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Princess Too Frivolous/C17 Pseudoplegia
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C17 Pseudoplegia

Su Yi approached Yu Beiyuan slowly with a flattering look on his face: "How is it? Are you interested? "

Yu Beiyuan came back to her senses and glanced at Su Yi. She said leisurely, "Shouldn't you be leaving?"

Su Yi's smile froze as he glared at Yu Beiyuan in annoyance, "You —"

Yu Beiyuan said flatly, "I'm a virgin. If you dare to ruin my reputation, I'll make you into a dumpling."

Su Yi couldn't help shivering. Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows. "Why aren't you leaving?"

Yu Beiyuan just wanted to soak in the bath and get into bed. Today, she was really afraid.

When Su Yi saw this, he hurriedly used Lightness Skill to fly away from Yu Beiyuan's roof.

Something seemed to have fallen from his waist and landed on the table.

Surprisingly, it was a blue scented sachet, embroidered with beautiful crabapple blossoms. It was extremely exquisite.

Yu Beiyuan froze for a moment, then casually picked up the scented sachet and fiddled with it. He raised his head again to look at the gap in the roof, sighing to himself, "Why is it so unsafe here?"

Yu Beiyuan touched the scented sachet and felt that there were some herbs inside. She slightly raised her eyebrows, a trace of craftiness flashing across her eyes. He quickly tore the scented sachet apart and saw that there were indeed some medicinal herbs inside.

But —

However, there were some knockout drugs inside. Most of them were herbs, but there were also powdery ones with cigarette butts and even a few square candy bars. When Yu Beiyuan took a closer sniff, most of the ingredients were madora flowers.

Yu Beiyuan frowned, guessing that these were all tools used by Su Yi in his burglary.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes darted around as the corners of her mouth curled up slightly. Her eyes, however, were brimming with a smile.

"Brother Su Yi, I will keep all of this."

Naturally, once it entered Yu Beiyuan's hand, it would be impossible to take it away from her.

The next morning, after Yu Beiyuan had washed up, she went to the side room to look for Aa Tong.

Yesterday, Yu Beiyuan let Ruhong take care of Aa Tong, and Ruqing was busy today. Yu Beiyuan instructed Ruqing to bring the breakfast to the side room, then told Ruqing to busy herself.

When Yu Beiyuan arrived at the side room, she heard Aa Tong shouting with a smile from afar, "Sister Luo!"

Yu Beiyuan had a gentle look in her eyes as she smiled. Aa Tong ran into Yu Beiyuan's arms and grinned at her, "Sister Luo, breakfast is here!"

Yu Beiyuan smiled, "Aa Tong is so obedient."

Aa Tong had changed into a clean set of clothes. Yesterday, his dark face had been washed clean and white. It was as if he had become a different person.

He looked more and more like Yu Beiyuan's brother.

Yu Beiyuan and Aa Tong sat in the side room. Yu Beiyuan saw Ruhong sitting motionlessly on the side. She smiled at Ruhong and said, "Ruhong, you should eat with us too."

Upon hearing this, Ruhong hurriedly waved her hands with a terrified expression on her face. "No, Miss."

Yu Beiyuan burst into laughter and pulled Ruhong over, feigning reproach. "I'm not one of those madams, so what's there to be courteous about with me?"

When Ruhong heard this, she couldn't help but blush and sit down. Only then did Yu Beiyuan remember that Ruhong had called her 'lady' just now. Thus, Yu Beiyuan smiled and said, "Ruhong, my name is Luo Jiu, you and Ruqing can call me Xiaojiu from now on. "I've been forgetting this these past few days. I've been wandering around forgetting that something like this has happened. Please don't blame me."

Ruhong was slightly taken aback. She and Ruqing had always thought that Yu Beiyuan didn't want others to know her name, so they didn't dare to ask.

Ruhong said seriously, "This is absolutely out of the question. How about I and Ruqing call Miss Miss Luo Jiu from now on?"

Yu Beiyuan thought for a while before replying with a smile. Aa Tong, who was on the side, was dissatisfied. He pouted and complained: "Sister Luo only talks to Sister Ruhong, not even talking to Aa Tong."

