In the dimly lit hall, the dance stage was currently in a heated dance, and the cheers from below were exploding in her ears, causing her to be filled with endless reverie.

Swallowing her saliva, she withdrew her dumbfounded gaze and brought the wine to the designated room.

This KTV was famous in Z City for being expensive. Most of the people who could come here were rich. The women who were dancing hot and spicy on stage were also the famous ladies who often appeared in the newspapers on television. Here, they had their first desires.

Although Chen Xi had been here for almost a week, she was still not used to the atmosphere here. However, the salary here was two times higher than in many other places. She didn't have a strong background, and she hadn't even graduated from university yet, so she had no choice but to come here.

The interior of the presidential private room was not much better than the exterior, and the obscene atmosphere was even more so. The wine on the table had long since fallen to the side, and a few men and women were hugging each other intimately. Some of them even reached into their clothes, looking down on everyone else.

Chen Xi only felt her hands and feet go ice-cold under such an atmosphere. She calmed down and walked over stiffly.

"Sir, this is your wine, please enjoy." Chen Xi's voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible.

The few of them ignored her and continued flirting with the beauty in their embrace. Chen Xi didn't even glance at him and pretended like she didn't see anything. She then put the wine on the tray on the table and put away the bottle and blanket. When he got up, he bowed and wanted to leave in a hurry.

"Hey, wait a minute, I'll give you a tip." One of the men finally raised his head and said arrogantly.

Chen Xi halted her steps and turned around mechanically, looking at the person who just spoke, at a loss.

The man stood up and walked up to Chen Xi. He lifted up Chen Xi's chin and looked at her for a while.

"What's his name?" the man asked with interest.

"Qianqian." Chen Xi was referring to the name she used here.

"True name." The man's sharp gaze made Chen Xi's heart tremble uncontrollably.

"Chu, Chu Qing." Chen Xi casually made up a name.

The man smiled sinisterly, bent down and coldly whispered into Chen Xi's ear, "Don't play tricks on me, what I want is your real name. "Believe me, if you don't tell me, I'll still have a way to get your information. Do you understand?"

Chen Xi's chin was still in his hand. He suddenly tightened his fingers, causing her to frown in pain. She didn't say anything.

"If I were you, I would tactfully say everything. "Miss, do you need me to call your manager over?" The man's voice was colder.

Chen Xi knew that she wouldn't be able to escape today, so she could only close her eyes and say her name.

"I'm not a lady. Besides, don't all of you have girlfriends?" Chen Xi was in a hurry to leave, so she started to speak loudly.

The other people had long since noticed their interactions and stopped their movements early to watch. Although Chen Xi's words weren't loud, everyone heard her.

The group of people started laughing, while the man in front of Chen Xi started laughing evilly.

"They are only women, do you know? Don't worry, you'll be like them very soon. " The man's gaze became even more impudent. The desire in his eyes almost drowned Chen Xi completely.

Chen Xi mustered up the courage to look at the man who was controlling her. His eyes were firm and resolute, his face filled with an unyielding attitude.

"Sir, like I said, I'm not a lady." Chen Xi said with certainty.

The man smiled and let go of Chen Xi's chin.

"Chen Xi? "Interesting." With that, he took out the tip he had prepared earlier and stuffed it into Chen Xi's ditch.

Chen Xi's face turned red. She didn't need to hand in the tip here. If she had a little ambition and a little self-respect, she would definitely take out this money and throw it fiercely at the face of the man in front of her. But she didn't. From the moment she walked in here, she had given up the pride of a girl her age.

"Thank you." Chen Xi lowered her head and expressed her gratitude like a mosquito.

When he turned around to leave, he ran into a firm embrace. When Chen Xi raised her head, she was caught by a profound gaze.

"You're called Chen Xi?" The man's voice was as deep and sexy as a cello.

Chen Xi nodded dumbly.

"You, I'll take it."

When Chen Xi came back to her senses, she had already been taken to a suite in the nightclub that provided VIP guests. Chen Xi panicked as she looked at the man on top of her, struggling instinctively.

"The first time?" The man's voice rang in Chen Xi's ears in a low voice. As the warm air scattered on Chen Xi's ears, Chen Xi's ears immediately turned red as if they were about to drip blood.

"I, I'm not …" Chen Xi struggled in panic, unable to complete her sentence.

"I know, you've already said that you're not a lady." The man's soft laughter made Chen Xi both embarrassed and annoyed, and her strength to struggle increased.

"Let me go!" Chen Xi's voice wasn't loud, but her anger was clearly expressed.

"Everything has a price. Name a price." The man put away his smile and looked at Chen Xi seriously. It was hard to tell his mood from his voice.

Chen Xi was stunned, her eyes filled with confusion and astonishment. However, very quickly, there was no more struggle. It was all ice-cold, and there was still the faint glimmer of tears in his eyes.

"I am not a thing, and I will not negotiate the price with you. Please let me go! " Chen Xi said stiffly.

The man smiled. His complicated smile made Chen Xi feel mixed emotions. The man didn't say anything. He just smiled and let go of Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn't feel relieved at all after losing her weight. On the contrary, she was even more nervous now. These rich people were always abnormal. Chen Xi couldn't be sure of their mood.

"You can go." The man chuckled.

"You, you really let me go?" Chen Xi asked timidly.

"I never do anything without a return. What I want is your free will." Carrying Chen Xi on his back, the man silently lit up a cigarette.

The room was very quiet, and the sound of the man opening the lighter sounded very loud. Chen Xi swallowed her saliva and didn't dare to move. She just stared blankly at the man who was puffing smoke out of his mouth.

Chen Xi felt a sense of oppression just by looking at his back. This sort of aura was innate. Chen Xi knew that he was either rich or noble, perhaps even better than the few men in the room earlier. At least he didn't use any forceful methods to force Chen Xi to do anything.

"Why aren't you leaving?" After the man quietly finished smoking a cigarette, he turned around to look at Chen Xi's dazed appearance. He was stunned for a moment before a deep look appeared in his eyes.

Chen Xi came back to her senses, an awkward expression on her face that couldn't be hidden.

"I, I won't go down." Chen Xi's voice was very embarrassed, and the blush on her face showed her nervousness and embarrassment.

It looked like they were new.

The man smiled. "You're new here?"

Chen Xi lowered her head even further and nodded almost inaudibly.

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