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C18 Investigation

Ruyue gritted her teeth. Yu Beiyuan took her hand out proudly and wiped off the water on her hand. She raised her eyebrows at Huo Yuchuan: "Huo Yuchuan, if this gets out, I won't get beaten, right …"

As he spoke, he shifted his gaze to Ruyue, who was standing at the side. His meaning was clear. Huo Yuchuan naturally ordered. He glanced at Ruyue and said coldly, "You are not allowed to reveal this to anyone. If this gets out, you are the only one who can ask!"

Ruyue's face turned ashen. She could only bend her body slightly as she replied, "Yes." After saying this, he left again.

When Yu Beiyuan saw that Ruyue had retreated, her eyes swept across Huo Yuchuan as she leisurely said, "I'm leaving too, but I'm so tired."

Seeing this, Huo Yuchuan squinted his eyes and smiled: "Where are you going?"

Yu Beiyuan's eyelids twitched. She had a bad premonition, but she could only reply, "To bask in the sun."

Huo Yuchuan was full of smiles again: "I'll go with you!"

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her brow and said, "Up to you." He then leisurely left Huo Yu's room and headed to the backyard.

The sun shone brightly, without a single cloud in sight. Yu Beiyuan came to the back of the house and sat on the swing contentedly. Ruqing finished her work and brought back some fruits.

Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan grinned at Ruqing, "Ruqing is still the most considerate one."

Ruhong, who was standing at the side, looked dissatisfied when she heard this. "Am I not being considerate?"

Yu Beiyuan laughed and apologized, "Ruhong is very considerate too! "Look at how well Aa Tong is taken care of by you."

Aa Tong also agreed on the side, "Yeah, Sister Ruhong is so considerate."

Only then did Ruhong's face turn red, and her smile became brilliant. Yu Beiyuan felt a little bored. Seeing this, Ruqing smiled and said softly, "Should I tell everyone a story?"

Yu Beiyuan laughed heartily. "Alright!"

"The founding emperor of the Qi Kingdom, also known as Emperor Royal Father, Wen Wen of our Prince, was the direct son of a second rank official of the previous dynasty's Xia Zhou. The previous emperor was weak and had been overthrown by his ministers. Thus, Qi Wen Emperor accepted many talents and helped the previous emperor to kill off all the ministers. He was also relegated by the previous emperor to being a first rank official. "

"Who knew that without the suppression from those ministers, the previous emperor would become suspicious and even suspect that Emperor Qi Wen was conspiring against him? The previous dynasty had gradually declined. The previous dynasty's emperor did not care about the commoners and only cared about his throne. The Emperor of the later dynasty executed a good subject, which caused dissatisfaction from all sides. Qi Wen Emperor finally understood that if this carried on, the entire country might be thrown into a state of chaos due to the previous dynasty and the people might not be able to live. "

"Later on, Emperor Qi Wen accepted many talents and rose up against the enemy, causing the ministers of Xia Zhou to all go against their will. After a famous battle in Qi Xia, Emperor Qi Wen established Da Qi and became Emperor Qi Wen. "

"This is the founding history of the Qi Kingdom."

Ruqing's voice stopped and Huo Yuchuan's eyes flashed. After all, this story was about his Royal Grandfather.

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her nose. "Xia Zhou is simply not going to die until he's dead."

Everyone was stunned, even Yu Beiyuan herself. Aa Tong didn't seem to mind at all as he said in a tender voice, "Qi Wen Emperor is already very good. He let go of all the members of the royal family when we destroyed Summer Week, and only sent everyone to the border."

Ruqing added, "It's said that the Xia Emperor's clan was not easy to pass through. Not long after, all sorts of illnesses and deaths occurred. Only Prince of Xia, Murong Feng, seemed to have escaped without a trace."

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her eyebrows with a face full of surprise. "Aren't you afraid of retaliation?"

Huo Yuchuan burst into laughter. "Royal Grandfather said that whoever has the ability will sit on the Dragon Throne. If the incapable becomes the emperor, then this country won't be far from destruction."

