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C6 Complaint

Yu Beiyuan reprimanded Ruyue, who was in a great mood. The corner of her mouth unconsciously raised a little as she swaggered out of the Star Moon Pavilion.

After leaving the Star Moon Pavilion, without Ruyue's guidance, she was helpless against the complicated King Dingnan Manor. She quickly caught sight of a maid on the side of the road, who was the one who brought Ruhong and Ru Qing to meet.

Yu Beiyuan laughed so much that her eyebrows creased. The maid and Yu Beiyuan looked at each other. For some reason, she felt cold all over.

Yu Beiyuan smiled brightly at the maid and waved at her with ill intentions.

The maid hesitated and pointed at herself in surprise.

Yu Beiyuan smiled and nodded. After the maid approached, her voice became extremely gentle. "What's your name?"

The maid then spoke honestly, "This servant is Ruqing."

"Ruqing, can you …" "Take me to the prince's place?"

Ruqing smiled. "This is what I should do."

Yu Beiyuan was a little taken aback. She couldn't help but have a very good impression of Ruqing. Seeing Ruqing swaying her posture and leisurely walking behind him, Yu Beiyuan hurriedly followed.

When the two of them arrived at a grand courtyard, Ruqing bid them farewell. Yu Beiyuan smiled and said, "Thank you!"

Ruqing was slightly taken aback. When Yu Beiyuan saw Ruqing's body, she paused for a moment before asking with a puzzled expression, "Aren't you going to leave?"

Ruqing came back to her senses and left with a faint smile.

Yu Beiyuan said goodbye to Ruqing. Then, she realized that Huo Ming was waiting for her inside, but the sober Huo Ming was waiting for her. Yu Beiyuan couldn't help but smile when she thought about the face that had just ruined her innocence.

Huo Ming, you're the one who jumped into the trap yourself.

Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her eyebrows, put away her thoughts, and walked into Huo Ming's room with her head held high and her chest raised.

The huge chamber was set ablaze with the fragrance of sandalwood, and as soon as he entered the chamber, a strong sandalwood fragrance assaulted his nostrils. Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly as she looked at the wooden bed that Huo Ming was lying on.

The man on the wooden bed laid down quietly again. Sixth Prince took a sip of tea on the table beside the bed and looked at Yu Beiyuan with a smile.

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Sixth Prince and the guards behind him. She looked at Huo Ming coldly and frowned. "Didn't Ruyue say he woke up?"

Sixth Prince smiled, but he was in a good mood: "I did wake up just now."

When Yu Beiyuan heard this, she gritted her teeth and cursed that damned Sleeping King in her heart.

"Miss, please take a look at Ninth Uncle's injuries."

Yu Beiyuan then sighed deeply. The heart of a doctor's mother kept telling herself that this was professional ethics.

When Yu Beiyuan lifted Huo Ming's undergarment, her heart stopped beating. He had been in too much of a hurry to perform the surgery that he hadn't noticed that his body was covered in scars of all sizes.

Every scar was like an earthworm's, densely packed.

Yu Beiyuan swallowed her saliva. Sixth Prince's voice came from behind her, "What happened?"

Yu Beiyuan laughed dryly. "It's alright, the cloth strip used to bandage the wound needs to be changed. I'll change the cloth strip for the prince now."

Sixth Prince frowned as he stared at Yu Beiyuan's busy figure. He didn't know when she had finished bandaging him up, but she stood quietly to the side and looked at him.

Sixth Prince was a bit embarrassed. He cleared his throat and asked in a clear voice, "How is it?"

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her nose and said seriously, "Your injuries are fine. You'll only need to drink for a while according to the prescription I gave you."

"But Your Highness must be careful not to exercise too fiercely in the next few days, so as to supplement your body. Have a light diet and don't be too spicy. "

Sixth Prince nodded and waved his hand. "Tell me what you said."

The guard behind him bowed and cupped his hands. "Yes!"

Yu Beiyuan, on the other hand, was wondering if her desk made use of Huo Ming and was pulled out to chop it. Sixth Prince noticed that Yu Beiyuan seemed to have something on her mind and asked, "What's wrong?"

