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C9 Red Sleeve

After being teased by Yu Beiyuan, Sixth Prince was called away by his personal guard. Yu Beiyuan, of course, led Ruqing and Ruhong in leisurely strolling between the flowers and plants, enjoying the sight.

Yu Beiyuan was tired and tired. Ruqing smiled. "Miss, there's a shady area in front of the pond where you can rest. Why don't we go there to rest?"

Yu Beiyuan's eyes flickered as she happily moved forward.

However, before he could get close to the pond, he heard a woman's sharp voice coming from afar.

"You are only a prostitute. How are you qualified to be on equal footing with me?"

Yu Beiyuan frowned slightly, while Ruhong, who was at the side, was indignant. "It's Mo Huan'er who's bullying Miss Hongxiu again."

When Yu Beiyuan heard this, she slightly raised her brows and leisurely walked towards the edge of the pool with the corner of her mouth raised.

The two girls were in a stalemate. The woman in pink glanced at Yu Beiyuan and rolled her eyes. The woman in red was thin and slender. She looked at Yu Beiyuan with a leisurely expression and couldn't help but feel worried.

Yu Beiyuan saw the figure behind the woman in the pink dress shrink back and slightly raise her eyebrows.

Ruyue was truly everywhere.

Before the concubine named Mo Huan'er could say anything, Yu Beiyuan had already run her fingers through her hair. With a smirk, she said, "My daughter is the medicine girl that treats the prince. May I know who this is?"

Yu Beiyuan dragged her last words with a smile in her eyes.

Yu Beiyuan was not the type to stir up trouble, it was just that Hongxiu's flute melody had caught her attention and pulled the strings. Yu Beiyuan couldn't help but feel pity for such a gentle girl.

Mo Huan'er saw that Yu Beiyuan was the rumored medicine girl that saved Huo Ming's life. Naturally, she said in a good mood, "I'm the prince's concubine. My name is Mo Huan'er."

Yu Beiyuan feigned surprise. "Just a concubine?"

Mo Huan'er's face stiffened. The servants behind her immediately broke into an uproar as they whispered to each other. Yu Beiyuan shot a glance at Hongxiu, who was standing at the side, and said with her head held high, "My daughter saw that young lady was training the prince's concubine. She thought young lady was Esteemed Princess Consort, who just married into King Dingnan Manor."

Hongxiu was stunned as she looked up. If she didn't know that this woman was here to help her, then she would really be a fool.

Mo Huan'er's face turned livid with anger. She did not care about whether Yu Beiyuan had saved Huo Ming's life before as she yelled harshly, "Impudent!"

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyebrows, a smile hung on her lips, and her eyes narrowed. Mo Huan'er was furious. Ruyue stood beside her with a weird look on her face. "My lady, although my master is not an imperial concubine, he is still a master. Even if Esteemed Princess Consort came, she would still have to be kind."

Yu Beiyuan rolled her eyes. The real princess was right here, how could she smile at a mere concubine?

Thus, Yu Beiyuan gently swept her gaze over Ruyue's butt, and a trace of ridicule flashed across her eyes. "Miss Ruyue, yesterday Sixth Prince punished you by leading the board. It looks like you haven't gone yet, right?"

Ruyue's expression stiffened. When Mo Huan'er saw this, she became even angrier. Yesterday, Ruyue told me that there was an ungrateful woman who sowed discord and let Sixth Prince punish her, but I didn't believe it. Today, I have truly broadened my horizons. If I don't teach you a lesson, I will! "

Seeing Mo Huan'er roll up her sleeves in a threatening manner, Hongxiu quickly took Mo Huan'er's hand and forced a smile. "Elder sister, this girl just said a few words. She is the great benefactor who saved the Prince. Please let her go."

However, Yu Beiyuan slowly withdrew her hand. She glanced at Mo Huan'er and said, "Lady Hongxiu, please be at ease. Today, Japanese ladies will eliminate all harm for the sake of the common people!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Huan'er became even more furious. She pounced on Yu Beiyuan like a wolf, as if she wanted to tear her to shreds.

