"Thank you for taking care of Yue. He looks very happy." Chen Xi looked at Chen Yue, who was reading the letter, and thanked him sincerely.

Han Jingtian shook his head. Just when he wanted to say something, he remembered the phone call.

Han Jingtian took out the phone and looked at the number displayed on it. After hesitating for a long time, he finally turned off the phone. After putting away the phone, Han Jingtian couldn't help but blush as he looked at Chen Xi's sparkling eyes.

"Did your family urge you to go home?" Chen Xi knew that Han Jingtian had been taking care of Chen Yue, so she didn't tell her home.

Han Jingtian nodded, "Since you're back, I'll go home first." Han Jingtian didn't say much as he opened the door and walked outside.

Chen Xi looked at Han Jingtian's back in a hurry and thought that she didn't even have the time to say goodbye to Han Jingtian. Chen Xi knew that he would be troubling her again these past few days, so she felt guilty all of a sudden.

No one would treat you well for no reason, but Chen Xi couldn't stand Han Jingtian's friendship. She had someone in her heart, and she was about to become someone else's lover.

Ten minutes later, unexpectedly, Han Jingtian returned.

Chen Xi stared at Han Jingtian, dumbfounded.

Han Jingtian scratched his head shyly and said embarrassedly: "I just passed by the pharmacy and I already knew you had a wound. "Since you don't want to go to the hospital, you have to apply the medicine properly. Otherwise, if you get inflamed, it will leave behind scars."

Since she was born, Chen Xi had always lived a cautious life. She had no friends, no family. For her, only the people around her could be healthy and safe.

However, these days she had met Han Jingtian, which made her feel a lot of different emotions.

Chen Xi's nose was sour, but she still forced out a smile and looked at Han Jingtian seriously.

"Why are you so good to me?" He couldn't help but ask.

Apart from Ling Xun, a man, Chen Xi has never been in love, and do not know the taste of love. All she knew was that she liked Ling Xun for giving up his money without regret. Then what about Han Jingtian? Why did he do so much?

Han Jingtian's face turned even redder when he was stopped by the question.

"Didn't you say we were friends? Friends have to help each other. " Han Jingtian said gently.

"However, I cannot repay you. One day, you will know that no matter how much you do, the only thing I can repay you with is that tiny bit of gratitude." Chen Xi sniffled and said hoarsely.

"Whether you like me now or not, or feel like you can't repay me. "It doesn't matter. Chen Xi, I believe you will like me, just like how I like you." Han Jingtian smiled warmly. His eyes were filled with a light as gentle as water.

Chen Xi's heart skipped a beat and she quickly lowered her head.

"Thank you, you should hurry back, don't let the other family members worry." Chen Xi muttered as if she was talking to herself.

Han Jingtian was in no hurry to force Chen Xi. He looked at the top of Chen Xi's head for a while before walking out.

The moment the door was locked, Chen Xi burst into tears. Over the years, many people had confessed to her, but Chen Xi had never been moved. This time, she actually hesitated.

But what could hesitation change? All that was left was his guilt and his fantasy that he shouldn't have. She could not have such thoughts.

Han Jingtian was too clean, so clean that Chen Xi couldn't bear to let him get hurt.

When she brought Chen Yue to the hospital to see Ling Xun, the hospital told her that Ling Xun was taken away early in the morning. Chen Xi stared at the nurse with wide eyes, unable to figure out what was going on.

"Take him away? "Where to?" Chen Xi could not believe her ears as she asked the nurse while her mind was blank.

Ling Xun had never offended anyone, so why didn't he tell Chen Xi when he left for no reason?

"They say they're from Aoshi Group. They need to go to a better hospital to recuperate. "Excuse me, are you Miss Chen Xi?" the nurse asked tentatively.

When Chen Xi heard about Aoshi Group, she knew that something had happened. However, she had clearly made an agreement with Han Aotian that no matter what they did, as long as it did not involve them, they would be fine. However, Han Aotian had most likely investigated Chen Xi by doing this now.

Chen Xi only knew the first and the second. Han Aotian didn't investigate her, he just found out that Han Jingtian was in contact with her during the investigation. Han Aotian was afraid that his brother would fall into Chen Xi's trap, so he used this method to force Chen Xi to submit.

Chen Xi couldn't care about anything else as she brought Chen Yue and ran towards the Aoshi Group.

This time, the person waiting for Chen Xi had been waiting downstairs all morning. As soon as he saw Chen Xi, he went up to her.

"Hello, Miss Chen Xi." The assistant smiled.

"Where's Ling Xun?" Chen Xi stared coldly at the smiling man. She really wanted to slap him.

"Miss Chen Xi, the president has instructed me to bring you up alone if you come." The assistant ignored Chen Xi's question and continued talking to Han Aotian.

"I'm asking you, where's Ling Xun?!" Chen Xi also went all out, grabbing onto Chen Yue tightly.

"Miss Chen Xi, please don't make things difficult for us. The CEO said that if you have any questions, you should ask him yourself. I can't say anything else, I'm sorry. " The assistant was still smiling, but a glance told Chen Yue to pull away from Chen Xi.

"Let go, let go!" Chen Xi no longer cared about her wound as she ran over to pull away Chen Yue's captor.

"Chen Xi, I'm in so much pain." Chen Yue started to cry because he was hurt by someone's scratching.

Chen Xi's strength couldn't match up to the two of them, so she could only turn around and face the person who just spoke to her.

"What are you doing? "What's the matter? One of them is a patient who just underwent surgery, the other one is a retard who doesn't know anything. What are you guys trying to do?" Chen Xi had used too much force just now and her wound had already split open. Now that she was so emotional, she felt as if the sky was spinning and the earth was spinning.

He still wanted to argue, but his body refused to obey and fainted.

Han Aotian never thought that Ling Xun was so important to Chen Xi. For Ling Xun's sake, he had even abandoned his principle. Even if his heart was not good, he would still insist on donating his kidney.

It was getting harder to guess. But a person that could not be guessed at was one that made people have the desire to conquer, right?

Han Aotian looked at the person who was sleeping on the bed and gave a bloodthirsty smile.

As soon as Chen Xi opened her eyes, she quivered and sat up. His movements were too big, and he couldn't help but drag the wound back to where he was standing.

"If you don't want your wound to never heal again, you can just use more force." The clear and cold voice startled Chen Xi.

Chen Xi finally remembered the incident from before and immediately jumped off the bed. She ran to Han Aotian and knelt down.

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