Yu Beiyuan and Ruhong looked at each other and smiled, "Aa Tong be good, Sister Luo was in the wrong. How was your sleep last night?"

Aa Tong's eyes lit up with happiness: "Aa Tong has never slept in such a soft bed before! Last night was the time I slept the most! "

Yu Beiyuan laughed, "Aa Tong will be able to sleep in such a soft bed every day."

Aa Tong looked at Yu Beiyuan expectantly. "Really?"

Yu Beiyuan smiled and ruffled Aa Tong's hair, but the bottom of her eyes were gentle. "Really."

Yu Beiyuan felt a pang in her heart. Just what kind of life had a nine year old child led in the past?

After breakfast, Yu Beiyuan watched Aa Tong eat bowl after bowl of rice with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, there were several female servants outside whispering to each other.

"Why is the Prince still not awake? The Prince did not wake up on the day of Esteemed Princess Consort's return to her homeland yesterday. I wonder what kind of reputation the capital has passed on to Esteemed Princess Consort."

"That's right, everyone walking on the street now is saying that Esteemed Princess Consort is a concubine. Even your highness wouldn't be bothered to accompany Esteemed Consort back to the Yu Mansion on the day of her return to peace."

"Esteemed Princess Consort is too pitiful."

As the voices of the maids grew softer, Yu Beiyuan felt a wave of anger rise from the bottom of her heart. 'Wasn't it just that there was no peace? Where did all this ancient trouble come from?'

"Miss, it's time to visit the prince."

At this moment, a familiar voice came from the side room. Yu Beiyuan glanced over and saw that it was Ruyue, who had been beaten up. Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows.

Yu Beiyuan raised her head, indicating that she understood. Ruyue turned around and left with a bad complexion. Yu Beiyuan said goodbye to Aa Tong and Ruhong as she followed Ruyue to Huo Ming's residence.

The familiar sandalwood smell lingered in the air. Yu Beiyuan rubbed her brow. She was almost used to this smell by now.

Ruyue stood guard at the door while Yu Beiyuan carried the medical kit to Huo Ming's bedside.

Yu Beiyuan secretly sighed at Huo Ming's looks. Every time she came here, she would exclaim at the creator's bias.

Very quickly, Yu Beiyuan checked and saw that Huo Ming's fever had subsided. He would probably wake up today. At this moment, Yu Beiyuan's eyelids twitched. She suddenly recalled the maidservants saying that she had become the laughing stock of the capital.

Unsatisfied in her heart, the corners of Yu Beiyuan's mouth curled up as a trace of a smile flashed in her eyes. She opened the medicine box, took out her needle bag and started using the silver needles on Huo Ming.

"Like this, he should be sleeping for a few more days."

Yu Beiyuan pursed her lips. Who told Huo Ming to treat her like this? It would be best if he slept to death in the Prince's Mansion.

Just as Yu Beiyuan was secretly cursing at Huo Ming in her heart, a sound came from outside the door. Ruyue's voice came leisurely, "Greetings, Your Highness Sixth Prince."

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her eyebrows. Seeing Huo Yuchuan walk into the room with a smile, she remembered that Sixth Prince was also in the same group as Huo Ming. Unsatisfied, she purposely shouted, "Huo Yuchuan, can you help me pour a bucket of water?"

Huo Yuchuan smiled. Naturally, it was Ruyue who went to get him. He walked over with a smile as his eyes narrowed, "Xiaojiu, you aren't asking me to bring you water again, are you?"

Yu Beiyuan smiled, feigning innocence. "What? This won't do. "

"Now that Ruyue had brought the water, Huo Yuchuan laughed and took the basin from Ruyue's hands." "Sure!"

Ruyue's expression froze as she glared fiercely at Yu Beiyuan. Huo Yuchuan, on the other hand, didn't seem to care at all. His eyes signaled Yu Beiyuan to wash her hands.

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Ruyue. Under Ruyue's vicious gaze, her slender, bony hands slowly extended into the water basin.

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