, it's your turn."

Yu Beiyuan raised her brows. A trace of craftiness flashed across her eyes as she felt disdain in her heart.

Yu Beiyuan cleared her throat and glanced at Huo Yuchuan. Seeing that his eyes were full of worry, Yu Beiyuan could only give him a comforting look.

"Drunk Hongxiu in Jinling, misty March rain.

"The merchant girl did not know the hatred of the fallen country, yet she still sang of the Courtyard Flowers across the river."

What he meant was that at this moment, Han Xiangxiang was acting just like a playboy to entertain others …

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