Princess Too Frivolous/C16 Su Yi Visited Late at Night
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Princess Too Frivolous/C16 Su Yi Visited Late at Night
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C16 Su Yi Visited Late at Night

Huo Yuchuan couldn't hold it in any longer and left the room as fast as he could. Yu Beiyuan, on the other hand, slowly walked out and closed the door behind her.

Huo Yuchuan then leisurely took off the piece of paper from under the mask. He exclaimed, "Okay, why didn't you tell me that you had such a plan?"

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Huo Yuchuan and laughed, "You are too stupid, alright?"

Huo Yuchuan wasn't annoyed, he just remembered the scene from before and laughed, "I say, Xiaojiu, aren't you being too ruthless?"

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows slightly. "They were the ones who plotted against me first. They're just getting what they deserve."

Huo Yuchuan laughed loudly. "Xiaojiu, how can you be so vicious as to marry out?"

Not getting married? Yu Beiyuan sighed deeply. She wanted her to be single for life, but who knew she would be married off the moment she came to this world?

Yu Beiyuan fell into a sad mood again. Huo Yuchuan was still looking doubtfully at Yu Beiyuan entering into the side room and bringing Aa Tong out. As the two of them slowly left, Huo Yuchuan quickly followed.

Han Xiangxiang and Zhao Xiu'er, who were still locked in the room, were fighting with each other as if they were going to use the toilet. Their faces were completely red.

That night, Yu Beiyuan and her group majestically returned to King Dingnan Manor. Yu Beiyuan placed Aa Tong in the side room of Star Moon Pavilion, then hurriedly returned to her room, planning to take a bath and have a good night's sleep. Today, she was truly tired. She had to properly reward herself.

Yu Beiyuan pushed open the door gently and stepped into her room. As soon as she stepped into the room, a strong stench of blood assaulted her senses. Sensing that something was wrong, Yu Beiyuan frowned as she carefully approached the bed.

The air was so still that Yu Beiyuan could only hear her own breathing.

The bed gradually entered Yu Beiyuan's field of vision. What entered her eyes was Su Yi, who was sweating profusely.

He slumped weakly on the cold floor, but the floor around him was a pool of red blood.

Yu Beiyuan could not help but exclaim, "Su Yi!?"

Su Yi was dressed in night attire. He looked at Yu Beiyuan with a defeated expression and said weakly, "I heard that you are a medical woman?"

He then forced a smile and said, "I'll leave it to you."

Yu Beiyuan quickly walked over to Su Yi and carefully checked his injuries. Su Yi's thigh was wet, and Yu Beiyuan reached out to touch it. Surprisingly, it was all blood.

Yu Beiyuanwu frowned and tore Su Yi's pants. She glared at Su Yi: "What's going on?"

Su Yi smiled but didn't say anything. Yu Beiyuan had no choice but to take out a medical kit from under the bed and bandage Su Yi's wound.

Yu Beiyuan looked carefully, it was clearly an arrow wound. Although Su Yi had pulled out the arrow, but Yu Beiyuan could tell at a glance.

After some diagnosis, Yu Beiyuan looked Su Yi up and down. She frowned slightly as her fingers gently caressed his ankles and exerted a little strength — —


Su Yi broke out in a cold sweat and snorted. His face was pale as he laughed, "You have to be a bit more gentle. A beautiful man like you can't lose your virginity."

Yu Beiyuan raised her head and glanced at Su Yi. She said lightly, "If I didn't notice, you would probably just leave like this, right?"

Su Yi smiled without saying a word. Yu Beiyuan sighed deeply. She placed both of her hands on his ankles, skillfully touching them and twisting them.


Su Yi's ankle instantly became red and swollen. Yu Beiyuan carefully touched his ankle and confirmed that the bone was connected.

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her eyebrows. Surprised that Su Yi didn't even grunt this time, she raised her head. Su Yi frowned and gritted his teeth.

Yu Beiyuan burst into laughter. "You sure want face."

Su Yi's hair was drenched in sweat as he laughed: "I'm a pure man, what is such a small injury to me?"

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows. Su Yi's injury was definitely not simple. She also didn't use any anesthetic on Su Yi, but he didn't even make a sound.

After the diagnosis, Yu Beiyuan bandaged Su Yi's ankle again. After cleaning it up, she clapped her hands.

Su Yi grinned at Yu Beiyuan. "Thank you."

Yu Beiyuan raised her brows slightly and said, "Let's consider it a gift from you."

Su Yi's mouth twitched and he sighed deeply: "Forget it, a man should have great ambitions and not lower himself to your level."

Yu Beiyuan smiled. Su Yi stood up shakily as he supported himself up from the bed, "Oh yeah, I still don't know your name."

Yu Beiyuan turned around and poured a cup of tea for Su Yi. She smiled and said, "My name is Luo Jiu, you can call me Xiaojiu."

Su Yi slightly raised his eyebrows as he walked to the tea table and sat down. He said unhappily, "Brother Luo Jiu, I'm already so inconvenient. Why don't you come and help me?"

A trace of a smile flashed in Yu Beiyuan's eyes. She didn't mind the way they addressed each other. She put the cup in front of Su Yi and said, "I'm not familiar with you. Besides, men and women shouldn't be too intimate with each other."

Su Yi emptied his cup and glared at Yu Beiyuan, "You're too cruel. You took nearly five hundred liang of my gold and silver."

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows. She had not expected those things to be so valuable.

The corners of Yu Beiyuan's mouth curled up as she couldn't help but begin to depict her beautiful future by using this silver. A sharp voice broke her fantasy:

"Brother Luo Jiu, do you know how big this world is? Yuhang in the south and Xueshan in the west are paradise on earth, so even deities would not be able to see such a beautiful place. "

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Su Yi. It was better if she went to Hangzhou.

Seeing that Yu Beiyuan was not interested, Su Yi continued, "In the west, there is a tribe in the Snow Mountain that captures Snow Fox for a living. The Snow Fox's fur has been sent to the capital for a sky-high price. The snowy mountain is covered with snow all year round, and because the tallest mountain is skyscraper, people view it as a divine mountain that can communicate with deities. "

Yu Beiyuan's heart was calm. She knew this better than Su Yi. Although she had never been there, she was afraid that she would not dare to go once she went to the Tibetan Plateau.

Su Yi sighed deeply. Seeing that he couldn't move Yu Beiyuan, he mumbled to himself, "Isn't this woman a doctor? Even the Tianshan Snow Lotus couldn't attract her attention?"

Glimmers danced in Yu Beiyuan's eyes as her heart itched. With a crafty look, she asked, "What did you say?"

Su Yi was stunned, he finally found an opening and said with an excited face: "Really! You are a doctor, it is impossible for you to not be interested in rare medicinal herbs. You don't want to go out and collect some rare medicinal herbs? "

Yu Beiyuan pondered for a moment. Her heart wavered slightly. In modern times, there were many herbs that had already become extinct. To be honest, she really wanted to see how magical and how those herbs looked like.

Su Yi took the opportunity to incite: "You and I are a pair of rich and poor men and women, travelling all over the country. When you're free, you can take a look at the scenery. If you have any herbs you like, you can have them. If you want to pick them up, I'll just pick them up for you, even if it means risking my life. How about it? Are you interested? "

Yu Beiyuan was in a trance and looked forward to it. After all, there was still a huge gap between ancient and modern times, and most of the ancient buildings were destroyed in the Qing dynasty. After Su Yi said this, she really wanted to see what China looked like in ancient times.

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