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Princess Too Frivolous/C12 Juvenile Atong
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C12 Juvenile Atong

Yu Beiyuan was pleased with herself. This poem was written by the great poet Du Mu. No matter how powerful Han Xiangxiang was, she could not compare to Du Mu.

There was a moment of silence by the riverside. Han Xiangxiang's expression turned ugly as a trace of surprise flashed in Huo Yuchuan's eyes. Yu Beiyuan leisurely said, "You have made a fool of yourself."

Zhao Xiu'er stared angrily at Yu Beiyuan, unconvinced. "You're scolding Xiangxiang!"

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows, feigning innocence. "Miss Zhao is joking. It's just a competition, why should I mock Miss Han?"

Zhao Xiu'er's face was flushed from Yu Beiyuan's words. Han Xiangxiang's face was getting darker, her eyes were turning red, and she covered her face with her hands as she ran away.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiu'er glared fiercely at Yu Beiyuan and followed closely behind.

Seeing that the two of them had finally left, Yu Beiyuan took a deep breath. Huo Yuchuan, who was beside her smiled and said, "So Xiaojiushi is so good at poetry."

Yu Beiyuan's face turned slightly red. After all, this wasn't something she had done herself, so she couldn't help but feel guilty. She forced a laugh: "Huo Yuchuan, can you stop causing trouble for me? This cousin of yours is really hard to deal with."

Huo Yuchuan smiled. Such a mysterious woman, what else could she not show?

Han Xiangxiang was heartbroken and her self-esteem was severely damaged. She was extremely smart at urinating. Not only did she have a high status, she was also known as a talented girl.

Losing to a mere doctor was something she had never dreamed of.

Han Xiangxiang's eyes were bloodshot as she wailed at the side of the river.

Unknowingly, Zhao Xiu'er had already arrived behind him. She gently caressed Han Xiangxiang's shoulder, and time was calm. The two of them leaned against each other.

Finally, Han Xiangxiang seemed to have cried herself to death. Seeing this, Zhao Xiu'er sighed softly.

"Xiangxiang, that Luo Jiu is just a small medical woman, so what if she is more talented than you? "From beginning to end, she can only be your foil. Xiangxiang, you must be careful that Luo Jiu has taken away Sixth Prince's heart."

Han Xiangxiang's eyes were filled with a fierce ruthlessness when she heard what Nie Tian said. No one could snatch her cousin away!

By the river bank, Yu Beiyuan stretched her back as the light shone through the leaves.

"Huo Yuchuan, let's go."

Huo Yuchuan looked at the lazy Yu Beiyuan with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

The two exchanged glances, then leisurely walked along the riverbank towards the market. Suddenly, a panicked expression appeared on one of the youths in the distance when he saw the expressions of Yu Beiyuan and Huo Yuchuan.

Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly as she saw the group of soldiers behind the young man sweating profusely. She shouted, "Stop right there!"

Huo Yuchuan frowned. The guard behind him immediately pulled out his sword and protected the two of them.

The youth looked behind him, and a few tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. The teenager seemed to have made a decision. As he got closer to Yu Beiyuan and Huo Yuchuan, he pounced on the guard.

At this moment, Yu Beiyuan clearly saw the young man's face. Glimmers danced in his eyes, but his eyes were bright red.

That face looked almost exactly the same as her brother's, and those unyielding eyes made Yu Beiyuan overlap the two of them.

The young man fell to his knees, his voice almost breaking the sound as he pleaded, "Please save me, young master!"

The atmosphere was a little tense, and the soldiers behind him followed closely behind, panting heavily as they stopped in their tracks.

The guard's voice boomed, "How dare you!"

Huo Yuchuan stretched out his cold hand and pushed Yu Beiyuan back a little. He frowned and asked, "What's going on?"

Yu Beiyuan's eyes stared fixedly at the youth as she sized him up. The youth wore tattered clothes, his hair was disheveled, and his face had a dark expression.

