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C13 Receive Alton

Yu Beiyuan followed the soldiers to Landlord Lee's residence. After a serious search, Liu Tie, who was standing beside her, was burning with anxiety. Huo Yuchuan didn't know why, but in his heart, he had an inexplicable trust for this woman he had just met.

Time slowly passed. After a long while, Yu Beiyuan finally stood up. Landlord Lee's wife, who was standing at the side, looked uneasy. She hurried forward and asked, "Lady, do you know the reason?"

The corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth curled up as she swept her gaze across the entire room.

He saw that the house was tightly shut. Before the winter even arrived, the coal had already been set ablaze. Only then did Yu Beiyuan say,

"This is gas poisoning in the Lee family."

Everyone was taken aback and puzzled. Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows, "Is Landlord Lee extremely afraid of the cold?"

Madame Li hastened to reply, "Yes, every time it's still early in the winter, Master will send someone to buy large quantities of coal."

"Yu Beiyuan couldn't help but roll her eyes." The wound on Landlord Lee's abdomen should not have been in a coma for that long, let alone dying. "

"I see that the room is stuffy and the windows are not open. I even feel a bit breathless when I enter this room, not to mention Landlord Lee, who has been in the room all day."

When Madame Li heard this, she hurriedly cried out, "Miss, please save my old master. I beg you, please save my old master." As he spoke, he took a posture of kneeling down as he sobbed out loud, "I'm kneeling down for you. Save the old master, alright?"

Yu Beiyuan hurriedly helped Madam Li up, "Don't let Madam Li hurt my daughter. Landlord Lee found her too early and should be able to save her in time."

When Madame Li heard this, she cried tears of joy. "Really?"

Yu Beiyuan nodded slightly and instructed the soldiers beside her, "Move Landlord Lee out of the house."

Hearing that, the soldiers immediately moved the unconscious Landlord Lee out of the room. Everyone was surprised and quickly followed the soldiers out of the house.

Yu Beiyuan frowned and finally let out a deep breath. She lifted Landlord Lee's chin with her left hand, pinched Landlord Lee's nose with her right and opened Landlord Lee's mouth with both hands.

An action that shocked everyone appeared in front of them. They saw Yu Beiyuan flip over and aim her lips at Landlord Lee's lips, continuously supplying him with oxygen.

However, the ancient people did not know that Lady Li's body was trembling and her legs were weak. One of the constables shook his head. "I didn't expect her to be so bold."

Huo Yuchuan's eyes flashed and his heart tightened. An inexplicable emotion welled up in his heart.

After a long while, under Yu Beiyuan's constant efforts, Landlord Lee finally opened his eyes slowly.

Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan finally stopped and jumped down. Landlord Lee opened his eyes and saw a woman wearing a strange mask leaning very close to him and instantly coughing.

Seeing that Landlord Lee had woken up, Madam Li did not care what Yu Beiyuan did. She immediately ran towards Landlord Lee and hugged him tightly.

Landlord Lee was stunned and a little confused. Lady Li let go of Landlord Lee again and said gratefully to Yu Beiyuan, "Thank you, Lady, thank you."

Yu Beiyuan smiled. "There is no need for Madam Li to thank me. It is the duty of the doctor to save the dying and help the wounded."

Then, he paused for a moment: "Just don't wrongly accuse a good person in the future, not to mention that Aa Tong is just a child."

When Madame Li heard this, she hurriedly smiled apologetically: "I was too impatient and wronged Aa Tong. I definitely won't do this again."

Yu Beiyuan smiled as she looked at her brother's face. She then lowered her body and said, "Aa Tong, don't be like this in the future. Even if a child like you runs away, your future path will be even more difficult."

Aa Tong heard this and pulled Yu Beiyuan's sleeves: "Big sister, Aa Tong wants to follow big sister. Even if I have to work hard for her, Aa Tong will try his best to make her happy."

Yu Beiyuan hesitated, but she only saw Landlord Lee jumping in anger behind her: "No! Aa Tong, I think you must be tired of living! "

Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly when she heard this. Before Yu Beiyuan could say anything, Madam Li snapped, "Shut up!"

