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C7 Red like

After Yu Beiyuan and Sixth Prince left, Ruyue hated Yu Beiyuan to the core.

A cool breeze blew. Ruyue suddenly sneezed. Her wet clothes stuck to her body, making her feel uncomfortable all over.

Ruyue had originally planned to head back to her room earlier to take a hot bath, but she didn't expect that a servant girl would take advantage of the dusk to stroll in front of her.

The moment she saw Ruyue in a sorry state, the servant girl's face gradually became clear. It was Ruhong.

Ruhong leisurely walked forward and stood rooted to the spot.

When Ruyue saw this, not only did she feel humiliated, she also wanted to go to the housekeeper's board. And now, a mere servant girl had seen how ugly he looked. His heart was filled with rage.

Ruhong pretended that she didn't see him and quickly left. Unexpectedly, Ruyue widened her eyes and snapped, "Stop right there!"

Ruhong's body froze as Ruyue's stern voice sounded behind her, "Turn around!"

Ruhong trembled as she turned around. Ruyue wore long, wet, black hair at dusk, giving off the impression that she was seen by a devil.

Ruyue narrowed her eyes and walked slowly to Ruhong's side. Suddenly, Ruyue glared fiercely at Ruhong and raised her hand.

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

Ruhong's powerful hands mercilessly landed on Ruhong's clean white face. Her eyes were tightly shut, gradually turning red as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Ruyue was still fuming and was almost shouting at the top of her lungs, "Do you think I'm in a sorry state? Don't you know who you are! On what basis! Why! "

Ruhong gritted her teeth and endured it silently. Ruyue cursed, her eyes turning red. She used all her strength to raise her right hand again, and like a gust of wind, she viciously charged towards Ruhong's face.

Ruhong's eyes were tightly shut as her heart tightened. She waited for the slap to arrive as scheduled.

The slap did not come as expected. A cold female voice sounded in the quiet backyard: "I think you're tired of living!"

Ruhong slowly opened her eyes. She saw the doctor girl with her back facing her. Her right hand was tightly grasping Ruyue's right hand, which had stopped in mid-air.

After eating her fill, Yu Beiyuanben patted her belly and happily said goodbye to Sixth Prince. Just as she was about to leisurely walk back to the Star Moon Pavilion and enjoy the comfortable feeling from the gentle breeze, she found the unrepentant Ruyue bullying another weak and powerless servant girl.

Yu Beiyuan naturally helped out when she saw injustice, thinking that she would definitely teach Ruyue a good lesson this time around.

Ruyue was naturally frightened to death. Not only that, the medicine woman in front of him was also extremely powerful. Her wrists looked as if they were about to break, and she could see clearly that they had turned red.

Ruyue bolstered her courage and shouted with a lack of confidence, "What does it have to do with you that I beat her!?"

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows and sneered. She mercilessly flung Ruyue's right hand away. In almost an instant, a crisp slap sounded out in the empty backyard.

And then —

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.

A series of slaps followed, one after another.

Ruyue had actually been knocked to the ground in her last slap. She stood rooted to the spot in a daze, not daring to resist. Ruyue, who was already in a miserable state, now looked even more miserable.

Ruhong was so shocked that she couldn't even utter a word. Yu Beiyuan stared coldly at Ruyue's face, which was covered with red handprints, and said fiercely, "I'm telling you, if you dare to be arrogant again, I'll strip you and throw you into the Pacific Ocean!"

After she finished speaking, Yu Beiyuan passed through Ruhong and headed in the direction of Star Moon Pavilion. Seeing Ruhong frozen in place, unsure of what to do, Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows slightly. "Why aren't you following me?"

Stunned, Ruhong ran to catch up with Yu Beiyuan. In the cold and clear backyard, a gust of wind blew. Ruyue, who fell to the side, shivered. Yu Beiyuan, who was walking towards her, bit her lips as she walked away. Her eyes were wide as though they were about to pop out of their sockets.

"Just you wait!"

Yu Beiyuan returned to the small courtyard inside the Star Moon Pavilion, followed closely by Ruhong.

Yu Beiyuan's footsteps suddenly stopped. She crossed her arms and furrowed her brows as she looked at Ruhong behind her. She helplessly asked, "How long are you going to follow me for?"

Ruhong's face was filled with reverence as her eyes sparkled. "Miss."

Yu Beiyuan rubbed her forehead helplessly. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Ruhong flop and kneel on the ground. Yu Beiyuan was stunned. Ruhong's face turned red as she shouted, "Miss, Ruhong will definitely do anything for me. She will help me climb the mountain of blades and descend the sea of fire, risking my life for it!"

Yu Beiyuan was stunned. She didn't expect the seemingly weak and useless servant girl to have such explosive strength.

Silence reigned in the air. Ruhong could almost hear her own heartbeat.

After a long while, when Ruhong thought that Yu Beiyuan would refuse her heartfelt love, a melodious female laughter rang out from above her head.

Unconsciously, Yu Beiyuan let out a laugh. Ruhong slowly raised her head, but her eyes were filled with anticipation, making it impossible for Yu Beiyuan to refuse.

Yu Beiyuan bent down slightly and helped Ruhong up. She said with a chuckle, "Alright. I'll be waiting for you to climb the mountain of blades and descend the sea of flames."

Ruhong's eyes were filled with excitement as she said in a happy tone, "Ruhong will definitely not let you down!"

Yu Beiyuan smiled and narrowed her eyes. Her slender, bony hands gently caressed Ruhong's head.

Late into the night, Yu Beiyuan recalled everything that had happened today and felt as surreal as a dream.

She turned it over and over again and finally came to a conclusion — she, the new generation female Yu Beiyuan, could not sleep!

Yu Beiyuan, who had never been out of sleep before, was a little agitated as she walked over to the tea table and gulped down a few cups of tea.

Just as Yu Beiyuan was trying her best to calm her agitated heart, a beautiful flute melody slowly drifted into her ears. Her restless heart immediately regained its calmness.

Unknowingly, she left with the sound of the flute.

Yu Beiyuan was wearing a simple and elegant white robe. The flute music stopped when a gust of wind blew by. She gradually regained her senses as another strong gust of wind blew past. She couldn't help but shiver.

Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly as she tugged on her outer robe and wrinkled her nose. His eyes stopped at a patch of black grass, where the leaves were shaking.

Yu Beiyuan seemed to have just heard a faint laughter coming from there.

She approached the grass cautiously, one step at a time, and when she finally reached her destination, she pushed the grass aside so hard that her heart stopped.

He saw a masked man hiding in the grass!

Yu Beiyuan reacted quickly and quickly took off the masked man's black veil.

The breeze blew the veil down, and the masked man's bright eyes blinked as he looked at Yu Beiyuan.

As for Yu Beiyuan, she sucked in a breath of cold air. The masked man's appearance was truly amazing.

His eyes were like stars under his sword-like brows, reflecting Yu Beiyuan's face. The breathing under his firm nose had almost stopped. With his mouth wide open, he looked at Yu Beiyuan in a daze.

At that moment, Yu Beiyuan's sharp eyes noticed the man pulling his hands into his arms. The corner of her mouth slowly curled up. In the next moment, Yu Beiyuan lifted her right foot and kicked the man in the face.

The man was shocked and quickly took a step back. The thing in his arms fell to the ground in a mess, making a series of sounds.

The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward as the man slowly looked at Yu Beiyuan.

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows slightly with a questioning look on her face. He could only smile apologetically, "About that …"

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