Prisoner To My Mate/C7 CHAPTER SEVEN
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Prisoner To My Mate/C7 CHAPTER SEVEN
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I’m on my way to give Theo his birthday present and I’m nervous. I’m worried he might not like it or, worse, not accept it. I knock on his office door and enter once he says come in. I can’t believe he’s working even on his birthday.

“What do you want?” he asks, not lifting his eyes away from the papers in front of him.

“Happy birthday,” I say, placing the wristwatch in front of him. I got him a Chronograph black leather wristwatch. I hope he likes it.

“Is that all?” he asks, stunning me. No, ‘thank you,’ nothing. Just ‘is that all?’ Really? You have got to be kidding me, Theo .

“Yes, that’s why I came.”

“If that’s all, you can leave,” he says, with his eyes still glued to the paper in front of him.

“Alright,” I say and walk out of his office.

I was expecting him not to accept my gift. But to say, ‘is that all’ wasn’t something I could’ve guessed. He leaves me dumbfounded every time.


Later that night, when I’m done with my makeup, hair, and dressing up, I wait in the living room so we can go to his birthday dinner together. I’m not sure if we’re going together, but I decided to wait just in case, and I can go by myself if he doesn’t come.

I should’ve known better. Theo doesn’t see me as his mate, and yet I waited thirty minutes for him to pick me up for his birthday party.

I’m about to walk into the ballroom when someone pulls me into a dark corner. I almost scream, but my mate’s scent settles me.

“Why are you just coming now?” Theo whisper-yells at me. Why are we talking in such a dark corner?

“I was waiting for you.”

“Lower your voice. I don’t want anyone to hear us. Why would you wait for me?” he asks. I can’t see his face correctly, but I can imagine him arcing his brows at me. I wonder why he doesn’t want anyone to hear us. It’s not like we’re talking about anything secretive.

“We’re mates. I assumed we’d go together but came alone when I realized you’d already left.”

“You should know better than anyone that I’d never come to my birthday dinner with you,” he snarled.

“And why is that?” I ask.

“You’ve forgotten. Even though you’re my mate, I’ll never accept you as one. That’s what I want to talk to you about. You’re to make sure no one finds out that you’re my mate.”

He must be referring to the Alphas from around the country who came especially for his birthday dinner because the pack already knows I’m his mate.


“Because I said so. And I mean it. Not a single soul,” he warns.

“Okay,” I say, feeling sad that he wants to hide my existence. This must be why he’s talking to me in a dark corner and doesn’t want anyone to hear us talking.

He’s ashamed of me.

I know he doesn’t accept me as his mate. But how can he be ashamed of me? I never expected this.

“Good, now wait by the entrance. Liam will come and get you and he’ll walk you inside. Everyone knows he’s a playboy, so if you’re with him, no one will suspect you’re my mate.”

“Okay,” I say. My heart sinks as I think of how much trouble he’s going through to make sure no one knows who I am to him.

“Walk out a few minutes after I do,” he says, then walks away from me.

I don’t want to go to the party now. But, since I’m here, I may as well enjoy the excellent food and wine. I shake my head to push the aside tears that are threatening to fall, and walk out of the dark corridor.

Liam arrives at my side quickly.

“Would my Luna Queen do me the honor of walking inside with me?” Liam asks with a soft smile on his face. He puts out his arm for me to wrap mine around. I want to correct him and tell him not to call me Luna Queen. But I let it go. I’ve told him before not to call me that, but he insists.

“Hi, Liam,” I return the smile and link my arms with his.

“How are you doing today, Luna?” he asks, pulling me with him to the ballroom. As we walk inside, I start feeling nervous and I don’t know why.

“I’m doing fine,” I say, a little rushed. I don’t want my voice to sound shaky in front of Liam. I’m worried about what people will say when they see me. I know I’m very young to be the King’s mate, so I won’t be surprised if some of the pack doesn’t think I’m fit to be Queen.

“Don’t worry. Not everyone knows you’re his mate, so a lot of people won’t be looking at you,” Liam says and uses his other hand to pat my arm, giving me an assuring smile.

“Is it so obvious I’m nervous about what people will say?”

“We’re werewolves. It’s hard not to smell the fear on you.”

