"I know you don't know me. Um, Han Jingtian, you should know me, right? He asked me to come." The boy said awkwardly.

Of course, Han Jingtian and Chen Xi knew each other. In the past two months, when they were at school, they would basically see Han Jingtian's figure. Perhaps she still owed him a favor, but Chen Xi was no longer ice-cold.

"I'll follow you. Don't pull me." Chen Xi said lightly.

The boy nodded and led the way, rubbing his nose.

It was the school's most famous Cherry Blossom Road. Chen Xi felt uneasy as she followed him and finally saw Han Jingtian.

The weather was a little cold. Han Jingtian was wearing a light blue casual coat with a pure white T-shirt underneath. "She was dressed in beige slacks and spotless white loafers, so that she looked like she was coming out of a conversation.

Ever since she met Han Jingtian on the first day, she knew that he was a clean boy, so clean that she didn't dare to get close to him. Therefore, these days, whether intentionally or not, he had appeared. She always had a look of rejection on her face, but in reality, her heart was moved.

But now, Chen Xi's heart was in turmoil, she could even hear her own heartbeat.

With great difficulty, Han Jingtian walked in front of Han Jingtian. Even though he was already prepared, when he saw Chen Xi approaching, he was still so nervous that his palms were sweating.

"Chen Xi, I really like you. Are you willing to be my girlfriend?" Han Jingtian's voice was still soft, word for word, as he hit Chen Xi's heart.

Chen Xi didn't know what she felt. It wasn't the first time she'd been confessed, but it was the first time she'd hesitated.

Perhaps it was really because the boy in front of him was too clean. Colors that had never appeared in her world, she didn't deny that she liked Han Jingtian.

However …

Chen Xi finally raised her head.

"Han Jingtian …"

Before Chen Xi could finish her sentence, Han Jingtian interrupted her.

"Don't reject me now. I know that many people have failed to confess to you before, and I might even be one of those who have failed. But Chen Xi, tell me seriously, do you really not like me? "Although you've been avoiding me all this time, is it really because you hate me for hiding from me?"

"No, that's not the case …" Almost subconsciously, Chen Xi denied it without thinking.

Why would a boy like Han Jingtian want to hate him? But she couldn't.

"Chen Xi, you like me. You must like me, right?" Han Jingtian finally put away his usual gentleness and asked with a strong tone.

Chen Xi gritted her teeth and nodded.

"Yes, I like you, but I can't be with you. You don't need to say anything. The person I don't want to hurt the most is you. "You will meet even better girls. There are too many girls better than me in the whole school. Han Jingtian, stay away from me before you fall in love with me. This is for your own good." Chen Xi said seriously.

Han Jingtian was scared stiff by this unforeseen event.

"Wh-why?" Han Jingtian frowned his cute eyebrows. He grabbed Chen Xi and insisted on asking her clearly.

"There's no reason. I am a dangerous existence in and of myself. You don't understand me, and it's fortunate that you don't understand me well enough, so don't ask me why, staying away from me must be the wisest choice. " Chen Xi then took away Han Jingtian's hand that was holding her sleeve and left without looking back.

"Young master, this is what happened to Miss Chen Xi today, and …" The aide wanted to say something but hesitated.

"If you have something to say, just say it." Han Aotian continued to look at the document without raising his head.

"Second Young Master confessed to Miss Chen Xi today." The aide said carefully.

"Pa!" Han Aotian closed the document sinisterly and said coldly.

"I'll go back to the villa tonight." He handed the signed documents to the assistant in front of him, "Also, let her go to the villa immediately after class today, she can't go anywhere else."

Han Aotian had always been cold and indifferent, and he had already liked him. After answering "Yes", he left.

However, Han Aotian was no longer in the mood to look at the documents. He walked to the window and looked at the traffic downstairs.

Chen Chen, I still underestimated you.

When Chen Xi returned to the villa at night, she was surprised to see Han Aotian. She clearly said that they would only be here on the weekends, so why didn't they come as well? However, after being surprised, he felt guilty.

These two days with Han Jingtian had been so pleasant, and Chen Yue had liked Han Jingtian so much, that Chen Xi had forgotten that she was not free, that her freedom was hers.

"You, why are you here?" Chen Xi pinched the corner of her shirt with her right hand. Her eyes looked uncomfortable, and her voice trembled slightly.

"Chen Xi, I always thought you were very smart." Han Aotian sat on the sofa and looked at Chen Xi with a gaze so cold that it seemed like it was going to freeze.

Han Aotian's aura was too strong. Chen Xi was shocked speechless. Obviously, she didn't do anything wrong.

"Han Aotian, I …"

Chen Xi wanted to say, she was just a girl. In her entire life, other than Ling Xun, the other men beside her were Chen Yue. Han Aotian, she didn't dare to think too much about it. There were still seven months left in the one year period. After that, she didn't dare to think of any other possibility. But other than Han Aotian, she had only come into contact with Han Jingtian.

Gentle, sunny, filled with positive energy. Chen Xi was the most confident Chen Xi when she was with him. There had never been a moment where Chen Xi could live so easily.

If only they had known each other earlier.

"I'm sorry." Chen Xi clearly knew that she couldn't hide it from Han Aotian, but she still couldn't resist Han Jingtian's gentleness.

There had never been a boy like this in Chen Xi's life who was covered in radiance, and Chen Xi couldn't refuse.

"Chen Xi, I don't need your apology. I remember I said that when you were my woman, I didn't care who you thought you were, but your man could only have me. " Han Aotian's gaze turned colder. He didn't know what he was angry about.

He knew that he wasn't the only one with those women. However, when he thought about the other person in Chen Xi's heart besides Ling Xun, who was still his brother, he couldn't help but feel angry. He didn't know whether he was angry because that person was his brother, or because Chen Xi was disloyal.

"I don't have any other men." Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian in panic and tried to defend herself.

Han Aotian couldn't hold it in anymore and threw a stack of photos on the tea table!

Hold hands, kiss, hug. Her and Han Jingtian's every move was on those small pieces of paper. It was extremely clear and impossible to explain.

Chen Xi looked down at the photos, unable to say a word.

Han Aotian had never been a compassionate person, but every time Chen Xi was this helpless, he would be soft-hearted. It was fatal to be soft-hearted, but he could not help it. Perhaps, Chen Xi really did resemble that person.

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