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C2 Escape

He actually used the Yu Family people to threaten her?


Yu Beiyuan muttered a curse and pushed her hair to the back of her head, struggling to carry the boxes into the house.

She had always been a person who had the courage to face reality. As a doctor in her previous life, she had seen many life and death situations.


After all, what happened last night was not a joke. She had to think of a way to remedy the situation afterwards. If she was pregnant with a child, it would be troublesome.

However, the fact that such things were lingering in her head made her smile.

The current royal consort of the ninth prince was forced to sleep in a dangerous room the next day on her wedding night. If word of this got out, there would be no end to the chaos in the city.

After tidying the place up, Yu Beiyuan glanced at the cabbage and two radishes in the basket. She heaved a long sigh, got up and slowly walked towards the big boxes.

In order to support her reputation, the Yu Family had more or less prepared some private property for her.

The industry could wait until they were ready to leave before selling them off, but if one counted them carefully, they would only receive a thousand taels of silver in banknotes, several dozen taels of silver in silver, and a bag of silver and melon seeds.

Yu Beiyuan looked down at the gold jewelry on the ground. The exquisite phoenix coronet, earrings, pearl hairpins and bracelets were all part of the imperial edict and could not be touched.

She thought for a moment and put all the gold pieces into the box.

Huo Ming had already made it clear that if Yu Beiyuan made a move with her brain, he would definitely vent his anger on the Yu Family members.

No matter how sullen Yu Beiyuan was, she would not joke around with so many people in Yu Family. She could only wait patiently and wait until Huo Ming completely forgot about her.

"Aiya, our big sister is so lucky to be able to actually marry a prince. I just don't know if she can make the decision in that huge palace."

Yu Beiyuan was startled, this voice seemed to be the second brother of Yu Family, and it came from outside the courtyard?

She remembered that the Yu Mansion was a little off, and it happened to be adjacent to the east side of the palace.

The place next to the Yu Mansion was the most remote area. Normally, his little sisters would go to the east yard's wall to try and listen in on Huo Ming's handsome appearance, but they had never succeeded.

But now … Could it be such a coincidence!?

"Second sister, you're still talking about it. We didn't even see the prince's face when we drank the wedding wine at his mansion yesterday. Maybe we would have already embraced each other and gone off to have fun!" The one who spoke was number four. He was a spicy and fearless person. "Hahaha, what a lucky fellow!"

The two of them naturally wouldn't be happy for Yu Beiyuan. Since they were shouting so loudly at this moment, they must have heard the message from the maid just now and purposely used their words to ridicule her.

"Second sister, fourth sister, you two keep your voices down. Big sister is someone who goes out with Yu Family after all. If others hear about it, our Yu Family's reputation will also be implicated!" This is number three. He's always been a coward.

With a cold expression, Yu Beiyuan tore off her bridal dress and threw it on the bed, replacing the bedsheet.

Outside the wall, the second and fourth brothers' laughter grew more and more frivolous.

Old Third advised him, "My dear sisters, now that Big Sis has married into the Palace, the value of us sisters will also rise. Don't spread the news that Big Sis isn't favored, otherwise, we won't be able to get married."

"Pfft!" Fourth Bro's words were harsh, "If she's so arrogant just because she's her eldest daughter, and thinks that a toad like her can eat swan meat, isn't that the life of a lowly woman?"

"Aiya, I'm leaving! I'm leaving!"

"A lowly embryo …"

Listening to the sound gradually fading away, it seemed as if it was pulled away by Fourth Bro.

Yu Beiyuan took a deep breath, shook her head to get rid of her depressed thoughts, opened the box and found a slightly darker piece of clothing to put on.

Seeing that the sky was still early, he split firewood and started a fire. At least he was able to cook something for himself.

Yesterday's wedding, not a drop of water for the whole day, already starving.

However, just as she was wolfing down her food, a black shadow jumped out from the rooftop and dashed into Huo Ming's study.

At that time, Huo Ming was in high spirits and was planning something in a low voice with a young man.

"Grandpa, Sixth Prince." The black figure respectfully kneeled down and bowed.

"How is she?" Huo Ming glanced at him.

"The wangfei made a ruckus for a while, and then became quiet again. She seemed to have already accepted the fact that she was splitting firewood and cooking dinner just now."

"I didn't expect that I would still have the strength to chop firewood." Huo Ming sneered, "Go on down, there's no need to keep an eye out."


After the others had left, Sixth Prince took a sip of his tea and said, "Ninth Uncle, you still care about this."

"Be at ease, This King knows that you are innocent. However, since there are people who are deliberately provoking us, you and I should at least put on an act. " Huo Ming patted Sixth Prince's shoulder, and asked with a frown, "How is your Royal Father? Are there still no improvements after using so many pieces of medicine?"

Sixth Prince shook his head, worried.

After a pause, Sixth Prince sighed and said, "Ninth Uncle, at this point, you should stop risking yourself for the wedding, right?"

"I've been planning for so long, I can't just give up like this. Everything will be the same as usual."

"But Ninth Uncle, you …"


Sixth Prince lowered his head helplessly. He admitted that he was no match for Ninth Uncle. Whether it was in strategy or learning, he was no match for him.

However, this Ninth Uncle was only three years older than him.


Yu Beiyuan stayed in the courtyard in a daze until late at night, when she heard what seemed to be a wave of noise coming from outside the courtyard, and then she heard the sound of footsteps.

Did something happen?

Her eyes lit up as she found a hairpin to erect three thousand strands of vexed silk. She then tore off a piece of hair from the corner of her skirt and tied it to the back of her head.

She had originally thought that she would have to wait a few more days before she could find the right time, but after hearing the commotion, she guessed that no one was paying attention to her anymore.

Then she ran to the corner of the wall and climbed up with a light step.

Yu Beiyuan had been an experienced rock climber in her previous life, and this wall really couldn't stop her.

You want to lock her up here and fend for herself?

None at all!

When she landed, Yu Beiyuan saw a mask stall at the end of the street. She quickly picked one of them and put it on.

The mask was made of black leather, more like a twenty-first-century mask than a mask.

Taking off the rags on her face, Yu Beiyuan heaved a long sigh of relief. Although she had been living in the Prince's Mansion unhappily, it would be good if she could come out often to relax.

Yu Beiyuan was leisurely enjoying the ancient night scenery. She went to the stall and asked for two pieces of pastries. As she walked, she thought about the way forward.

She had just married into the palace and couldn't leave for a short period of time. She had to spend a year or so pretending that she was ill and faking her death, or wait for the people in the mansion to completely forget about her before she could leave.

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