"Like I said, I like smart women. Chen Xi, be my woman and be good to me. It's best for you to keep your little thoughts to yourself. Otherwise, if I'm really unhappy, the injured people will definitely be the people you care about. " After Han Aotian finished, he stood up and was about to leave.

"Han Aotian." However, Chen Xi called out to him just as he was about to leave.

Han Aotian stopped in his tracks. Chen Xi's back was facing Han Aotian as she asked softly, "So, since you want to calculate this clearly, can I ask if the next few days are counted in the annual treaty?"

No one had ever crossed Han Aotian's bottom line like this before. Han Aotian was so angry that he laughed instead. He turned around and walked in front of Chen Xi. He squeezed Chen Xi's forehead to make her raise her head.

"Of course, you did well, no matter what. But since she is a lover, then we must do our duty as lovers. " Han Aotian's eyes reddened. He pushed Chen Xi, who was on the floor, away.

Han Aotian opened his pants as he walked towards Chen Xi. Chen Xi was so scared that she didn't even have time to stand up before she kept backing away.

Han Aotian was very impatient with this game. He grabbed Chen Xi's hand and pulled her up to kneel between his legs.

"Open your mouth." Han Aotian ordered coldly.

"No, I don't want it." Chen Xi shook her head in panic.

"Didn't you want to be free with me? Do what I told you to do, and I'll promise you that. " Han Aotian pushed his desire up and brought it to Chen Xi's mouth.

Chen Xi was so humiliated that she started to cry. The past few days had been torturous for her, but compared to the past few days, this was the most unbearable thing for her.

"I don't want it, I don't want anything else." Chen Xi shook her head and wailed.

However, Han Aotian ignored her and grabbed onto Chen Xi's chin. "It's too late. Chen Xi, I gave you a chance."

After forcing her mouth open, he sent his already firm desire inside.

Chen Xi wanted to struggle, but Han Aotian wouldn't let her.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Xi could no longer even struggle, and her gaping mouth was already numb. Only then did Han Aotian let out a low growl, and a fishy taste exploded from Chen Xi's mouth.

Chen Xi quickly pushed Han Aotian away and covered her mouth as she retched.

Han Aotian didn't care about Chen Xi anymore. He put on his pants and was about to leave.

However, the moment he opened the door, he stopped when he heard Chen Xi retching.

"Chen Xi, this is what a lover should do. "Now that I think about it, are you worthy for the next few days?" Han Aotian's voice was cold, "From today onwards, you can go anywhere."

He opened the door and walked quickly away.

Chen Xi woke up early in the morning. The events of the previous night were still fresh in her mind, and she was unable to calm down. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Chen Xi walked downstairs with a pale face.

A middle-aged man whom Chen Xi had never seen before was standing in the hall. He bowed slightly when he saw Chen Xi.

"Miss Chen Xi, the CEO told me to come and pick you up." The man smiled.

Chen Xi immediately became alert and remembered what happened last night. Her pale face now looked drained of all color.

"Go, go where?" Although she was afraid, Chen Xi didn't dare to resist at all.

"The president said you'll know when it's time. Or do you want to eat first? "

Chen Xi shook her head. The salty taste was still in her mouth, assaulting her sense of taste. Chen Xi had no appetite at all. No matter how many times she brushed her teeth, she could not wash away the taste.

"Let's go." Chen Xi composed herself and walked down the last few steps.

But the place where the car stopped was beyond Chen Xi's expectations. Chen Xi got out of the car and looked at the best hospital building in the city.

"Here?" Chen Xi pointed at the hospital and asked the driver in puzzlement.

"Miss Chen Xi, the CEO said that someone will lead you to the ward." The driver smiled.

Chen Xi walked into the hospital with a puzzled expression. As expected, the moment he walked in, a doctor wearing a white coat came over.

"Excuse me, is this Miss Chen Xi?" The doctor was very meek.

Chen Xi nodded.

"Please come with me." When the doctor led Chen Xi to the luxurious ward, Chen Xi still didn't know what Han Aotian was up to.

"This is?" Chen Xi asked in confusion.

"Mr. Ling Xun has recovered pretty well. His body doesn't show any signs of rejection. With this kind of recovery, he can be discharged at the end of the month." The doctor answered for Chen Xi with a smile.

"Ling Xun lives here?" Chen Xi cried out in disbelief.

The doctor was shocked by Chen Xi's actions.

"Miss Chen Xi, the CEO has always told us to take good care of your brother. He's doing very well. You don't have to worry too much. " the doctor said gently.

However, Chen Xi was not happy at all. Even now, she still didn't understand what Han Aotian wanted. He had been taking good care of Ling Xun, but he refused to say anything. So what did last night's storm mean?

"Thank you, Doctor." Chen Xi forced a smile, nodded her head, opened the door and walked in.

An advanced ward was not something that could be compared to an ordinary ward. Everything here was very complete, and it was even better than the small apartment they were staying in. Chen Xi couldn't figure out Han Aotian's heart, but she couldn't help but recall the cold look in his eyes last night. Was that look of anger?

But why be angry?

"Xi Xi?" Ling Xun couldn't believe his eyes.

He had never understood how he could be sent to such a good hospital and such a good ward. Ask the doctor and the nurse, and they say they don't know, they just do what they're told. Ling Xun knew that it was impossible for Chen Xi to do this with her ability. Now that he saw Chen Xi, the doubt in Ling Xun's heart deepened.

"Are you okay?" Chen Xi walked over. Since she didn't know she would be sent here, she didn't buy anything.

"What's going on?" Ling Xun couldn't sit still any longer, so he quickly pulled Chen Xi and asked.

"Just focus on recuperating and don't think too much about it. Do you believe me, Brother Ling Xun? " Chen Xi held Ling Xun's hand tightly and asked seriously.

Now, Ling Xun was the only one she could rely on.

Ling Xun looked at Chen Xi, unable to say anything. He felt that Chen Xi's hands were colder than usual, and he couldn't help but feel sorry for the hard work she had put in.

"Xi Xi, you won't hide anything from me, will you?" Ling Xun looked straight at Chen Xi and asked sincerely.

Chen Xi's heart tightened. She could lie to anyone, but since she was young, she had never lied in front of Ling Xun.

"Of course." Chen Xi said with a smile.

But this time, it was different.

Ling Xun touched Chen Xi's head, "That's good. Xi Xi, I will definitely become the most outstanding brain doctor. I will also cure Yue." Ling Xun's smile was as forgiving and warm as ever.

"Alright." Chen Xi's nose twitched, but she forced a smile.

She had always looked up to him like this, always supporting his dreams. She had always loved him silently like this, always like this. No matter how difficult it was, as long as it was for him, she was willing to do it.

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