Yu Beiyuan stood up and slowly turned around with a face full of dissatisfaction, "I had originally planned to leave Aa Tong here. In that case, Aa Tong is not suitable to stay outside the official residence."

Landlord Lee was very unhappy. Due to Lady Li, he didn't dare to say anything. When Madame Li saw this, she smiled apologetically. "Lady Ji is the great benefactor of my estate, so whatever you want, I will present with both hands. But... This child is hard to discipline, I'm afraid he will disturb the young lady. "

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows slightly. "No problem."

Lady Li hesitated before saying helplessly, "Lady, why don't I pick a stronger Attendant for you so that he can help you with some girls?"

Just as Yu Beiyuan wanted to speak, Huo Yuchuan, who was at the side, could not stand it any longer.

"Madam Landlord Lee, Madam Li, Miss Luo Jiu saved your life. She wants a child as a errand boy. If you spread the news like this, it will become known as unrighteous and unrighteous."

Landlord Lee didn't know who the man in front of him was, so of course Madam Li knew. Seeing that Landlord Lee was about to lose his temper, Madame Li quickly replied, "Since His Highness Sixth Prince says so, then —"

"Then just send Aa Tong to the lady."

Landlord Lee's legs instantly went soft when he heard that. His face, which was a bit ashen a moment ago, instantly turned ugly.

As such, Landlord Lee handed over Aa Tong's indenture contract with both hands. Yu Beiyuan and Huo Yuchuan, with Aa Tong in tow, were happily heading to the largest restaurant in the capital — Red House.

Just because Aa Tong left the Outer Mansion, his stomach started to grumble.

When they arrived at the red house, Yu Beiyuan shouted loudly, "Shopkeeper, one room!"

However, at the same time, a familiar voice sounded from behind Yu Beiyuan. "Manager, I want a room!"

The shopkeeper bent over hurriedly. "Two esteemed guests, there's only one room left. How about —"

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows. It was one thing for enemies to have a narrow path, but such an embarrassing situation was too tragic.

Yu Wanqin, who was standing behind him, said haughtily, "We'll just raise the price by another five taels of silver."

The shopkeeper was overjoyed. Seeing that the private room was going to be given to the Yu Family sisters, Yu Beiyuan's eyes revealed a smile, and she slowly said: "I'll add ten gold."

Silence reigned in the air. Yu Beiyuan turned around gracefully and smiled at Yu Xi'er and Yu Wanqin.

When Yu Xi'er saw Huo Yuchuan and co. turn around, she was stunned for a moment before she smiled at him.

However, when Yu Wanqin saw this, her expression turned ugly. She was unhappy to see Huo Yuchuan walking together with this woman, who was wearing cheap clothes. So she turned to Yu Beiyuan and snapped, "What do you mean?"

This woman was wearing a strange mask, but she could eat with Sixth Prince? It must be a foxy girl! The Yu Family sisters were dissatisfied in their hearts, as they instantly felt enmity towards Yu Beiyuan.

Yu Beiyuan feigned innocence. "Isn't it the highest bidder?"

Yu Wanqin raised her voice, "Twenty taels!"

Yu Beiyuan said leisurely, "I'll pay thirty taels."

Yu Xi'er frowned, feigning surprise. "Miss, why spend so much money?"

Yu Wanqin also haughtily added, "That's right. I can see that your clothes are not much better than yours. Do you have that much silver?"

The corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth twitched. She was so busy slapping them in the face that she didn't have that much money on her.

Huo Yuchuan saw Yu Beiyuan's body stiffen as if she was in a trance. She whispered into Yu Beiyuan's ear, "Xiaojiu, do you need help?"

When Yu Beiyuan heard this, she and Yu Beiyuan looked at each other and smiled. Hence, Yu Beiyuan stuck out her chest and looked up, "What does it have to do with you? "Since I dared to bid, I will definitely get some silver, or —"

The corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth rose slightly. "The two ladies didn't bring enough silver today?"

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