Chen Xi took two deep breaths and finally regained some clarity in her mind.

"Good morning, don't move. Relax." Han Aotian's voice became very low and sexy. Even the slightly sinister look on her face was tempting. Chen Xi knew that she wouldn't be able to escape today, so she could only listen to Han Aotian and try her best to relax.

Han Aotian was unwilling to let Chen Xi go just like this, so he teased her even more fiercely. The first time was not a good memory, but this time, he could at least salvage some of it.

Chen Xi woke up with a start because her whole body was aching when she turned over. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw a strange place with a hand at her waist that Chen Xi was unfamiliar with.

Chen Xi's mind finally recalled the excitement from yesterday and she abruptly turned her head. Seeing that Han Aotian had woken up earlier, he held his head and looked at her enchantingly.

"You're awake? To bathe together? " Han Aotian asked in a sexy tone.

Chen Xi recalled the feeling she had last night and immediately felt goosebumps all over her body. She hurriedly shook her head.

"Well, then."

When they were in the bathroom, Han Aotian filled in everything that happened last night and then refreshed, he went downstairs for breakfast? The meal was over. Chen Xi fainted again due to exhaustion.

When he woke up again, who knew how much time had passed. Chen Xi could only feel that her body was no longer hers.

Ye Zichen knew that Han Aotian wouldn't let her off, but he didn't expect Han Aotian to be so fierce.

The first compulsion, last night's semi-compulsion, was not a good memory.

Chen Xi's heart was empty, she just wanted to cry.

At that moment, the door to the bedroom was opened. Chen Xi quickly wiped her tears away and then stuffed herself into the quilt.

"I want to rest a bit more." Chen Xi said dejectedly.

"Miss, the Young Master has already left. He said that he wanted to wake you up to eat something, and that he would come back later. " The oldest aunt in the family smiled.

Chen Xi took off the quilt that covered her face and saw that it was really her aunt from home. Chen Xi felt even emptier and did not have the slightest bit of appetite.

"Eat whatever you want." Chen Xi said lightly.

"Miss, the young master treats you so well. I've been here for so long, but I've never seen the young master bring anyone back. And yesterday, young master was always very serious, it was really different yesterday. " Auntie said kindly.

Chen Xi bitterly smiled. When he woke up, he realized that the person who stole his entire body was no longer here. This kind of feeling would have to be experienced a lot in the future.

"I'll eat here." Chen Xi said with a polite smile.

Auntie nodded and backed out.

Ninja ache, Chen Xi got up and put on clothes.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Han Aotian really came over. At that time, Chen Xi was eating dinner. Plus, she had overused her strength for the whole morning. Chen Xi ate so earnestly that she didn't notice Han Aotian's figure.

However, the servants were different. When they wanted to call Chen Xi, Han Aotian stopped them. Han Aotian waved them off.

After Chen Xi had eaten her fill, she raised her head and realized that the row of people that had been standing in front of her had all disappeared. Chen Xi turned around in curiosity and saw Han Aotian standing behind her, looking at her with an ambiguous smile.

Chen Xi felt a little unnatural and quickly turned her head around. However, he realized that he shouldn't do it the next second. He changed into a smile, stood up, and turned around to look at Han Aotian.

"Do you want to eat?" Chen Xi couldn't find any topics to talk about, so she could only ask.

Han Aotian shook his head. His eyes turned serious as he reached out his hand to pull Chen Xi, who was not far away from him, into his arms.

"I want to eat you more than I want to eat." Han Aotian raised his free hand and caressed Chen Xi's silhouette.

It didn't look like her at all, but Chen Xi's figure could be seen. Han Aotian's gaze gradually turned gentle. When he touched Chen Xi, he treated her as if she was a precious treasure.

"Cold … Han Aotian …" Chen Xi, however, did not dare to relax. She tightened her body to guard herself.

"Are you full?" Han Aotian ignored Chen Xi's stiffness and brought her into his arms a little more.

Chen Xi didn't know how to lie, so she could only nod in response.

"Did you rest today?" Han Aotian lowered his head.

Chen Xi's head gradually started to feel dizzy again, but she still smelled the alcohol on Han Aotian's body.

"Did you drink?" Chen Xi sobered up a little. There was a gentleness in her voice that she did not understand.

Han Aotian answered indifferently as he buried his head in Chen Xi's neck.

This was a place to eat. If she really cooked here, Chen Xi would no longer have the face to face with the people in the house and wouldn't dare to eat here anymore.

"Why not? Try it? " However, Han Aotian didn't care. Since he was currently in high spirits, it wasn't something Chen Xi could stop.

"But in the morning, just as early as the morning …" Chen Xi resisted weakly.

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