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C20 Bleeding

The atmosphere in the side room was very quiet. No one dared to even breathe loudly. A drop of cold sweat dripped down from Yu Beiyuan's forehead. She had a serious expression on her face and was frowning deeply.

A gentle breeze lifted Aa Tong's clothes. Finally, Yu Beiyuan's slender fingers held a silver needle and slowly pierced Aa Tong's skin.

"Alright." Yu Beiyuan frowned, her expression finally somewhat relaxed.

"Right now, Aa Tong's poison has been temporarily suppressed by me using silver needles, but I'll definitely need to find a way to cure it in the next few days."

Everyone nodded slightly. Yu Beiyuan frowned again and said in a cold voice, "Ruqing, Ruhong, immediately send some of your maids to take turns bathing for Aa Tong. Close the doors and windows tight. Do not let Aa Tong see the wind."

Ruqing and Ruhong answered firmly, "Yes!"

Then, the two of them hurried out to get Aa Tong some hot water.

Yu Beiyuan stared at Aa Tong, who was lying quietly on the bed, and felt pain in her heart. She couldn't help but think back to the time when her brother had been in bed with a fever and she had been with him.

Time flowed like quicksand, minute by minute. Almost all the servant girls in the mansion took turns to take turns peeling Aa Tong's clothes off.

A bucket of hot water was poured into the bathtub. Huo Yuchuan picked up Aa Tong and gently put him into the tub.

Who knows how many times he repeated that, but Aa Tong's situation did not improve at all.

The sky gradually darkened, and the stars and the moon appeared in the night sky. Looking at Yu Beiyuan's pale face, Huo Yuchuan finally couldn't hold it in anymore. He frowned and said coldly, "I'll go find that coachman again."

There was a trace of fatigue in Yu Beiyuan's voice as she muttered, "It's too late. I have to force out the poison in Aa Tong's body immediately!"

Huo Yuchuan's heart tightened. He didn't want Yu Beiyuan to bear such heavy responsibility alone. He frowned and said coldly, "No!"

Yu Beiyuan's eyes were firm as she stared into Huo Yuchuan's eyes. With a strong tone, she said, "There's no time. Trust me, okay?"

Huo Yuchuan was surprised, Yu Beiyuan's hands were trembling. The method she was talking about was the most traditional one — releasing blood.

Huo Yuchuan was silent. He looked at Yu Beiyuan's firm eyes and did not give in at all. He sighed deeply, "Xiaojiu, can't you give me more trust? "Just a tiny bit is enough."

Yu Beiyuan's nose stung, almost begging. Tears welled in her eyes as she said in a trembling voice, "Please, let me try. I can …"

The sound became softer and softer.

Yu Beiyuan was not confident at the bottom of her heart. In fact, she was even a little afraid. However, she understood clearly that the longer she dragged it out, the deeper Aa Tong's poison went. If it was too late, even bleeding would be useless.

Huo Yuchuan pondered for a while with a deep look in his eyes. He was also blaming himself. Why couldn't he find out who that person was and obtain the antidote? Yet, he wanted a weak and delicate woman to shoulder this responsibility. If the plan failed, this woman in front of him would practically be trapped in a shadow for the rest of her life.

Huo Yuchuan almost begged, "Xiaojiu, give me some more time, I will definitely find the cure. Trust me, okay?"

Yu Beiyuan trembled as she bit her lips in silence. Huo Yuchuan saw that Yu Beiyuan didn't say anything and just turned around to leave.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes were moist as her hands trembled and caressed Aa Tong's skin. She said with a trembling voice, "Aa Tong, believe in Brother Huo … "Okay?"

Ruqing, who was standing at the side, looked worried. With a tired voice, she said, "Ruqing, go prepare a knife, hemostatic medicine, and some cloth strips. Bring me my medical kit."

Ruqing stared blankly for a moment before nodding slightly. She then hurriedly turned around and left.

Not long after, Ruqing walked in leisurely with the items in her hands. Glimmers danced in Yu Beiyuan's eyes as she looked at those things, her heart filled with fear.

After a long time, time passed second by second. Four hours had passed and there was not a single message from Huo Yuchuan.

Yu Beiyuan took a deep breath, seeming to have made a decision. She looked at Aa Tong's pale face and silently stared at him.

After a long while, Yu Beiyuan turned around and looked at Ruqing with reddened eyes. She almost cried, "Ruqing, I can save Aa Tong, right?"

Ruqing's eyes were determined: "I believe Miss Luo Jiu will definitely save Aa Tong!"

Yu Beiyuan wiped the tears from her eyes and said firmly, "Ruqing, you can leave."

Ruqing nodded slightly as a trace of worry flashed in her eyes. Ruqing smiled as she looked at Yu Beiyuan's back, while Yu Beiyuan brought her stuff over with a resolute expression.

He thought to himself, "Miss Luo Jiu, you can do it."

In the side room, Yu Beiyuan's eyes were ruthless. In the end, she slashed Aa Tong's wrist viciously.

Yu Beiyuan saw black blood gush out from the wound, instantly dyeing the tub red. Yu Beiyuan's hands gradually turned red. She furrowed her brows, tears blurring her eyes.

She couldn't help but cry: "Aa Tong, I'm sorry."

After that, Yu Beiyuan wiped her tears away as she stared at the black blood that was continuously flowing out of Aa Tong's mouth.

The black blood gradually soaked Yu Beiyuan's clothes, but she did not notice at all. She just kept wiping Aa Tong's blood. Finally, the black blood turned red.

Blood flowed unceasingly. Finally, the blood carried a slight black hue. Yu Beiyuan didn't know how much blood Aa Tong bled, she only knew that when the blood finally turned bright red, she immediately tied Aa Tong's arm with a piece of cloth and used a silver needle to stop the bleeding.

Finally, his trembling hands covered Aa Tong's wound with the hemostatic medicine and bandaged it. After everything was over, Yu Beiyuan's spirit finally collapsed.

She was sweating profusely and tears started to flow from her eyes as she laid beside Aa Tong.

On the other side, Qin Xiu, who was selling pastries during the day, was hiding by the side, secretly touching her face. She slowly tore his face apart, revealing a human skin mask.

It was late in the night in King Dingnan's residence. In the backyard of King Dingnan Manor, there was no one around. A servant girl was leisurely walking by with some stuff in her hands.

A sound came from the other side of the wall. The servant girl's eyes flashed with suspicion and fear, but she still carefully approached the wall.

A woman executed Lightness Skill and the moonlight shone upon her face. The servant girl cried out, "Miss Mo!"

Mo Huan'er secretly poisoned Yu Beiyuan today, so she naturally felt guilty. Seeing that she knew martial arts, the servant girl's face turned pale with fright. A trace of ruthlessness flashed through her eyes.

The servant girl stepped back with a frightened expression as she trembled while looking at Mo Huan'er. Mo Huan'er smiled sinisterly as she approached the servant girl step by step. With a ruthless look in her eyes, she said fiercely, "Since you already know, don't blame me for being impolite!"

The servant girl was so scared that she immediately turned around and ran. Mo Huan'er slightly raised her brows as the corners of her mouth revealed a trace of disdain.

Puff — -

The servant girl only felt something being stabbed into her back as pain assaulted her. She widened her eyes in disbelief as she stared at Mo Huan'er.

Mo Huan'er's eyes were emotionless as she fiercely pulled out the hairpin in her hand. The servant girl once more powerlessly collapsed to the ground, and a pool of blood quickly flowed out.

Mo Huan'er glanced at the servant girl before slowly tossing the hairpin in her hand onto the ground. With a smirk, she said, "If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for following the wrong master."

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