Yu Beiyuan raised her eyes slightly as she swiftly tilted her body, and in an instant —

"Plop ~ ~ ~"

Yu Beiyuan stood there unharmed, patting her dress. However, Mo Huan'er was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was shocked as they gathered around the pond. Mo Huan'er had fallen into the water miserably.

As she shouted for help, she kept on yelling, "You give me …" Wait... "As you go …"

Yu Beiyuan looked at Mo Huan'er with a calm expression and said indifferently, "You should drink more water and wash away your dark heart."

Hongxiu froze on the spot. When she regained her senses, she hurriedly pulled Yu Beiyuan away from the area where the incident had occurred.

The group of people jogged away from the pond. Ruhong held her stomach and laughed heartily. "Lady, you're too handsome!"

However, Ruqing was worried. "Miss, aren't you being too impulsive?"

Hongxiu blamed herself, "Sorry, sorry. It's all because of me …"

However, Yu Beiyuan indifferently tidied up her hair and the messy dress.

"You don't have to worry. I am the prince's savior. No matter what, the prince won't take my life because of her."

Hongxiu was stunned. "Even so …"

However, Yu Beiyuan glanced at Hongxiu with a helpless expression. "You're on equal footing with her. Why should you be afraid of her?"

Hongxiu forced a smile as a trace of sadness flashed across her eyes. Yu Beiyuan sighed deeply. Just as she was about to lead Ruhong and Ruqing away, Hongxiu's gentle voice rang out from behind her, "Miss, have you eaten lunch yet?"

Yu Beiyuan's body froze as a light flashed in her eyes. She couldn't miss the chance to eat something.

Thus, Hongxiu brought Yu Beiyuan and the others to her courtyard and opened a small stove. She smiled weakly and said, "Today, I will be cooking and make some side dishes."

Yu Beiyuan was naturally happy. Although the food sent by the Wang Mansion was not bad, she was extremely inattentive. She even forgot to put salt in the kitchen auntie last time.

Hongxiu told Yu Beiyuan and the rest to sit peacefully in her room. She then led the servants to the kitchen.

Yu Beiyuan waited quietly for a long time, bored to death. Ruqing was just standing guard outside the door, so she had no choice but to wander around in boredom.

Hongxiu's room was not gorgeous. There was a faint fragrance in the air. It was a traditional room with an antique feel. There were no unnecessary decorations.

Yu Beiyuan lamented, Hongxiu's room was like heaven and earth compared to Huo Ming's room.

After a while, just as Yu Beiyuan was lamenting about the feudal system of ancient times, a sound came from outside the door. Yu Beiyuan knew that it was her lunch.

Hongxiu walked in leisurely with a few servant girls carrying a few dishes. The door creaked open and Yu Beiyuan was already smiling at Hongxiu.

Hongxiu stared blankly for a moment before hurriedly placing the dishes in her hands on the tea table. She waved at Ruhong and Ruqing who were standing outside the door, "You two should come and have a taste as well."

Ruqing was surprised for a moment. She looked at Yu Beiyuan, and at this moment, Yu Beiyuan was already beginning to taste the dishes for herself. Seeing this, Yu Beiyuan waved her hand. "Come quickly, come quickly."

Ruhong grinned and flew back to her seat, enjoying her lunch with Yu Beiyuan.

As Yu Beiyuan ate, she said with an intoxicated expression, "Miss Hongxiu, your cooking skills are really too good. It is definitely even more delicious than the work of a 5-star hotel chef."

Hongxiu smiled embarrassedly, but she hesitated. "Five stars …" "Hotel?"

Yu Beiyuanrong pretended not to hear him as Ruqing walked over helplessly from the side. "I'm sorry, Miss Hongxiu."

Hongxiu smiled slightly and said, "How can that be? I'm troubling you. I hope you'll enjoy your meal."

Yu Beiyuan's eyes flickered. For the sake of her culinary skills, she was definitely going to be friends with Hongxiu!

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