Prisoner To My Mate/C2 CHAPTER TWO
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Prisoner To My Mate/C2 CHAPTER TWO
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I wake up to the most excruciating pain all over my body. The first things my eyes see are white cells. A strong smell of disinfectant passes through my nose. I look around me and I think I am in a hospital. It would explain the horrible smell and why I am wearing a hospital gown. I can’t believe I survived. I really thought I died out there that night. I wonder how I arrived to the hospital. I hear voices just outside my door but it’s none I recognize even the hospital does not look like our pack hospital. Where in God’s name am I? The muttering stop and two people walk in. One is a doctor and the other is my mate. I was not able to get a good look at him that night because of everything that was happening. Now that I can, oh my, is he handsome. His has piecing blue eyes that are the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. His nose is straight and his lips are just the right size looking all red and ready for me to kiss them. His jaw is straight and sharp making him look no different than a Greek god. He has raven black hair and it looks like his hands have pass through them a lot of today.

“Hello dear, how are you feeling?” The doctor says

“I am…..” I try to speak but find my throat a little sore

“Have some water, you have been asleep for a while so your throat must be a bit sore” She says, handing me a glass of water.

“Thank you” I say once am done drowning the cup of water

“Can you tell me your name?”

“Anastasia Smith” I say a little lower than I was going for but I think my body is still exhausted from the danger it faced.

“Alright, which pack are you from?”

“Dark moon pack. Why are you asking me these questions? Where am I?” I say, getting confused with what is going on

“Honey, you are in the Alpha’s King territory. We need to inform your Alpha about your whereabouts”

Once she finishes talking I feel like my eyes are about to fall out of their sockets, how in God’s name did I get here?

“What did you just say? Who brought me here?”

“I brought you here” My mate says, finally speaking since he entered inside. He barely even looked at me. He has just been staring straight ahead the whole time the doctor has been speaking to me.

“Why, my mom must be worried sick about me. I need to go back to my pack” My mom, Matt and Chloe must be worried sick about me. Why did I mention Matt he cheated on me? He would be happy I am gone. I feel myself about to cry but stop once someone speaks.

“You are not going anywhere,”


“Because you are badly injured and you need all the rest you can get” The doctor says

“At least let me call my mom and let her know I am fine”

“I will inform your pack Alpha, he will inform your mother” My mate says

“Thank you”

“Since I have gotten the information I need, I will leave” He says, and walks out of the room. I did not even get to know his name and the way he talks to me is so cold. I wonder why.

“You rest now and if you need anything don’t hesitant to press that button” She says, pointing at the button close to the bed

“Thank you”

“You are welcome and good bye for now” She says and walks out.


After that day, I did not see my mate again. I think it’s been two weeks since I have been here. I have only seen the doctor from earlier and a few nurses that took care of me. I was badly injured so it’s taking time for my wolf to heal my wounds. I am leaving the hospital today and I can’t wait to finally see some colour around me and get rid of these hospitals white walls. I just finished changing into a pair of jeans and white t-shirt the nurse brought for me to change into. I walk out of the room to find a man already waiting for me. He looks handsome but not as handsome as my mate. He has the aura of authority but I don’t think he is an Alpha.

“Hello, my name is Dante, but you can call me Dan. I am his Majestic’s Beta” He says with a soft smile

“Hi, I am Anastasia but you can call me Ana” I say, smiling back

I know I am in the Alpha king’s territory but why did he send his Beta to take me home. Maybe he has good relationship with my packs Alpha and wants to make sure I get home safe.

“Do you have everything you need to go?”

“I actually came with nothing”

“Yeah, that’s true. Alright then let me take you home” He says and starts walking towards the door. I follow behind him. I am so happy I am going home. I can’t wait to see mom and Chloe. I missed them these past two weeks.

We walk for a few minutes and stop at a large mansion. The whole walk here I had people staring at me and I wonder why. I know I was badly injured but I don’t think my scars look that bad and beside they will heal with time. The Alpha king’s territory is beautiful, there are beautiful flowers everywhere and the houses are far bigger and beautiful compare to the ones back home. I thought he was taking me home. Why did he bring me to someone’s house?

“Excuse me, what are we doing here” I say to him as he about to open the front door of the mansion.

“I brought you home, like I said” He says, looking at me like I have two heads

“This is not my home; I thought you were going to drive me back to my pack” I say, looking at him now like he is the one with two heads

“Why would I do that?”

“So I could go home”

“This is your new home”

“I don’t want a new home, I want to go back to my old home” Why are they trying to keep me here. I know my mate is here but I think it’s left for me to decide if I want to stay or not.

“I don’t think you have a choice”

“Why would you say that?”

“I think you know that the moment you found out you were mated to the Alpha king”

“Excuse me, mated to who now?” I say, in shock not able to believe the words out of his mouth

“You are the Alpha king’s mate”

“That is not possible”

I know that night I was attacked I guessed he was an Alpha but not the Alpha king. How can my mate be the Alpha king? He is most feared and ruthless person I know in the world. How can he be my mate? Is this come can of sick joke because I wanted to reject my mate when I meet him. I can’t be mated to the Alpha king.

“I think you know it is possible but you just don’t want to accept it”

“Of course I don’t want to accept it. He is the Alpha king for God sake. Don’t you know who he is?” I ask then remember he is his beta “What am I saying, of course you know who he is. You are his Beta”

“I know you have heard stories about how ruthless our Alpha king is, but I want you to know he would never hurt you.”

“I have heard stories of him hurting women”

The stories we have heard about his cruelness are very terrifying.

“All lies, our Alpha king might be cruel, but would never lay a finger on a woman”

“You are sure”

“I can guarantee you that”

“Alright,” I say, feeling some of my anxiety of what he might do to me reduce a little

“Now, come let’s get you inside so that you can rest. I don’t want the Alpha to have my head if you catch a cold”

“You are joking right?” I ask worried

“Of course I am” He says, smiling


Dan left a few hours ago after showing me around the house. The house is beautiful like everything on this territory, It a lovely two story building. It’s a little late at night and I am waiting for my mate to come back. You won’t believe it but I actually don’t even know my mate’s name. I went to a human school so there was no special history werewolf class growing up and beside he looks a few years older than me. I doubt they would have spoken about him in history class if we had one.

I am sitting down in the living room waiting for him and after what feels like an eternity when he finally comes back. I don’t see him at first but I smell his scent and it is lovely. I walk over to the front door to meet him.

“Hello” I say smiling once I see him

“What are you doing awake?” He says in a cold voice.

“I was waiting for you” my smile changes and I find myself confused

“Why would you wait for me? Do you need anything?”

“No, I don’t need anything. I just felt it would be nice to wait for my mate before I go to bed”

“Your mate” He says with a dark chuckle

“Yes, you are my mate”

“Yes I am but it does not mean I see you as my mate”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me tell you something, just because I am your mate does not mean anything. I don’t believe in mates, never will, never have.” He says while taking steps closer to me as he says every word into my face. His beautiful blue eyes are dark and filled with anger. I don’t understand why he is talking to me like this? Does he want to reject me; please he should not reject me. I know I planned to reject him but after meeting him, I can’t imagine my life without him already.

“Are you rejecting me?” I say, feeling my eyes pool with tears

“No, I’m not but you would wish I rejected you”

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