Yu Beiyuan pondered for a moment before the corners of her mouth curled up slightly. "That's true."

Suddenly, Huo Yuchuan was silent for a moment and thought for a while. "Come to think of it, there's a thorny case recently. I wonder if Xiaojiu can give me some pointers."

Yu Beiyuan was momentarily stunned. With a slight raise of her eyebrows and a smile, she replied, "Tell me about it."

Huo Yuchuan frowned and pondered for a moment before saying: "There was a thief in the Prime Minister's Mansion recently, but he did not take all of the most valuable painting porcelain. He only took all of the gold, silver, and jewelry. You said... What is this little thief thinking? "

Yu Beiyuan's eyelids jumped, but she somehow felt that this technique was very similar to Su Yi. Her smile was a little stiff and her eyes were full of guilt. "I think this little thief should not know what's good for him. He should be someone of lower status."

Yu Beiyuan secretly cursed Su Yi in her heart. It was fine to steal it, but you still insisted on stealing the Prime Minister's Mansion. In the event that he was caught, his heart would be filled with unwillingness and he would be forced out. Yu Beiyuan gritted her teeth in anger.

Huo Yuchuan noticed the change in Yu Beiyuan's expression and raised his eyebrows slightly. "How about —"

The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and his eyes narrowed slightly. "Xiaojiu will go with me to investigate this case?"

Yu Beiyuan's face was filled with guilt as she laughed dryly, "I have a grudge with Han Xiangxiang. It wouldn't be good if we go to Prime Minister's Mansion, right?"

Huo Yuchuan, on the other hand, was full of smiles: "Xiangxiang has been locking herself up in her room since yesterday, don't worry."

Yu Beiyuan was speechless. She rubbed her brow and said helplessly, "Then …" "Then I'll do as you bid."

Thus, Huo Yuchuan brought Yu Beiyuan and Aa Tong and leisurely went to Prime Minister's Mansion. Before the group of people could step into the gate, they heard Prime Minister Han's furious shout, "Trash! You can't even catch a little thief! "

Yu Beiyuan frowned, then pulled Aa Tong's hand and Huo Yuchuan quickly walked into the Prime Minister's Mansion. The Prime Minister's Mansion was completely silent, and the servants saw Huo Yuchuan's face shrink back in fear.

As the voice got closer and closer, Yu Beiyuan gradually saw a middle-aged man scolding with a flushed face, "What's the use of talking to them!"

The servant reported: "His Highness, Sixth Prince, has arrived!"

The middle-aged man's body trembled. He quickly turned around and saw Huo Yuchuan slowly approaching. He bowed towards Huo Yuchuan and calmly glanced at Aa Tong and Yu Beiyuan who were behind Huo Yuchuan. "Greetings Lord Sixth Prince."

Huo Yuchuan hurriedly helped Prime Minister Han up. He frowned and said with a worried face, "Uncle, did you catch the thief?"

Prime Minister Han took a deep breath and said with a disappointed look, "Stop talking, a bunch of useless trash!"

Huo Yuchuan frowned. He saw Prime Minister Han hesitate and said carefully, "These two are —"

Huo Yuchuan smiled and said, "Oh, this is the Miss Luo Jiu who saved Ninth Uncle. This is Aa Tong."

"This is my uncle."

Yu Beiyuan smiled and bent down slightly. "Greetings, Imperial Uncle."

Aa Tong also opened his eyes wide, following Yu Beiyuanonuo and said, "Greetings, Imperial Uncle."

Prime Minister Han glanced at the mask on Yu Beiyuan's face and a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes. He chuckled: "Oh, this is Miss Luo Jiu. Please give me some pointers."

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows slightly with her sharp eyes. Huo Yuchuan's voice sounded a little worried, "Uncle, this..."

Another pause. "What happened at the Manor?"

Prime Minister Han was excited: "That thief!" "He came back a few days ago!"

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