Chen Xi immediately became alert and didn't dare to defy Han Aotian anymore.

"I know." Chen Xi nodded obediently.

Raising her head, Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian with her burning eyes and asked seriously, "It's just that Han Aotian, you have so many smart women by your side, don't you feel tired?"

This question escaped Han Aotian's heart. He looked at Chen Xi, whose gaze was devoid of any meaning, and felt as if something had knocked on his heart.

Without saying a word, Han Aotian lowered his head and kissed Chen Xi's seductive lips.

This kiss was even more domineering than the previous ones. There was an indescribable feeling, as if it was proving something. Chen Xi felt dizzy from the kiss and couldn't think of anything.

Han Aotian didn't let go of Chen Xi until they reached the side door of the school.

Chen Xi opened her eyes in a daze and saw the side door of the school. Usually, there were very few people here, so she more or less knew Han Aotian's purpose.

In the end, she was only a lover that could not be exposed to the light of day.

"Go back early tonight. I'll get someone to pick you up, and stay here." After Han Aotian gave his orders coldly, the car drove away.

Chen Xi stared at the back of the car, dazed.

Chen Xi rarely stayed away from class for so many days, so when her classmate who could speak with her saw her, he couldn't help but ask.

Chen Xi didn't know what to say, so she could only say that she had matters to attend to at home, so she couldn't come.

"Chen Xi, there's a handsome guy who's been running to our teacher every day these days to help you deliver your leave of absence. Is there something that you aren't going to tell us? " The student joked.

Chen Xi was baffled as she did not remember that she had a male classmate whom she knew well. Thus, he could only smile embarrassedly and lowered his head to continue arranging his things.

Seeing that he couldn't get any answers out of them, the students naturally wouldn't ask about their own issues. They returned to their seats and waited for class.

Only after Han Jingtian appeared did Chen Xi remember that they were in the same school.

"Have you settled your matters? Is Yue already in the hospital? And your 'brother'? " Han Jingtian asked Chen Xi happily with a bright smile on his face.

All these days of haze and gloom had been dispelled by this unreserved smile.

"Everything is fine, we are all fine. Thank you for your concern. "Also, these few days thank you for helping me request for a leave of absence, it seems like you have been helping me like this the entire time. How about I treat you to a meal after class?" Chen Xi also said with a smile.

Han Jingtian nodded and left in satisfaction after making an appointment with Chen Xi.

Naturally, she still had to return to Han Aotian's mansion at night. Chen Xi didn't dare to disobey him now. The punishment last time was still fresh in her mind.

Han Aotian returned home early for once. Chen Xi cooked some dishes herself, thinking that Han Aotian might not come back so early, so she ate by herself first. Who knew that Han Aotian would appear just after the dishes were served?

Chen Xi, who was still wearing her apron, stood awkwardly by the side with her head bowed and twirling her clothes.

"You did this?" Han Aotian smiled as he looked at the seemingly good dishes on the table.

"I didn't say what time I would be back in advance. Auntie didn't do it in advance. Since I had nothing better to do, I cooked my own food. If you haven't eaten, I'll ask auntie to make you something you like. " Chen Xi said in embarrassment.

Han Aotian directly sat down.

"Where's the food?"

Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian in shock and was stunned for a few seconds before running over to fill the bowl with rice.

Han Aotian ate a few mouthfuls. Although it was not in line with his taste, he had to admit that Chen Xi's cooking skills were very good.

Chen Xi watched Han Aotian eat with a frown while walking away without throwing his bowl of food. She finally let out a sigh of relief and began to eat carefully.

"From now on, you can spend a whole day of the week with Chen Yue every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekend. As for Ling Xun, I've checked his education and he's still not bad. When he recovers, I'll arrange a good job for him. "This way, can you feel at ease being my woman?" Actually, compared to the others, Chen Xi really didn't ask for much.

She didn't want beautiful clothes, nor high-end skincare products. After following him around, apart from the fact that he already had someone else in his heart, he was still quite obedient. However, Han Aotian was extremely uncomfortable with this unique point.

Chen Xi looked up in surprise and coincidentally bumped into Han Aotian's eye. Chen Xi bit her lower lip and finally mustered the courage to look at him.

"So, do you also come here a few times a week?" Chen Xi did not forget what Han Aotian said this morning about his many lovers.

Han Aotian frowned. Chen Xi's shy appearance really resembled that person. At this moment, Han Aotian's heart was as soft as water.

"Do you want me to come here every day?" Han Aotian asked absentmindedly.

"No, there's no need …" Being stared at by Han Aotian, Chen Xi immediately said.

Only then did Han Aotian withdraw his gaze and became serious.

"Then let's go for the weekend. I'll be coming over in the next two days." Han Aotian put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand and walked out of the dining room with a bit of displeasure.

After eating, Han Aotian disappeared. Chen Xi felt empty inside and didn't know what she wanted to do. She could only go back to her room to shower and sleep.

After a weekend, Chen Xi had class early on Monday morning, so she woke up early.

She was early, Han Aotian was even earlier. When Chen Xi woke up, the bed beside her was already cold. She clearly knew she was just a lover, so she shouldn't have felt such a sense of loss. However, she couldn't help but feel a bit sad.

"Miss, what do you want for breakfast?" Aunt asked with a smile as she looked at Chen Xi coming downstairs.

Chen Xi shook her head. How could she have any appetite? The days passed in this manner for two months. She knew about Chen Yue's recent developments, but she had not seen Ling Xun for two months. And in these two months, she felt like a doll. Han Aotian came as he pleased and left as he pleased.

It was an empty big villa. Every week, Han Aotian would come over once or twice a week, except for the weekends. Most of the time, only Chen Xi and the servants and aunties who didn't like to talk were there.

She, who was the most at peace and quiet, felt empty in her heart, for some reason unknown.

"Miss, it's best to have some for breakfast. Young Master has instructed the kitchen to prepare your favorite snack. " Auntie said gently.

Chen Xi nodded her head in disbelief.

But today was not a peaceful day.

Not long after Chen Xi arrived at the classroom, someone came over and pulled her away.

Chen Xi staggered two steps forward before she finally started struggling.

"Who are you and what are you doing?" Chen Xi was slightly angry, but since everyone in the class was looking at her, she felt too embarrassed to get angry.

"Come with me and you'll know. It won't hurt you." The person pulling Chen Xi was a tall boy with an ambiguous smile on his face.

Even if Chen Xi didn't look, she knew that everyone was looking at her and discussing her.

Chen Xi finally couldn't hold it in anymore. She brushed away the hand that was holding her.

"I don't know you!" Chen Xi said with a cold expression.

The boy couldn't help but feel embarrassed. He scratched his head and laughed dryly for a while.

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