Yu Beiyuan shook her head, cursing herself for being so unreliable. She just said, "Nothing." Yu Beiyuan walked over to the desk and wrote down a prescription with her crooked calligraphy pen. When she finished writing, she couldn't help blushing.

She had never written much in her life, and it looked like primary school graffiti.

Yu Beiyuan walked in front of the guard behind Sixth Prince with a blushing face and handed the prescription over with her slender fingers.

The guard slightly bent over to receive the prescription. After scanning the prescription with his eyes, he was slightly startled. However, without batting an eyelid, he stuffed the prescription into his own waist.

Seeing that Yu Beiyuan's eyes were fixated on the prescription, Sixth Prince couldn't help but laugh. "Lady?"

Only then did Yu Beiyuan come back to her senses. Seeing that the guard was sensible and also remembered that the prescription was specially prepared by her for Huo Ming, she was in a good mood. Her mouth twitched as her eyes curved into a smile. "What's wrong?"

Sixth Prince smiled slightly: "Lady should be tired today. Why not enjoy dinner with this prince?"

Yu Beiyuan's eyes lit up. What's the difference in food for this prince? Yu Beiyuan feigned calmness and said indifferently, "Then my daughter will do as you say."

Sixth Prince laughed and led Yu Beiyuan out of the room that was filled with the pungent smell of sandalwood. Then he sent the guards behind him to get the medicine.

Yu Beiyuan was still wearing her long skirt and was not used to it yet, so her walking speed was quite difficult. In front of her, Sixth Prince was walking at an abnormally slow pace, as if he was waiting for Yu Beiyuan.

When the two of them were passing through the Star Moon Pavilion, they coincidentally met Ruyue who was completely drenched and in a sorry state. When Ruyue saw Yu Beiyuan, she glared fiercely at Yu Beiyuan. With a little blessing, a few words almost popped out of her mouth, "Greetings, Sixth Prince."

Yu Beiyuan secretly held back her laughter. Sixth Prince frowned, "What are you doing?"

When Ruyue heard that, her eyes instantly turned pitiful, as if she was a delicate girl.

"This servant just did what I should have done. Who knows …"

As he spoke, he looked at Yu Beiyuan with an innocent expression. Yu Beiyuan slightly raised her brows, feigning a relaxed manner. "Why are you looking at me?"

Ruyue continued, "Your servant did something wrong, so it should be punished by your highness and Sixth Prince."

The meaning in her words was that Yu Beiyuan wasn't qualified to punish her.

Yu Beiyuan narrowed her eyes and raised her eyebrows, "You are currently serving me. Even if I'm not a prince or a prince, I have saved your life. If I were to be looked down upon by a mere servant girl, wouldn't that be disgraceful? Your Highness, what do you think? "

Sixth Prince's eyes were full of smiles as the corner of his mouth slightly raised: "That makes sense."

When Ruyue saw this, she burst into tears again. "Your Highness, I don't, I don't."

Sixth Prince merely glanced at Ruyue and said, "Go to the butler board."

Ruyue's entire body went limp the moment she heard that and she fell to the ground. Her eyes were blank, but her hands were gripping a handful of dirt.

This episode quickly passed by. After Yu Beiyuan saw Sixth Prince's sumptuous dinner, she quickly tossed Ruyue to the back of her mind. In her eyes, there were only lines of delicious dishes.

Seeing this, Sixth Prince was even more curious about this strange woman. He touched the board on his finger and smiled. "I wonder where this young lady lives and how tall she is?"

Yu Beiyuan's hand that was eating paused for a moment. In an instant, she started picking at the fish bone as if nothing had happened, saying casually, "My daughter is at home, practicing medicine everywhere."

Sixth Prince's eyes were deep as he smiled: "According to Miss's medical knowledge, your master's medical skills should be coming back to life."

Yu Beiyuan said, "That old man is not in this world."

Sixth Prince was slightly surprised. He thought that Yu Beiyuan's master had passed away, so it was not good for him to continue questioning her.

However, since this medicine woman was so mysterious, he had become more and more interested in her.

At this moment, Yu Beiyuan looked at Sixth Prince with a serious expression again and said in all seriousness, "Sixth Prince, can you send Ruqing to serve me?"

Sixth Prince was surprised and naturally agreed.

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