Chen Xi quickly shook her head. "No, it's very tasty. I just had some snacks not long ago, so I'm not really hungry yet."

Han Aotian was smart enough to see through Chen Xi's lies with one glance. He smiled and did not expose Chen Xi's lies. Instead, he leaned to the side and said something to the person beside him.

Not long later, a few dishes were served. Chen Xi looked and saw that they were all things she usually liked to eat. She couldn't help but to look up at Han Aotian, and found that he had put down his chopsticks and was looking at her with a smile while supporting his chin.

Han Aotian was a person with good looks. He looked at Chen Xi with a smile that was as gentle as Chen Xi had ever seen it. With just a glance, Chen Xi felt as if she was about to be sucked in.

Chen Xi didn't dare to look anymore. She lowered her head in panic, but her ears betrayed her. Han Aotian's smile became even wider. He wished he could eat Chen Xi right now.

"Thank you, thank you." Chen Xi stuttered her thanks.

"You're welcome." Han Aotian also said very politely. After a pause, he asked again, "Have your wounds recovered?"

Chen Xi did not dare lie and nodded. "It doesn't hurt anymore."

"Then eat more. It might consume a lot of energy later on." Han Aotian said in confusion.

Chen Xi was a little confused. She raised her head and looked at Han Aotian in confusion.

"Morning, I will stay here tonight. "So, please get ready." Han Aotian's smile became ambiguous, even the surrounding air started to become ambiguous.

Chen Xi's face turned red. Looking at the servants who had accompanied her for a week, she couldn't help but laugh. Chen Xi felt that she was no longer in the mood to eat.

"I, I …" Chen Xi wanted to say that her wounds had not fully healed, but she realized that her words were too obvious. For a moment, she was at a loss of what to do.

"Chen Chen, don't worry, I prefer to take my time." Han Aotian ignored Chen Xi's flushed face and continued to tease her.

"Han Aotian, shut up!" Chen Xi was so shy that she had already forgotten that the person sitting opposite her was her parents.

Han Aotian didn't expect Chen Xi to be this shy. It seemed that even though she lived with Ling Xun, nothing had happened. For some reason, Han Aotian suddenly felt relaxed and actually shut his mouth obediently.

Under the dubious gazes of the crowd, Chen Xi ate her dinner in torment. The consequence of eating something that one could not taste was that it could not be digested at all.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Chen Xi's embarrassed expression, it seemed to have become Han Aotian's enjoyment.

"I ate too much." Chen Xi said with a bitter face.

"No problem, let's do some exercise to digest it." Han Aotian said recklessly.

Chen Xi stood on the spot and looked at Han Aotian in shock. She knew that now, she finally realized that Han Aotian wasn't only cruel and merciless, but also … Darkhell.

The so-called digestive exercise after meals was actually just a walk. Chen Xi didn't leave the villa for a whole week. When she suddenly breathed in the fresh air outside, her body unconsciously lightened up.

However, thinking back to how Han Aotian had teased her just now, and how the mansion had treated her best auntie with a kind smile when they came out, she couldn't help but feel annoyed. Just as he was feeling happy about it, he started to feel embarrassed.

"You don't seem to be satisfied with the after-dinner exercise. Why don't we go back to 'exercise'?" Han Aotian suddenly whispered into Chen Xi's ear.

Warm air sprayed on Chen Xi's ears, causing her to cringe from the itch.

"Only … not at all." Chen Xi replied with a blush.

"Rest assured, when we return later, I will definitely satisfy you." Han Aotian continued to breathe beside Chen Xi's ear.

"Who's satisfied who?" Chen Xi angrily turned her head, but as Han Aotian was originally very close to her, when Chen Xi turned around, she coincidentally bumped into Han Aotian's lips.

Chen Xi's eyes widened as she hurriedly took a step back. He definitely wouldn't have the face to continue walking. Chen Xi turned around and walked back towards the villa.

Han Aotian touched his lips, thinking back to the feeling just now, it was even sweeter than he thought. When he raised his head and saw Chen Xi's back, he couldn't help but laugh.

Chen Xi was soaking in the bathtub. Thinking about the scene from earlier, she felt ashamed and angry and wanted to die. How could there be such a coincidence? This was something that could only happen in an idol show.

Chen Xi wailed as she sank herself into the water.

The moment Han Aotian opened the door, he heard Chen Xi's frustrated shout. Needless to say, he was indeed shocked.

He smiled, locked the door, and walked towards the bathroom.

Only when he couldn't hold it in did he sit up in the water. When Han Aotian opened the bathroom door, the first thing he saw was this kind of scene. It was true that every action made by a beauty was very pleasing to the appetite.

"Should I say that I was very lucky to see such a scene as soon as I entered the door?" He rubbed his chin and said, "Oh, the mermaids are going to sea?"

"You, how did you get in?" However, Chen Xi was not as relaxed as Han Aotian. She hugged her chest in panic.

"I walked in." Han Aotian didn't feel like he did anything wrong. Instead, he leisurely approached Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was so nervous that the hair on her body stood up straight. She looked at Han Aotian who was getting closer but couldn't say a word.

"Morning, we still have some exercise to finish after dinner." Han Aotian said with an unreadable smile.

Han Aotian finally walked to Chen Xi's side, bent down and carried her out of the bathtub.

"Cold … Han Aotian …" Chen Xi swallowed her saliva and said fearfully.

"Chen Chen, relax, my skills are not bad." Han Aotian smiled warmly.

Chen Xi was dazed for a moment. In that split-second, he actually saw Han Jingtian's shadow on Han Aotian. A thought suddenly flashed through her mind, but in the next second, Han Jingtian's kiss landed on her chest. Chen Xi could not think of anything else as her mind began to turn chaotic.

"Han, Han Aotian, wait …"

Chen Xi curled up her body. She knew that she had no advantage when facing the well-dressed Han Aotian naked, but she still wanted to struggle.

Han Aotian originally wanted to eat Chen Xi directly, so he didn't care about Chen Xi's struggle at all. He immediately raised his head to ask Chen Xi's charming red lips.

Chen Xi's head exploded.

She was unfamiliar with lust, so she didn't take the kiss. Han Aotian's tongue kept sweeping back and forth in Chen Xi's mouth. From time to time, he even asked Chen Xi to dance with him. Chen Xi was confused by Han Aotian's skillful kiss skills, as she was bewitched by Han Aotian's impudent tongue.

Han Aotian opened his eyes and was stunned when he saw Chen Xi's flushed face. Chen Xi's shy and nervous appearance was extremely similar to that person's.

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