Princess Too Frivolous/C4 Rescue(last Part)
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Princess Too Frivolous/C4 Rescue(last Part)
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C4 Rescue(last Part)

"It's too late!" Yu Beiyuan turned around and searched the room crazily. She fixed her gaze on the brush held by an imperial physician, snatched it over and broke it into two pieces. Then, she pounced onto the bed and found a spot to stab it with —

Huo Ming's chest gradually deflated, while his dark purple face gradually eased up.

Yu Beiyuan immediately lost all her strength. She rubbed her forehead and sighed. "At least I made it."

"You're courting death!"

The cold sword was pressed against Yu Beiyuan's neck.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes darkened as she glared back viciously. "If you keep stopping me, he'll be the vengeful spirit of your subordinate!"


At the same time, the group of imperial physicians pushed their way through the crowd, took their pulse, and breathed in deeply. Afterwards, they all simultaneously heaved sighs of relief.

"Alright, alright!"

"My breathing is already normal. I can prepare to pull out the arrows."

Hearing this, Yu Beiyuan frowned and retorted, "No, he has to get the pleural effusion out immediately. He still needs to sew it up. The place where the arrow hit is close to his heart. Pulling the arrow recklessly would lead to massive bleeding."

Yu Beiyuan frowned as she didn't notice that she was sitting on Huo Ming's lap. She said in a deep voice, "Just now, I need more of those things to prepare as soon as possible!"

"Also, the imperial physicians should prepare a hemostasis medicine, and they'll need to apply it internally." Yu Beiyuan paused. "Who knows how to use the needle?" "Stay here and support me."

She had already thought of an operation plan that would minimize the risk of surgery.

It's just that in ancient times, there were no sterile conditions, so follow-up care would be very troublesome.

"This …" The elderly imperial physician cried out in shock, "You're still a little girl, yet you're ordering the imperial physicians of the imperial court to come?" "What a great score!"

"Is that so?" Yu Beiyuan smiled coldly, her eyes shooting towards the imperial physician like sharp arrows. "You guys have the ability. Why were you standing there discussing when he was about to suffocate?"

These words caused the imperial physician to choke and blow on his beard in anger.

Sixth Prince was quite calm. He stared at Yu Beiyuan's confident expression and said, "Listen to this medicine lady. Imperial physicians, I'll have to trouble you."

With him speaking, the group of doctors could only obediently follow his orders, no matter how unwilling they were.

In her previous life, Yu Beiyuan had been through hundreds of battles on the operating table, so it wasn't difficult for her this time around.

It was a pity that the imperial doctors, all of whom held high positions, were ordered around by a girl wearing a black mask and had to point at where to start.

In the end, Yu Beiyuan's skillful stitching skills had completely fooled them. Moreover, the acupuncture positions she instructed and the amount of medicine she used were even more refined and accurate than these imperial physicians who had lived for more than half their lives.

It was no wonder. In her previous life, Yu Beiyuan had learned more about the art of medicine after countless years of hard work and hard work. She was naturally more knowledgeable than them.

After about four hours, Yu Beiyuan was finally done. She threw the needle into the copper bowl with the alcohol and got off the bed to stretch her muscles.

Sixth Prince was the first to walk up, "Lady, the Prince, he …"

"Don't worry, so many imperial physicians are watching." Yu Beiyuan waved her hand and ordered, "Hot water."

Sixth Prince thought that Yu Beiyuan had not finished her treatment, so he rushed out of the room and personally took the water basin from the servant and passed it to her.

Yu Beiyuan's expression remained the same. She put her hands into the pot to clean it up, casually saying, "Thank you."

His eyes widened. Was the doctor asking for hot water so she could wash her hands?

Still letting him carry it!?

"You …" When the aged imperial physician saw this, he could only shake his head and sigh. "Miss, your medical skills are first class, but you're too arrogant!"

"What's wrong with me?"

"This is Sixth Prince. You asked him to wash your hands with a basin. How many heads do you have?"

Yu Beiyuan raised her head to look at Sixth Prince. She was familiar with this face.

"Your Highness Sixth Prince?"

"Hmm?" The word was squeezed out of Sixth Prince's teeth.

"It's been hard on you." Yu Beiyuan raised her chin and waved her two claws. "Give me a handkerchief and wipe my hands."

Everyone was astonished. This medicine girl was too daring!

However, Yu Beiyuan was not afraid. She was a meritorious general, so the mansion wouldn't dare to do anything to her.

Furthermore, Sixth Prince was clearly concerned about Huo Ming's injuries. She still hadn't forgotten the dirty act that Huo Ming had done to her last night!

Thinking of this, she lowered her eyes and looked at the ground. Both the head and the corpse had disappeared. It seemed that they had been cleaned up during the operation.

"Is that the prince on the bed?" Yu Beiyuan asked deliberately.

"That's right, His Majesty's blood brother today, King Dingnan, who's ranked ninth on the list." Sixth Prince threw a handkerchief over with a helpless expression. "I've already prepared ten thousand taels of gold, but you can't leave for now."

Yu Beiyuan shrugged her shoulders. She couldn't leave. The patient hadn't recovered yet. As the attending physician, she obviously couldn't leave.

It was equivalent to staying in the academy to observe, but she was the one who stayed in the academy.

And this prince …

Yu Beiyuan curled her lips. So what if he was handsome? He was still mean and stingy. If it wasn't for him having his life on the line, she would have saved him!

"Prepare a room, and order some food and wine. I need to relieve the pressure." Yu Beiyuan threw the handkerchief in her hand behind her head and walked out of the room without looking back.

Sixth Prince looked at the handkerchief in his hand blankly, then suddenly smiled.

This medicine woman was interesting.

"Zhang Quan."

The one who came in was the officer who tied up Yu Beiyuan. He knelt on one knee and asked with a serious face, "Sixth Prince?"

"Where did you find that girl?"

Zhang Quan said, "If we meet them on the street, shouldn't we go check out their background?"

"No need." Sixth Prince smiled sinisterly. If he had found out everything, what would be the point?

Zhang Quan clasped his hands and looked worriedly at the bed, "Then our lord's body …"

Sixth Prince patted Zhang Quan's shoulder and sighed: "Don't worry, your master has escaped from danger. It's all thanks to that girl you brought back, otherwise we would be in danger."

Zhang Quan was grinning foolishly. While he was outside, he heard the noises from inside getting quieter and quieter, so he guessed that it was good, but if he did not personally ask, he would not be at ease.

"Just as Ninth Uncle predicted, that person can no longer hold himself back." Sixth Prince's eyes paused for a moment, "It's just that I've dragged Ninth Uncle into this mess."

Zhang Quan stood up, and looked worriedly at Huo Ming who was lying on the bed: "This grandpa is serious, what bad idea did I have? I had to put myself at risk …"

"Alright, since Ninth Uncle's life has been saved, I will look for some clues. Next up, I will just wait to find some clues along the way." Sixth Prince narrowed his eyes as he said with hostility, "However, the person behind this knows Ninth Uncle like the back of his hand. You must investigate carefully and don't let any trace of him go!"

"Yes sir!"

When Yu Beiyuan walked out of her room, she noticed that the courtyard was as exquisite as a painting.

However, the more she looked at these things, the angrier she got.

She was clearly very rich, so why did she have to be placed in such a shabby place? Why couldn't even compare to the servants of the estate?

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