Han Aotian's face flashed across Chen Xi's mind, shocking her. Subconsciously letting go of Ling Xun's hand, Chen Xi tidied up her clothes in panic.

Ling Xun didn't care about such details and was still indulging in his fantasy.

Chen Xi relaxed a lot when she saw Ling Xun like this.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Ling Xun, Chen Xi left for class.

When Chen Xi walked out of the hospital, the car that brought her here was parked right in front of her. Chen Xi sat on the bus without a word and let the driver lead her away.

This time, it was the best brain hospital in the city. Chen Xi swallowed her saliva. She was really getting harder and harder to see through Han Aotian.

Chen Yue was taken good care of here. The mood he got when he was captured last time was completely gone. He had not seen Chen Xi for so many days, yet she was still so quiet. Chen Xi couldn't help but sigh. This really was a big hospital, even the service was first-rate.

This was all Han Aotian's arrangement. Needless to say, Chen Xi also knew about it. She was obviously angry yesterday, but she could still arrange it so meticulously. Although Chen Xi didn't say anything, she could still feel Han Aotian's special feelings towards her. However, Chen Xi was not at all at ease about it.

Chen Yue was carefully arranged to be in the best ward and was also cared for by the best doctors and nurses.

When Chen Xi entered the door, she saw Chen Yue's happy smile. Chen Xi couldn't help but reveal the most sincere smile she had in days.

"Yue, did you miss Chen Xi?" Chen Xi walked over, squatted in front of Chen Yue and caressed his head.

Chen Yue chuckled happily, avoiding Chen Xi's hand.

At this moment, the door opened. Chen Xi turned around and saw Han Aotian.

Chen Xi widened her eyes in shock as she felt that she was hallucinating. Han Aotian had a smile on his face. Of course, he wasn't looking at her, but at Chen Yue.

"Big brother!" To his surprise, Chen Yue was no stranger to him. As soon as they saw him, Chen Yue put the toy in his hand in front of Han Aotian as if he was offering a treasure.

"Yue is really smart." Han Aotian praised.

Chen Xi inhaled a breath of cold air. In her impression, Han Aotian was ice-cold and arrogant. There had never been a time when he looked so ordinary like them.

Maybe it was because there were too many halos, Han Aotian had already forgotten about his usual self.

Chen Xi could only feel her cheeks burning up as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and retracted her gaze.

After playing with Chen Yue for a while, Han Aotian was interrupted by a phone call. When she walked out of the ward to answer the phone, Chen Xi couldn't sit still any longer.

When Chen Xi went out, Han Aotian just happened to be closing the line. When he turned around, he saw Chen Xi staring at him in a daze.

Chen Xi's face didn't look like that person's at all, but she seemed to feel it with every movement. Han Aotian immediately lost all of his anger.

However, he wouldn't do such a thing as taking the initiative to talk to her, so he wanted to leave right before Chen Xi came back to her senses.

Chen Xi subconsciously held Han Aotian back, feeling a little nervous.

Han Aotian stopped and looked at Chen Xi, still not saying anything. Chen Xi blushed a little from the stare. She lowered her head but refused to let go.

"Han Aotian, thank you." And I went too far yesterday. I'm sorry. " Chen Xi apologized in a small voice.

Han Aotian looked at the top of Chen Xi's head and wanted to viciously rub her, but he stopped himself. Han Aotian sighed silently in his heart and realized that he couldn't do anything to Chen Xi.

"Chen Chen, I hope there won't be a next time." Han Aotian reminded him coldly.

Chen Xi's heart was slightly moved. Han Aotian liked to call her Chenchen. It was a bit light, but it sounded like he was doting on her. Chen Xi liked Han Aotian to call her that.

"But you also had your revenge yesterday." Chen Xi was still a little angry.

This emotionless act had already made it very uncomfortable. Han Aotian actually wanted to use such an extreme method to punish her.

Thinking about yesterday, Han Aotian was still angry.

"Chen Chen, I hope you know whose woman you are now. "I don't care how much you loved Ling Xun before. From today onwards, I don't want anything related to him to come out of your mouth." Han Aotian said arrogantly.

Chen Xi shuddered violently and could not help but nod her head.

She clearly didn't love him, but she was still so domineering and didn't want to give him even the slightest bit of space in her heart.

Han Aotian nodded in satisfaction, let go of Chen Xi's hand and walked into the ward.

Although Han Aotian and Chen Xi had made up, Han Aotian still didn't go back to the mansion. Chen Xi didn't know what was going on with her empty mind every night, but in her heart, she still thought of Han Aotian from time to time.

After two days of living alone, Han Aotian actually got someone to send Chen Xi to school.

Chen Xi simply put on her clothes and got into Han Aotian's car to pick her up. However, the moment they got on the car, they saw Han Aotian's paralyzed face.

Chen Xi stuck her body into the car, but when she saw Han Aotian frozen, she didn't know what to do.

"Don't want to go to class?" Han Aotian said plainly.

Chen Xi came back to her senses and sat in the car without saying a word. After the car drove for a good distance, Chen Xi finally dared to slightly turn her head and look at Han Aotian.

"Are you still angry?" Chen Xi asked carefully.

Han Aotian glanced at Chen Xi and gave her a faint look. It didn't seem like the passionate and doting look they had in those days. Chen Xi's heart fell to the bottom of the valley. She withdrew her gaze from expectation as a huge hole was forcefully smashed in her heart.

"Why do you think that?" Han Aotian asked lightly.

"Because, because it's been a long time since you've come back …" Chen Xi's voice was even softer.

Han Aotian sneered and turned around to look at Chen Xi. Under Han Aotian's gaze, Chen Xi could not hide anything and lowered her face even more.

"Chen Chen, you're not the only woman I have." Han Aotian said arrogantly.

The space in the car was so small that Chen Xi was too embarrassed to escape.

"I know." Chen Xi didn't know how she was feeling, but she felt a little sad.

She should have known that it would be like this. For people like Han Aotian, even if there were a lot of women, it wouldn't be too much. But those days, the way he looked at her, there was love. Or would it be like this for every woman?

Chen Xi felt unspeakably uncomfortable just thinking about it.

"But, Chen Chen, you can't have anything to do with me and others, do you understand?" Han Aotian said in a domineering tone.

Chen Xi gave a mocking smile. "With my current state, what choice do you have?"

He didn't want to anger Han Aotian, so everything he did didn't let Chen Xi down. But for some reason, Chen Xi couldn't resist saying this.

"Chen Xi, I said I like smart women. I'm sure you're smart enough not to try to provoke me any more. " Han Aotian's tone was like a storm was brewing.

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