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C15 Autophagy

Hearing that, Han Xiangxiang's expression changed. Yu Beiyuan walked upstairs with Aa Tong with a smile on her face. Huo Yuchuan followed closely behind with an ugly expression on his face.

The group of people followed the waiter to a room next to the window. It was an antique room, and outside the window was the bustling street market. Yu Beiyuan casually picked a seat and sat down. Huo Yuchuan smiled and said, "I'll treat you today. Xiaojiu and Aa Tong can have some."

Yu Beiyuan naturally did not refuse. She did not have enough money on her, so she could only smile awkwardly and say, "Next time, let me treat you."

Huo Yuchuan narrowed his eyes and smiled. Just as the two of them were exchanging courtesies, Aa Tong had already ordered a large table of dishes to the side. Aa Tong's voice rang out continuously in the quiet room, "A pickled fish, Red Braised Meat, Green Vegetables, mutton soup …"

The waiter's smile grew wider and wider. When Yu Beiyuan heard this, she stopped him and said, "Alright, alright, let's do it this way."

Aa Tong was satisfied: "Alright then."

The waiter had a flattering look on his face as he smiled, "Alright, the dishes will be served soon."

After the waiter left, Yu Beiyuan glanced at Huo Yuchuan and couldn't help but laugh: "Huo Yuchuan, why do you always bring me so much trouble wherever you go?"

A trace of a smile flashed across Huo Yuchuan's eyes as he asked, "Xiaojiu always gives people surprises?"

Yu Beiyuan pursed her lips. She was really sharp-tongued. Therefore, she said in a bad mood, "You are the one who provoked me. You must know that I used to be a doctoring doctor."

Huo Yuchuan laughed. "Good, good, good. It's all my fault."

Yu Beiyuan smiled as she said that. He pretended to raise his eyebrows. "You can't do this next time."

Huo Yuchuan repeatedly said "yes", but Aa Tong, who was at the side, seemed to have lost his cool and remained silent.

After Yu Beiyuan and her group had ascended to the pavilion, Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er were thoroughly angered. Seeing this, the Yu Family sisters hurriedly found a reason to leave.

The more Han Xiangxiang thought about it, the angrier she got. Her eyes were bloodshot as she exclaimed, "Luo Jiu!"

Zhao Xiu'er's teeth were also itching from her hatred. With a flash of inspiration, she revealed a treacherous smile. "Xiangxiang, I have a plan to properly fix that Luo Jiu."

When Han Xiangxiang heard this, she raised her brows and the corners of her mouth curled upwards. However, her voice turned cheerful as she said, "Tell me about it!"

"That girl, Luo Jiu, must have ordered a whole table of dishes. We just need to add some food to her dishes." After saying that, Zhao Xiu'er could not help but laugh. "Let's just wait and see."

Han Xiangxiang smiled happily when she heard this. However, a trace of ruthlessness still flashed through her eyes.

In the kitchen of the Red Chamber, the two women leisurely walked in with arrogant expressions.

The crowd was busy, no one noticed that two women were approaching leisurely.

The fat head chef from the Red Chamber, who happened to be out of the pot, was sweating profusely. He turned around and shouted, "The lamb soup for the guest from room three is done! "Out of the pot!"

He then quickly walked to the other stove and began to stir-fry the next dish. Zhao Xiu'er and Han Xiangxiang quickly poured the laxatives into the mutton soup and quickly left.

Attendant, who was the assistant, just happened to cut the vegetables and quickly scooped up the lamb soup. He handed a row of dishes to the waiter.

At this moment, Yu Beiyuan was leisurely looking at the market, enjoying the cool breeze. Footsteps could be heard outside the door. Not long later, the sound of the door creaking could be heard as the waiter shouted, "Serve the dishes!"

Yu Beiyuan then shifted her gaze to the dish. Suddenly, the mutton soup was placed right in front of Yu Beiyuan. Yu Beiyuan's sharp eyes caught the white powder on the noodle soup. She rubbed her forehead and raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Waiter, does Miss Han have a seat?"

