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Princess Too Frivolous/C8 Mysterious Man Su Yi
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C8 Mysterious Man Su Yi

Just as the man was at a loss as to how to deal with this situation, Yu Beiyuan looked at him with a smile on her face and cut straight to the point, "Divide the loot, you and I will split it." Otherwise, I'll call for someone. "

The man reacted instinctively and quickly made a decision, "Deal!"

With that, the man instantly regretted it a little. However, he couldn't give up the stolen goods, so he put on a face: "I'm Su Yi, may I know lady's name?"

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Su Yi and squatted down. Then, she hid half of the stolen goods into her bosom at a leisurely pace.

When Su Yi saw this, he hurriedly hid the stolen half into his pocket. Yu Beiyuan had a smile on her face as she turned around to leave this place. However, there were sounds coming from far away and the lights suddenly lit up. She watched as the guards got closer and closer.

When Su Yi saw Yu Beiyuan turn around, he immediately glared viciously at her. Seeing this scene, he immediately put away his expression, threw down his words, and left with a Lightness Skill.

"Tell them I ran east."

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows, and after confirming that the stolen goods were already hidden, she began to leisurely search for her way back to the Star Moon Pavilion.

Sure enough, after a while, the guards came looking for them with lanterns. Yu Beiyuan rolled her eyes and feigned weakness as she collapsed on the cold floor.

"Aiyo ~"

When the guards heard the noise, they immediately surrounded him. The leader of the guards frowned and asked sternly, "What are you doing in the backyard in the middle of the night?"

Yu Beiyuan looked innocent and pitifully said, "I came out from my insomnia. Who knew that not only did I get lost, I even met a thief?"

"Did you see the thief go that way?"

Yu Beiyuan quickly pointed to the east, and the guards stormed off to the east. Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan quickly got up and patted off the dust on her body. With a face full of disdain, she said, "These straight steel men, don't they know to send me back to Star Moon Pavilion before they look for someone?"

In the end, Yu Beiyuan walked around for two hours while wearing her thin clothes before finally finding the Star Moon Pavilion.

The next day, Yu Beiyuan did not sleep at all. She wore a big black eye ring to wash up and put on her mask. Then, she walked leisurely towards Huo Ming's residence with her medicine case.

Maybe it was because Yu Beiyuan came too early and Sixth Prince was still in the future. It was that familiar sandalwood fragrance again. Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly as she thought to herself that she must ask Sixth Prince to remove all of this.

Yu Beiyuan walked over to Huo Ming's bed with light steps. She carefully observed Huo Ming's face and muttered to herself, "What a pity."

Indeed, although the scar on his eyebrow bone was particularly eye-catching, but even so, Huo Ming still looked very pleasing to the eyes.

If it was said that Su Yi was elegant and elegant, then Huo Ming was heroic and heroic.

Yu Beiyuan sighed slightly. At this moment, Huo Ming frowned and mumbled something in a daze. Yu Beiyuan slowly approached.

He saw that Huo Ming was different from the cold and emotionless Huo Ming back then. At this time, he did not have any precautions as his soft voice struck Yu Beiyuan's heartstrings, "Mufei … Mufei … "Don't leave me behind …"

Yu Beiyuan's body stiffened. After a long while, she covered Huo Ming with the quilt silently.

She was a little surprised. King Dingnan, who looked cold and ruthless, had a soft side to him.

Looking at Huo Ming's expression, it was very likely that he had a high fever. Yu Beiyuan stretched out her cold and slender hand and gently caressed Huo Ming's forehead. Yu Beiyuan frowned. Huo Ming's forehead was so hot that it made Yu Beiyuan's heart tighten.

Yu Beiyuan sighed lightly. She took out the acupuncture bag from the medicine box and opened it. Yu Beiyuan hesitated as she saw the row of silver needles, but she eventually took off Huo Ming's clothes.

One by one, the silver needles and slender fingers pierced Huo Ming's skin skillfully.

After the acupuncture, he got another basin of warm water and started to wipe Huo Ming's body.

As she wiped the blood off her face, she muttered to herself, "When this beast wakes up, I will make him pay double!"

Day after day. Unknowingly, it had already been the third day.

It was a sunny morning, and at some point, a ray of light had already landed on Yu Beiyuan's face. A drop of sparkling and translucent sweat flowed down her face and onto Huo Ming's fingertip.

Yu Beiyuan's eyes glanced at Huo Ming's finger. Under her expectation, his finger finally moved slightly. Yu Beiyuan was overjoyed as the corners of her mouth slightly curled upwards.

At the side, Sixth Prince frowned as he saw that Yu Beiyuan had finished her acupuncture.

"Lady, how is Ninth Uncle?"

Yu Beiyuan smiled slightly. "Rest assured Your Highness, His Highness' wound is only slightly infected. I have already treated Your Highness with needles to reduce the fever. As long as you diligently change your clothes and cloth, Your Highness will wake up soon."

When Sixth Prince heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he started to instruct the servants to change the strips of cloth and apply the medicine.

When Yu Beiyuan saw this, she tactfully left with Ruhong and Ruqing.

To be honest, Yu Beiyuan was the princess of King Dingnan's residence, but she still didn't know much about King Dingnan's residence. Thus, Yu Beiyuan pulled Ruhong around everywhere, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Actually, it was because she didn't want to think about that night where she was lost for an entire two hours.

The two strolled to the back garden. At this moment, the familiar melody of the flute was melodious, just like the flute song from that night.

The sound of the flute was filled with sorrow and despair, and waves of melodies flowed into Yu Beiyuan's ears. She furrowed her brows. Just what had happened for her to be able to play such a sorrowful flute?

At this time, Ruqing saw that Yu Beiyuan was deeply engrossed with the sound of the flute, and couldn't help but sigh. "Speaking of which, Miss Hongxiu is quite pitiful. She was originally the Courtesan Belle of the Fragrant Sky Tower, but a few days after she was sent to the backyard, she was sentenced to confinement. She said that she had angered the prince."

Yu Beiyuan was furious. "You scum, why let him go when you don't like him? Why do you have to ruin his entire life?"

Suddenly, a familiar deep voice came from behind Yu Beiyuan. "Nonsense!"

Yu Beiyuan turned around and looked at the dark faced Sixth Prince. Sixth Prince urgently helped Huo Ming correct his name and said with a serious face, "Ninth Uncle has his own difficulties!"

Yu Beiyuan, on the other hand, smiled and raised her brows slightly. "Regardless of the reason, what could be more important than a lady's youth?"

Sixth Prince quickly retorted, "Hongxiu is just a flirtatious woman. It is already a huge gift for Wu Tie to bring her into the backyard."

Glimmers danced in Yu Beiyuan's eyes as a trace of iciness flashed past the depths of her eyes. She sneered from the bottom of her heart. It seemed like Sixth Prince and Huo Ming were in the same boat.

Yu Beiyuan glanced at Sixth Prince indifferently, with a sour tone she said, "That's right, for all the women in the world to be able to climb such a big tree as the prince and his highness, they must have been building their own blessings for several lifetimes."

Sixth Prince's face turned slightly red, he knew he said the wrong thing. No... "No, that's not what I meant …"

When Yu Beiyuan saw this, she slightly sighed. In the end, it was ancient feudal thoughts that influenced them. She could tell that Sixth Prince was not a bad person.

Yu Beiyuan could only burst out laughing to avoid being embarrassed. "Since Sixth Prince is so kind, he will definitely be a good husband and father in the future."

Sixth Prince was stunned. His face turned red and it even reached his ears, but the corner of his mouth unconsciously lifted up slightly.

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