The youth stared at Yu Beiyuan with eyes as bright as stars, and a few drops of tears rolled down his cheeks. His lips were dry and split open. He bit his lips and didn't say a word.

Yu Beiyuan's heart tightened with determination.

The officer behind the young man saw Huo Yuchuan's extraordinary bearing and said in a flattering tone, "Young master, this kid is the suspect in the murder of Landlord Lee. Landlord Lee is still awake, we were ordered to apprehend the suspect."

The youth almost shouted, "I'm not!"

The soldiers looked at the young man with malice, "Don't quibble, watch how I'll punish you if I capture you back!"

Yu Beiyuanjuan frowned. A guard whispered into her ear, "Your Highness, how should we deal with this?"

Before Huo Yuchuan could say anything, Yu Beiyuan's hand pushed Huo Yuchuan away and passed through the two guards. Taking big steps towards the youth, Yu Beiyuan got closer to the youth and her heart began to ache more and more.

Until she walked in front of the young man, one of the soldiers cried out in alarm, "Miss! "Be careful!"

She lightly glanced at the soldiers. Deep in her heart, her hands were warm and slender. Under the young man's dazed gaze, she slowly helped him up.

The youth could vaguely hear the soft voice of the woman wearing the strange mask as she spoke in a gentle tone, "What's your name?"

The teenager replied, "I'm Aa Tong."

When Yu Beiyuan saw this, she stared at Wu steel-like eyes and said with a serious voice, "Did you kill Landlord Lee?"

When Aa Tong heard this, he could no longer control his tears and they started pouring out.

"Miss, I really didn't kill the old master."

When Yu Beiyuan saw this, she felt a pang in her heart. She pulled Aa Tong into her embrace and gently patted his head.

The leader of the constable was dissatisfied, "Miss, this kid is a designated suspect."

Yu Beiyuan didn't even look at him as she closed her eyes and said harshly, "How can a child kill a group of guards? Let alone so many guards, can he hurt Landlord Lee? For a child as young as he is, where could he go even if he did something so outrageous? "

The constable's mouth was gagged. He didn't know what to say, so he could only beg for mercy, "Miss, we are only following orders. If we can't capture this child, we must pack it up and bring it home."

A deep voice came from behind Yu Beiyuan. "With this prince here, I'll see who dares to wrongly accuse a good person!"

The constable was stunned and the scene turned silent. Aa Tong trembled and hugged Yu Beiyuan tightly.

The officers and soldiers hurriedly bowed to Huo Yuchuan. "Greetings, Your Highness Sixth Prince."

Huo Yuchuan frowned and shouted: "It's fine if this prince doesn't know about this, but since we met today, this prince will deal with it to the end."

The constable quickly replied. Seeing that everyone had been tamed by Huo Yuchuan, the corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth slightly raised as she opened her cunning eyes.

"I wonder if the constable can explain the circumstances of the case?"

The constable quickly nodded and slowly said: "Landlord Lee was found unconscious in the mansion today. After some investigation, there is a wound on Landlord Lee's abdomen. However, only the suspect has entered Landlord Lee's room. "

Yu Beiyuan frowned when she heard this. Aa Tong, who was in her embrace, pushed Yu Beiyuan away with a determined face, "I didn't kill master. He was still fine when I served him some tea."

Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan turned to the constable and said seriously, "I don't know …" Can you let me see Landlord Lee? "

The constable was stunned. He looked hesitantly at Huo Yuchuan. Huo Yuchuan relaxed his brows and smiled: "This lady's medical skills are superb, she might be able to save Landlord Lee's life."

The constable nodded: "I'll be troubling you then."

Speaking of which, the constable had deep doubts about Yu Beiyuan's medical skills. After Landlord Lee was injured, all the famous doctors in the capital were sent over, but none of them were able to find the reason.

He didn't believe that this girl could be even stronger than those old Chinese medical doctors!

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