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C19 Poisoning

Huo Yuchuan frowned and said with a slightly angry voice: "What's going on?"

Only then did Prime Minister Han slowly say, "A few days ago, that little thief came to my house and stole the Jade Kylin bestowed by the Emperor!"

Huo Yuchuan pressed on for more details. Prime Minister Han's face did not turn red at all, "That day, our family was having dinner, and when they heard the guards shouting, they hurriedly rushed in and shot that little thief with their arrows. Who would have thought that the little thief would still run away in the end? "

Yu Beiyuan's heart skipped a beat as she thought about Su Yi seeking her to treat his wounds last night. Ye Zichen couldn't help but rub his eyebrows, this Su Yi would really cause me trouble.

Huo Yuchuan waved his hand coldly. "Servants! Investigate all the medicine stores in the capital! I don't believe it! He won't buy medicine to treat his wounds! "

Saying that, he comforted Prime Minister Han, "Uncle, don't worry. You revealed Royal Father's heartache for you, and even gave you a pair of Night Pearls. When that little thief comes, we'll eliminate him in one fell swoop!"

Yu Beiyuan silently listened from the side, thinking of a chance to inform Su Yi, don't fall into the trap.

The group bid farewell to Prime Minister Han and walked through the noisy market. Yu Beiyuan was a little dazed, but she vaguely knew that Huo Yuchuan and Aa Tong were happily chatting.

Suddenly, Huo Yuchuan's surprised exclamation came into Yu Beiyuan's ears, "Xiaojiu! "Be careful!"

"Sister Luo!"


Yu Beiyuan felt a surge of dangerous aura assaulting her face, and she suddenly looked up. She saw a horse with red eyes madly galloping towards her. Her body was trembling and her eyes were wide open. She was actually unable to move under that aura.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past. Yu Beiyuan was embraced into a warm chest. Huo Yuchuan used the Lightness Skill from the tip of his foot and the two of them quickly left the horse's path. As the two of them landed, Yu Beiyuan stared intently at Huo Yuchuan's face with distinct facial features. Her lips unconsciously curled up slightly.

This Huo Yuchuan is really handsome.

Followed by a loud explosion and a miserable scream, boom — —

A small stall behind Yu Beiyuan collapsed with a loud bang. A thin and weak woman's body trembled in fear.

Yu Beiyuan was slightly shocked. She quickly walked to the lady's side with an anxious look on her face. "Are you alright, Miss?"

When Huo Yuchuan saw this, the corner of his mouth slightly raised. He walked to the side of the carriage to talk with the coachman.

The woman was stunned. Hearing Yu Beiyuan's voice, she slowly looked towards her, her voice trembling as she said, "No …" "It's fine."

At this moment, Aa Tong and Ruhong rushed over and shouted, "Are you alright?!"

Warmth filled Yu Beiyuan's heart as she shook her head. "I'm fine. It's just that this lady …"

When the woman heard this, she shook her head and forced a smile, "I'm fine with you, my lady. You didn't even get a scratch."

Yu Beiyuan looked at the girl's stall and realized that the stall was selling pastries. She whispered, "Miss, I'll buy all of your pastries. You can go home and rest."

"This …" The woman was stunned. A trace of confusion flashed in her eyes as she frowned. "I can't, young lady. These pastries can't be sold anymore."

With a smile, Yu Beiyuan took out a silver ingot from her waist and stuffed it into the woman's mouth. "It's alright. Lady, please go back and rest early today."

The woman hesitated for a moment before finally accepting the silver. When Yu Beiyuan wanted to turn around and leave, the woman hurriedly wrapped up the remaining pastries and stuffed them into Yu Beiyuan's hands.

"Miss, please call me Qin Xiu. You can take these back to have a taste. If it's not enough, come look for me again."

Yu Beiyuan took it with a smile and nodded slightly. She turned around and led Aa Tong and Ruqing to Huo Yuchuan's side.

Yu Beiyuan looked exhausted. She rubbed her temples and expressed her gratitude towards Huo Yuchuan: "Thank you so much."

Huo Yuchuan smiled and a hint of gentleness flashed across his eyes. We don't need to thank each other. "

Yu Beiyuan nodded slightly. Aa Tong, who was at the side, held Yu Beiyuan's thigh tightly without saying a word. Yu Beiyuan knew that Aa Tong was afraid that she would leave him. Yu Beiyuan lightly patted Aa Tong's head. Huo Yuchuan, who was at the side, saw this and said gently, "Don't worry, the horse is just shocked. Aa Tong, you can be at ease with me by Sister Luo's side. "

When Aa Tong heard this, he glared at Huo Yuchuan: "Sister Luo, let me protect you!"

Huo Yuchuan burst into laughter while Yu Beiyuan narrowed her eyes: "Yes, Sister Luo is under Aa Tong's protection ~"

"Aa Tong must protect Sister Luo!"

Aa Tong nodded with determination.

When Yu Beiyuan's group returned to King Dingnan Manor, it was just noon. Yu Beiyuan thought of the pastries that the girl stuffed into her hands. With a smile on his face, he distributed the pastries to the big guys.

While everyone was talking and laughing, Yu Beiyuan also opened her own plate of pastries, wanting to take a big bite to alleviate the shock she received today. A strange smell wafted over. Yu Beiyuan furrowed her brows. Suddenly, she turned pale with fright and shouted,

"Don't eat!"

Everyone was surprised for a moment, but fortunately, the pastries in their hands were not taken apart. Only —

Aa Tong was munching on the pastries when he heard Yu Beiyuan's voice. Yu Beiyuan's face was livid and her heart was in a trance when she saw him.

"In the middle of the pastries..." "Poisonous."

With that, Aa Tong immediately fell down. Luckily, Huo Yuchuan was quick to catch Aa Tong. He held Aa Tong in his arms, frowned, and yelled at the guard, "Go investigate!"

The guard quickly turned around and left.

When Yu Beiyuan saw this, her face turned ashen and her body became motionless. She blamed herself in her heart. She was almost on the verge of tears. Ruqing and Ruhong quickly supported Yu Beiyuan. Huo Yuchuan assured Yu Beiyuan and carried her into the side room.

In the side room, Yu Beiyuan's eyes were red as she hit herself on the head, feeling incredibly guilty. Why didn't I find out earlier! "Why?!"

Ruqing, who was standing at the side, frowned. When she saw this, she pressed Yu Beiyuan's hand and said softly, "Miss Luo Jiu, this isn't your fault."

Ruhong quickly added, "That's right, Xiaojiu. It's obviously that woman's fault!"

Huo Yuchuan also frowned and said in a deep voice, "This is obvious that someone is trying to harm you. Who is it …"

Yu Beiyuan's eyes were ruthless as she said in a harsh voice, "No matter who it is, after I capture her, I will make her suffer a fate worse than death!"

Huo Yuchuan frowned as the scene from before flashed across his mind. Yu Beiyuan looked worriedly at Aa Tong on the bed. At this moment, his face was filled with defeat, his eyes were tightly shut, and his lips were dry.

"Xiaojiu, this person spent so much effort to create a chain of events that he lured you into. He must be someone who has a grudge with you. Think about it, is there anyone suspicious?"

Yu Beiyuan was stunned as faces flashed through her mind. In the end, he could not help but sigh deeply, "There are too many people who have had conflicts with me. They can't be locked on."

The atmosphere became quiet again, so quiet that only Aa Tong's breathing could be heard. Finally, Yu Beiyuan frowned and snapped, "We can't wait any longer. We have to cure Aa Tong of the poison as soon as possible!"

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