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Princess Too Frivolous/C5 Female Envoy
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C5 Female Envoy

It was simply unreasonable!

The servant led Yu Beiyuan through the long wooden corridor and stopped in front of an exquisite and elegant courtyard.

"Miss Godly Doctor, this is the Star Moon Pavilion. Before the Prince's body recovers, this is your courtyard." The maidservant smiled warmly, "Later, this servant will bring two maidservants over to serve you."

"Yes." Yu Beiyuan nodded. "Right, where's my ten thousand taels of gold?"

The maidservant smiled, "Miss Godly Doctor, ten thousand taels of gold is very heavy. They will arrive shortly."

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her nose. This was her little treasury for the future. She had no choice but to ask.

After pausing for a moment, Yu Beiyuan probed, "Look at the decorations of the lanterns in this mansion, could it be that a joyous occasion has been arranged?"

"Yes, Your Highness's grand wedding yesterday."

"Then why is he injured?"

The maid was obviously stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, "These … The servants are not allowed to ask. "

"Oh." She didn't want to say more, so Yu Beiyuan had no choice. "Then, why haven't I seen the wangfei yet?" Your highness is heavily injured, shouldn't she be attending to your illness? "

The maid led Yu Beiyuan into the room and slowly said: "I'm afraid we will have to rest for some time after the incident today. Esteemed Consort is a good girl so we won't make things difficult for you."

Yu Beiyuan sniggered. Since they were under house arrest, of course they couldn't make things difficult for anyone.

On the other hand, since the tone of the servants in the Prince's Mansion was so tight, it must have been ordered by Huo Ming.

It's just that Huo Ming was perfectly fine yesterday, why did he receive such a heavy injury today?

The pleural effusion must have been dealt a heavy blow.

Didn't they say that Huo Ming was very skilled? How could anyone hurt him?

Yu Beiyuan poured herself a cup of tea and thought to herself, "Next time, if there's anyone else who wants to assassinate him, it would be best to just take his life. It would save her the trouble of wasting energy to save others!"

"Lady Godly Doctor." It was the maid from before. "This is Ru Qing and this is Ruhong. From today onwards, the two of them have come to serve you."

Yu Beiyuan turned around and saw a familiar face standing outside the door.

It was noon. The maid who went to that dilapidated yard to put on a show of her might was standing outside with a few Attendant. It seemed like she was bringing over gold.

"What's her name?" Yu Beiyuan hadn't finished venting her anger. Now that someone had delivered it to her, she had no choice but to seize the opportunity.

"That's the first-rate female envoy from the Prince's Mansion, Ruyue. She usually oversees the scheduling of servants. The days that she's been here, she's mostly in charge of your food and clothing."

Yu Beiyuan chuckled. "It's her. Stay and take care of me."

"She? But she has other duties... "

"I saved your prince, but I can't even get a female envoy?" Yu Beiyuan frowned. "I just like Miss Ruyue's looks. Is that not okay?"

Ruyue rolled her eyes. She was usually very busy. If she served this medicine girl for a while now, she might be able to get close to the prince …

"Being favored by the Godly Doctor is Ruyue's good fortune. If Ruyue can serve you well, it would be considered doing her duty." Ruyue blessed her body and immediately went out to take over the errands. She then came running back, flustered and flustered.

Yu Beiyuan had clearly seen Ruyue's thoughts.

"Get me some hot water. I want to take a bath." After last night's events, she still felt quite disgusted with herself. It was impossible for her to not wash up properly.

"Yes, I will go now."

"Wait." Yu Beiyuan looked at Ruyue in amusement. "Aren't you a maid? Why don't you call yourself a servant?"

Ruyue was slightly startled. She looked at Yu Beiyuan in shock. After a short pause, she answered, "This servant has been careless. I hope that Miss doesn't take offense to it."

"No worries, I am a very easy-going person." Yu Beiyuan smiled. Not only was she easy to talk to, she believed that it wouldn't be too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years.

It was good to be like this now. If he changed his identity and assumed the title of a 'meritorious general', he would be able to make up for it with a little bit of arrogance and bliss in the palace.

Before long, Ruyue returned.

"Miss, the hot water is ready and the clothes are ready." Ruyue showed a fawning expression in front of Yu Beiyuan, "This servant will help you take a bath. Your mask is stained with some blood. Why don't you take it off and let this servant wash it?"

He started to have this idea again.

Yu Beiyuan sneered and said faintly, "You want to see my face?"

Ruyue's body stiffened. If a normal person were to face such a situation, they would have at most laughed it off. Why was this Godly Doctor so direct?

"Your servant doesn't dare …"

"I dare you to be so bold. Go out, you don't need to wait on me here." Yu Beiyuan stood up and walked over to the screen. She picked up her clothes and touched it. The texture was quite good. "Wait. When will the food and wine be served?"

Ruyue turned around and smiled apologetically. "When you are done bathing, someone will bring the bath."

Yu Beiyuan nodded slightly. She waited until everyone had left the room before she slowly took off her outer robe.

Ruyue closed the door behind her. Her eyes were ice-cold.

A mere medicine girl putting on airs in the palace? How laughable!

Unlike her, Yu Beiyuan was in a good mood. After coming out of the bath, she stared at herself in the bronze mirror for a while. Her expression didn't change much, but she was younger and more delicate.

Ruyue had just put on her mask when she pushed the door open and walked in.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes turned cold. If it wasn't for her quickly putting on the mask, her identity would have been exposed.

"What is it?"

"Your highness has woken up. Your miss needs to go and take a look."

Yu Beiyuan sneered. "So you won't even knock on the door?"

"Your Highness' body is too big for the heavens. Even if you are being disrespectful, this servant will barge in to bring you over." Ruyue imitated Yu Beiyuan's manner and chuckled. "Please, Miss."

"Come here, help me tie my belt." Yu Beiyuan gestured with the purple-colored cloth belt on her waist.

Ruyue felt disdain in her heart. Although this Godly Doctor had some ability, when it came to eloquence, he couldn't compare to her after so many years of immersing herself in the compound.

However, just as Ruyue approached, Yu Beiyuan suddenly turned around and pushed Ruyue to the side of the bath barrel. She then tied Ruyue's hands behind her back with her belt and threw her into the tub in one breath.


"Cough, cough, cough …" What are you doing!? " Ruyue's face was filled with disbelief.

An ancient woman was indeed light.

"Is my bath water good?" Yu Beiyuan clapped her hands. "Next time, I'll strip you down to your underbelly and throw you out onto the street if you get wet."

"How dare you! I am a servant of the Duke Palace! "

Yu Beiyuan narrowed her eyes. "You said it yourself. You're just a servant. It's best for you to behave yourself. Otherwise, no one will save you."

With that, Yu Beiyuan patted the bath barrel, turned around and walked away.

She didn't believe it. Compared to Huo Ming's injuries, could this servant girl, Ruyue, be any worse?

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