Princess Too Frivolous/C3 Rescue(part I)
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Princess Too Frivolous/C3 Rescue(part I)
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C3 Rescue(part I)

For now, the collection of silver became the top priority.

In her previous life, Yu Beiyuan's main occupation was orthopedic doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and the one she was most proficient in was treating diseases and saving people.

She thought about it and decided to get a set of silver needles and surgical instruments. She would set up a stall on the street and try out the water. If she picked up a rich patient for a long time, she wouldn't have to worry about money.

After an hour or so, just as Yu Beiyuan was about to find a place to have a meal, a group of soldiers suddenly rushed over and pushed her to the side before pasting the imperial declaration on the wall.

Yu Beiyuan glared at the soldiers, but she couldn't do anything about it. She didn't want the crowd to rush towards her and push her right in front of the royal board.

"Ten thousand taels of silver for a doctor?" Yu Beiyuan's eyes lit up when she saw that. She muttered to herself, "They're already on the royal list. They must be of royal lineage. I wonder if I, an orthopedic doctor, can treat them."

She gave up again.

Although he really wanted to make money, he didn't want to interact with people of too high a status. After all, the prince of the mansion was an example.

Even if he was rewarded with ten thousand taels of silver, it would still depend on whether or not he had a life.

But who knew that her mutterings were heard by a busybody behind her. She immediately pointed at her and shouted, "Sir Official, there's an orthopedic doctor here!"

Before Yu Beiyuan could react, a vacuum appeared beside her and the ferocious soldiers surrounded her in an instant.

"Are you a doctor?" The leader of the group had a knife scar on his face. As he spoke, he grabbed onto Yu Beiyuan's arm. "Come with me!"

"Wait!" Yu Beiyuan shouted, "I'm just an orthopedic doctor. You have to see if I can treat her!"

Even the Emperor Board had been posted. Wasn't this supposed to be a difficult issue?

However, the group of soldiers didn't stop at all, directly dragging her and throwing her into the carriage.

In just a few minutes, several more were thrown up. However, they were all over the age of a hundred. Judging from the medicine boxes they were carrying, they were most likely doctors.

No matter how slow Yu Beiyuan was, she knew that she was in big trouble. The patient must have an extremely high status to be able to mobilize so many people to search for a doctor. If she didn't treat him, she might even lose her head.

Yu Beiyuan's body steadied herself, but the old man beside her did his best to help her. She lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked outside.

However, just as she was about to get close to it, a bright scimitar appeared before her eyes. She was so frightened that she quickly withdrew it.

Yu Beiyuan forced herself to calm down and took a few deep breaths. She only hoped that the perverted prince would have some humanity to take her in if something like this happened.

Soon, the carriage came to a halt.

"Get off!" "Hurry up!" These soldiers were almost shouting.

Yu Beiyuan had no doubt that if she had been slightly slower, she would have been hacked to death on the spot.

This place was like a courtyard, not a palace.

"The doctor is here?" A middle-aged man covered in sweat jogged over. Seeing Yu Beiyuan and the others, he heaved a sigh of relief, and then hurriedly urged them, "Hurry up! If you delay your prince's illness, nine heads will not be enough to kill you! "

Yu Beiyuan obediently followed the stream of people and walked inside.

She raised her eyes and saw the manor covered in red silk and the big red lantern with red and happy characters …

Could it be that he won another prize!?

The veins on Yu Beiyuan's forehead were popping. The past two days after she had crossed over to this world could be considered as full of ups and downs!

In next to no time, they were brought into a courtyard.

It was abnormally quiet inside, but as soon as he stepped into the room, he saw a group of people in imperial court uniforms discussing something in hushed tones. It seemed to be the imperial physicians of the palace.

He then followed her into the room. Before he could see it clearly, a black ball had already rolled to Yu Beiyuan's feet.

She took a closer look and saw that it was a head covered in sticky blood!

Yu Beiyuan's heart sank as she felt that she couldn't breathe properly.

She knew that since she came to this ancient society, she would tread on thin ice. However, she never thought that life and death were even more unpredictable than fate!

"Hurry up and treat them!" If you delay us like this, it will be your end! "

"Faster!" A doctor saw that she was dumbfounded and quickly pulled her over.

With this, Yu Beiyuan's consciousness was pulled back abruptly. Her entire body shivered as she couldn't help but look over, only to see a blood-stained sharp sword.

She looked up and was shocked. It was Sixth Prince, whom the original owner had admired for a long time?

Although he was another handsome brother, he was as ruthless as Huo Ming!

"Hurry, let's take turns taking the pulse!" He was the oldest doctor among them. He should have been through a lot of things like this, so he was relatively calm.

Yu Beiyuan composed herself. Now was not the time to think, so she followed him to the bed.

However, the moment she saw this man's appearance, countless mud horses roared in her heart.

It was Huo Ming!

Huo Ming had been shot in the chest and had not been pulled out yet.

However, his face was green and purple. His chest rose and fell at times, sometimes slow, and sometimes fast. Even his breathing, which was accompanied by the sound of his voice, was extremely weak …

Yu Beiyuan pursed her lips, feeling ecstatic. She originally wanted to wait a few days before seeing Huo Ming again, but who would have thought that the day would come so soon? The heavens were opening their eyes!

But in the blink of an eye, Yu Beiyuan couldn't bear to do so.

She had been opposing the Death God for most of her life. Now that she saw a dying person lying in front of her, if she could save him, she wouldn't save him …

What's the difference between a murderer and a murderer?

The doctor who had been pulled over by Yu Beiyuan knelt down with a thud and said while wiping away his sweat, "Sir, I'm afraid … I'm afraid …"

Sixth Prince's eyes darkened. He grabbed his sword and was about to swing it down.

In the nick of time, Yu Beiyuan blurted out, "Pleural effusion or obstruction? Hurry up and prepare the tools! We must immediately cut open the trachea to release the air, otherwise, he will suffocate to death! "

The melodious voice was so abrupt that the entire bedroom became silent.

Yu Beiyuan gritted her teeth. "Quickly!" Didn't you all want to save him!? "

She no longer had the energy to think about whether Huo Ming should die, because the most important thing to do now was to race with death.

"You can save him!?" Sixth Prince grabbed Yu Beiyuan's arm, "Speak!" Can you save him!? "

Yu Beiyuan couldn't wait any longer. What kind of time was this?

"If you keep delaying, Hua Tuo won't be able to save him!" Yu Beiyuan broke free from his grip and turned around, extending her hand. "Alcohol!"

The crowd was stunned again. What was this woman talking about?

Yu Beiyuan took a deep breath. She had forgotten that this was not a fully equipped operating room.

"Intense alcohol, hot water, gauze, knife, cotton, tweezers, needle and thread!" Seeing that no one was moving, Yu Beiyuan roared again, "Go quickly!"

At this moment, Huo Ming, who was on the bed, was already out of breath.

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