The waiter quickly replied, "Miss Han and her companion just entered the room next door."

Yu Beiyuan's smile became more and more joyous. She narrowed her eyes slightly and waved her hand. "Alright, thank you."

The waiter quickly bowed and left.

Huo Yuchuan had a puzzled expression: "What's wrong?"

Yu Beiyuan smiled and took the bowl of mutton soup before her, saying, "I forgot to add salt to the soup. I'll go find the shopkeeper."

The crowd was stunned. She had clearly never moved before.

Yu Beiyuan glanced around and raised her eyebrows. "What's the matter?"

Huo Yuchuan immediately smiled apologetically: "Hurry up and go."

Yu Beiyuan nodded slightly as the corner of her mouth lifted involuntarily. Her eyes were filled with a smile.

After Yu Beiyuan left the room, she quietly leaned against the door and waited for the waiter to bring the dishes over. She asked in surprise, "What's the matter, guest?"

Yu Beiyuan beamed. "I forgot to add salt to this mutton soup."

The waiter quickly apologized, then said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I … "This …"

Looking at the dishes in her hands, the waiter was at a loss of what to do. Yu Beiyuan smiled and said, "Give me this lamb soup. You can add some salt and give it to the other customers."

When the waiter heard this, he was overjoyed. He smiled and said, "That's right, then that's it. Thank you for your advice."

Yu Beiyuan smiled, picked up the mutton soup that had originally belonged to Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er, and exchanged the meat broth with them before turning around and leaving. The waiter carried the lamb soup with laxatives back to the kitchen and explained the reason to the head chef.

The head chef frowned and took a sip. With a puzzled expression, he said, "No, the taste is just good."

The waiter was stunned, and then he saw the chef say, "It could be that one of the guests likes salt. You can bring this directly to the guest in room four."

The waiter quickly nodded and brought the mutton soup over.

Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er couldn't wait any longer. Their stomachs were already growling loudly. Seeing that the dishes were served, he started to eat.

After a while, a strange sound came from the room.


At this moment, Yu Beiyuan estimated that it was about time. She blinked at Huo Yuchuan with a smile: "Huo Yuchuan, there's a good show going on next door. Do you want to come with me to take a look?"

Huo Yuchuan was surprised, then nodded like a ghost. Yu Beiyuan patted her belly and said seriously, "Aa Tong, eat well with your bodyguard brothers. Sister Luo will be back soon. You must be full, do you hear me?"

Aa Tong nodded. Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan smiled and went with Huo Yuchuan to the next room.

Yu Beiyuan stood in front of the door with the corner of her mouth slightly raised. Huo Yuchuan had a puzzled expression on his face and finally pushed open the door.

When the door opened, there was a terrible stench coming from inside. A gust of wind blew past, and the stench hit their faces. Huo Yuchuan frowned and covered his nose. After a moment of hesitation, he finally walked into the room under Yu Beiyuan's urging.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes were full of smiles as she lifted up her mask, stuffed two pieces of paper into her nostrils.

Even if it stank her to death, she wanted to see the expression of the person Han Xiangxiang liked when she saw her own ghastly appearance.

As the two of them stepped into the room, they saw Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er sitting on the floor with listless expressions. They looked like they had lost their lives.

Yu Beiyuan feigned surprise. "Ah, what happened to Miss Han and Miss Zhao?"

When Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er saw that Yu Beiyuan was unharmed, they immediately understood. Zhao Xiu'er's eyes turned ruthless as she jumped towards Yu Beiyuan.

Yu Beiyuan tilted her body slightly, and Zhao Xiu'er shot into the air. Han Xiangxiang exclaimed, "Xiu'er!"

Zhao Xiu'er's stomach rumbled once again, and fart sounds rang out again.

Zhao Xiu'er's face turned red and she was at a loss of what to do. Han Xiangxiang also quickly covered her nose with her hands.

Yu Beiyuan purposely held back a smile. She covered her nose, pretending to despise Huo Yuchuan, and poked him, who was holding back a smile.

"Hey, Huo Yuchuan, let's go quickly. This place stinks."

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