“You’re right. Thank you for trying to cheer me up,” I say, sincerely.

“Anything to help my Luna feel better. Would you like to dance?”

“Yes, I would love to.”

We walk to the dance floor, and Liam releases my arm, wrapping his hand around my back, making sure his hand is far away from my ass. I’m sure if I wasn’t mated to his brother, his hand would be going much lower. I place my hand on his shoulder, intertwine my other hand with his, and start moving in tempo to the classical music.

“So why are you late, Luna?”

“I was waiting for your brother.”

“Oh,” he says, drawing out the sound. I must look foolish having waited for my mate who wants nothing to do with me.

“Yeah. I know it’s foolish of me to think we’d go together, given the state of our relationship.”

“No, it wasn’t. I understand why you did it.”

“You do?” I ask, surprised.

“Yes, I do. It wasn’t foolish. Did I tell you, you look beautiful tonight? Because you do?”

“Thank you,” I say, blushing at his compliment.

“You’re always welcome. My brother is a fool that he doesn’t see that.”

“How do you know he hasn’t complimented me on how I look today?”

“I’m his brother; I know him better than anyone else.”

“Yeah, that’s probably true.”

The music suddenly stops, and an Omega announces dinner is ready. I thought I was too late for the meal, but apparently I’m not. I’m walking toward a table with Liam when someone roughly grabs my hands.

“Come with me,” Theo says, pulling me with him. He looks angry, and I wonder what I did wrong.

We arrive at his table; he sits down and gestures for me to sit by his right. I thought he didn’t want anyone to know I’m his mate? Why is he making me sit beside him? I take my seat, and once I’m seated, he pulls me closer to him, and he whispers into my ear.

“After dinner, don’t dance with my brother again,” he says through gritted teeth.

Is he angry I danced with his brother? Why would he be mad about that? It’s not like I did anything wrong, or is he jealous? But why would he be? He’s the one who asked me to act like we’re not mates, and he’s the one who asked his brother to walk me in.

“Okay,” I say and start eating the food placed in front of me.

My appetite quickly sours when I see what’s happening in front of me. A beautiful lady with blonde hair, who I’m guessing is an Alpha because of her aura, can’t keep her hands to herself.

“So, my King, how are things going in court?” she asks, placing her hand on his free arm. I expect him to remove her hand since he has a mate, but he doesn’t.

“Everything is going well, Scarlett, and how is your pack?” he asks, with his full attention on her.

“Everyone is fine. You should come sometime and see for yourself how I handle my pack,” she says, smiling seductively at him.

“Hopefully, one day,” he says, returning the smile.

He’s openly flirting with her while I’m sitting here. I can’t believe he’d do this to me. It gets worse when I listen in on a few people sitting at our table. We’re about ten to our table, and most of them are Alphas with their mates. The women whisper to each other, but they should know better. It’s impossible for someone not to hear whispered conversations because of our advanced hearing.

“Oh, my. They look so cute together. I can’t wait for when the King agrees to take her as his Queen. They make such a good couple,” A lady about two seats away from me whispers to her friend.

“I know, right? They make such a lovely couple. They deserve each other after they both lost their mates,” the woman beside the one who spoke first says.

What does she mean by lost their mates? Did Theo tell everyone I’m dead? Or did he have a mate before me? Regardless of which it is, I can’t help feeling a lot of emotions right now. I’m angry because my mate is flirting with Scarlett, looking like the perfect couple. I’m sad no one knows he has a mate and wants him to be with Scarlett. I’m sure everyone thinks they’re a perfect match because she’s an Alpha. Even if people knew I was his mate, they might not have accepted me since I’m still very young and inexperienced compared to Scarlett.

I feel like the whole world is against me right now.

“Yeah, they both deserve to be happy,” the first woman speaks as she looks at my mate, who is laughing at something Scarlett said. I’ve never seen him laugh before, and here he is smiling and laughing because of another woman.

I come back from my thoughts when an Omega speaks to me.

“Would you like more wine, Luna?” she asks. I look at my mate and Scarlett, and I can’t help the plunge I feel in my heart. I realize there’s only one way I’ll survive this horrible night.

“Make sure my glass is never empty tonight,” I say. I’m going to get drunk, and try to forget what a horrible mate I have.

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