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C14 Yu Sisters

Yu Wanqin's expression changed and she bit her lips in silence. She was like a pitiful young girl, trembling as she looked at Huo Yuchuan beside her.

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows as the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled up. He purposely laughed contemptuously: "I heard that Yu Family Elder daughter Yu Beiyuan married into King Dingnan Manor, climbed up to King Dingnan and Huo Ming, and became a famous clan in Yu Family. But... Why are you two still so shabby? You can't even afford forty silver? "

Yu Wanqin's eyes were ruthless as she glared fiercely at Yu Beiyuan. "You're just a person who only knows how to bully others. Leave …" Under Huo Yuchuan's dangerous gaze, his tone became weaker: "You are nothing."

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows as the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled up. King Dingnan Fei was also nothing?

Naturally, she could not say this. Yu Beiyuan raised her head and said, "You can't put it that way. I used my own abilities to get to know the person beside me and also stepped into this person's world."

"If the two of you had left the Yu Family and left Eldest Miss Yu, would you still be able to live as carefree as you are now, and become a lady of a noble family?"

Yu Wanqin was stunned by Yu Beiyuan's words, and her face turned red from holding in her anger. Yu Xi'er was also stunned on the spot. She wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere. Unexpectedly, before he could finish his sentence, a sharp female voice slowly came from the lobby of the Red Chamber:

"It's all of you!"

Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly as she saw Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er, whom they had just parted ways with.

It was really a narrow path for enemies. They were able to meet a second wave of enemies after eating a meal. Yu Beiyuan screamed in her heart, "I went out today and didn't check my calendar."

When Yu Xi'er saw Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er acting as if they had seen their savior, she slowly walked to Han Xiangxiang's side and held her hand. She said cordially, "Long time no see, Miss Han."

Han Xiangxiang frowned and just as she was about to withdraw her hand without saying anything … Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan couldn't wait to leave. Waving her hand, she said, "Shopkeeper, take us to the side room."

The shopkeeper was shocked and quickly replied, "Alright!"

Just when Yu Beiyuan was about to lift her head and head up to the second floor …

Zhao Xiu'er, who was standing behind him, snapped, "Stop!"

Yu Beiyuan secretly cursed. She turned around and raised her eyebrows. "What can I do for you, Miss Zhao?"

Yu Xi'er and Yu Wanqin were overjoyed. They were just thinking that someone would stand up for them today.

How could Zhao Xiu'er let go of this opportunity to insult Yu Beiyuan, and this was also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Yu Family sisters' intentions. She arrogantly went forward, and the corner of her mouth raised: "You little medicine girl, where did you get the money to come to the side room of the red building to eat?"

Yu Beiyuan smiled slightly and said, "In Miss Zhao's opinion, although Luo Jiu is only a medical woman, she is also someone who eats with her own two hands."

Zhao Xiu'er looked like she didn't believe him. Seeing this, Aa Tong finally burst out, "Who the hell are you? Why are you always looking for trouble with Sister Luo?"

The Yu Family sisters acted as if they were watching a good show, and whispered. Zhao Xiu'er looked at Aa Tong, who was dressed in ragged clothes, and burst out in laughter: "Yo, even doctors have a bookkeeper? Since you have the money to come to the Red Chamber to eat, why aren't you buying clean clothes for your errand boy? "

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Zhao Xiu'er. It was one thing for her to call herself a doctor's daughter without money, but it was a fact after all. However, Aa Tong had just gotten out of the sea of suffering and was about to be implicated by Ye Zichen.

When Aa Tong heard this, he was immediately unhappy: "Sister Luo is great, Sister Luo just helped me get back the indenture contract."

Glimmers danced in Han Xiangxiang's eyes as she feigned pity. With a soft voice, she asked, "Child, don't be afraid. Is this girl not nice to you?"

Originally, there were too many people in the lobby and no one paid much attention to the dispute here. The moment Han Xiangxiang said this, many people turned to look at Yu Beiyuan and pointed at her.

Aa Tong glared at Han Xiangxiang with an angry expression: "Who are you? Sister Luo treats me very well." But you, why are you constantly provoking my relationship with Sister Luo!? "

Han Xiangxiang raised her head again and smiled gently, "Child, if you are in trouble, welcome to Prime Minister's Mansion. I will treat you better."

The moment the words left his mouth, the hall instantly boiled over with excitement. Faintly, he heard someone whisper:

"She is the Young Miss of Prime Minister's Mansion?"

"You don't even know this!? I have sent firewood to Prime Minister's Mansion before, and this person is the direct daughter of Prime Minister's Mansion, Miss Han Xiangxiang!

"So powerful."

That person was extremely pleased with himself, "Isn't that so? It's said that this young lady is destined to become a queen!" The latter part of the sentence was so quiet that it was pitiful.

Han Xiangxiang looked at Yu Beiyuan complacently. At the same time, the hall also began to turn towards them:

"Is that young master from the same family?" The silk clothes that he is wearing is worth dozens of silver taels! "

"It should be. I'm afraid it's not the residence of the Assistant Minister of Revenue."

Thus, everyone began to discuss Huo Yuchuan's identity.

At this time, Huo Yuchuan could not stand watching anymore. He frowned: "Have you guys had enough?"

Han Xiangxiang seemed to be on the verge of tears as everyone started pointing at Huo Yuchuan.

Yu Beiyuan took a deep breath as the corner of her mouth twitched. This Han Xiangxiang was really something.

Yu Beiyuan scolded Zhao Xiu'er and Han Xiangxiang, "I think the two misses are nosy people. Aa Tong and I just met and he has never said that I treat him badly. Is there something wrong with your ears and your brains?"

Han Xiangxiang's face was livid as she bit her lips without saying a word. She looked miserable. Yu Beiyuan facepalmed. Couldn't this Han Xiangxiang do something else?

Zhao Xiu'er, of course, could not bear to see that. Her voice rose a few notches as she said, "How can you, a doctor's daughter, treat kindness as the same as the same as the same as the same thing?" "Xiangxiang is just afraid that you will mistreat this child, she doesn't have any ill intentions.

Yu Beiyuan's cold eyes struck Zhao Xiu'er, her tone harsh. "Miss Zhao, you call yourself a medicine woman, so what about a medicine woman? We will save the dying and help the wounded, fighting against the death god for every second. If you look down on us, then you will be sick and injured.

Naturally, there were a few doctors who came to eat at the Red Chamber. When they heard Zhao Xiu'er's tone, they were already dissatisfied. Seeing Yu Beiyuan's sharp words, Nie Tian couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh.

When Zhao Xiu'er saw this, her expression became ugly and she began to mutter under her breath, not knowing how to defend herself. He only whispered, "I didn't mean that …"

Yu Beiyuan snorted coldly and said, "Whether you mean that or not, you should be clear about it!"

"Miss Luo, Xiu'er and I really don't mean what you say. Please don't push us too hard."

Glimmers danced in Han Xiangxiang's eyes, as if she was going to cry in the next second, causing people to feel pity for her.

The corner of Yu Beiyuan's mouth lifted slightly as she raised her brows slightly. She wanted to see how Han Xiangxiang would act now.

Han Xiangxiang turned back to Huo Yuchuan and said with a teary voice, "Cousin, Miss Luo really misunderstood us."

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Huo Yuchuan with a profound look in her eyes. After all, she had just met Huo Yuchuan, and this person was his real cousin.

Huo Yuchuan slightly raised the corner of his mouth and shifted his gaze towards Yu Beiyuan. She was wearing a mask, so her expression couldn't be seen. However, Huo Yuchuan knew that Yu Beiyuan was definitely waiting for his opinion.

"Sofia, this matter shall end here. Miss Luo is not only Ninth Uncle's savior, but also my friend. Do you understand?"

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