Han Aotian walked over and lifted Chen Xi's chin to force her to look at him.

"Chen Xi, did I remind you?" The first time I received these, I endured it. I thought you would be smart enough to avoid these troubles. "But you have to do it again and again. Chen Xi, do you want me to put you under house arrest again before you listen to me?" Han Aotian gritted his teeth.

Chen Xi looked at Han Aotian. She didn't say anything, but her eyes slowly turned red.

Yet again, it was such a helpless look, making others feel like what she did wasn't wrong? Han Aotian was extremely angry, and the hand holding Chen Xi's chin gradually tightened. With a little more force, Chen Xi's sharp chin would be broken.

However, even though she was in so much pain, Chen Xi's eyes were bloodshot, and she didn't show any other reactions. His eyes were also empty as he stubbornly looked at Han Aotian.

"Chen Xi, do you know that you are causing a ruckus this time? I know you are broken now, you don't care, do you think, you are only one person? Why can't you just follow me? Ling Xun, I will endure it. Chen Yue, I will take good care of you. Do you need me to be the last one before you become a little more obedient? " Han Aotian couldn't bear it any longer and took back his hand.

With such force behind her, Chen Xi staggered and fell heavily onto the ice-cold ground.

"Chen Xi, do you know that Han Jingtian is my younger brother? "Kiss little brother." After Han Aotian said that, he pulled Chen Xi up and locked eyes with her. He wanted to clearly see her current emotions.

But at this moment, Chen Xi was completely stupefied. How could she not have expected this. With such a similar appearance, it looked like the gentle style of a noble family's young master. She knew that Han Jingtian had a good family background, but she didn't dare to ask too much. Han Jingtian was so clean and warm. As long as they got close, they really wouldn't be able to leave. It was the brother of the man who gave her the nightmare. This world was truly laughable.

Chen Xi had never hated Han Aotian so much before. Even though he had humiliated her earlier, she had never hated him so much. But now, Chen Xi wished that she had never met this man before.

He didn't know about it on his first day. He should have known about it from the first time Han Jingtian came into contact with her, but why did he have to tell her and warn her now?

"Chen Xi, do you think you're qualified?" Han Aotian saw the fluctuations on Chen Xi's face as he wished it to be done. Seeing the anger on Chen Xi's face, the depression in his heart finally dissipated a little.

Yes, she wasn't worthy. She shouldn't have appeared in their world!

Chen Xi sneered, threw off Han Aotian's hand and looked at him.

"Han Aotian, do you think that you're especially great now? Feelings are worthless in the eyes of people like you? Yes, I like Han Jingtian, not because of his anything, but because he has a warmth I have never felt before! I know him much earlier than I know you. If it was only because of his identity, I wouldn't like him now. Why do you think I'm like this? Isn't it because of you? What a ridiculous contract, what a ridiculous indenture contract! " After saying that, Chen Xi turned around and ran out of the villa without looking back.

However, there weren't many people in this kind of villa area. Chen Xi had been running for a long time, but the surroundings were still empty. There weren't even many lights. Finally, Chen Xi conceded once again.

In the end, this world was too big, and she was truly too small.

She could not blame anyone but herself for being toyed with and applauded for her lack of ability. What's wrong with Han Aotian? It's not wrong for him to have money. She already sold herself to him for a million, and now she's still pretending to be noble and noble in front of Han Aotian.

Chen Xi finally couldn't hold it in anymore. She hugged her knees and buried her face in them, crying loudly.

"Young master …" The driver looked at Chen Xi, who was not far away, and finally broke the silence in the car.

Han Aotian was still as motionless as a statue.

"Bring her here." Han Aotian finally opened his mouth.

The driver heaved a sigh of relief. According to Han Aotian's temperament from before, he wouldn't care about Chen Xi. Just a disobedient woman. However, Chen Xi was really different.

Never brought any women home, Chen Xi was an exception.

Chen Xi was an exception.

She would never be soft-hearted to women, Chen Xi was an exception.

With so many exceptions, it was definitely no accident. When he had chased after her, the anxiety and worry in his eyes were the real thing.

"Lili, it's late. Let's go back." The driver spent every day with Chen Xi. Chen Xi was like a child, as good to everyone as he was to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi gradually stopped crying. She raised her head with teary eyes and saw the car that usually carried her. She knew that Han Aotian was inside.

Chen Xi couldn't stop sobbing, but even if she was, Chen Xi still got into the car.

"Chen Xi, I hope this will be the last time. I don't want to fall out with my brother because of you. So, do you know what you should do? "Don't even think about touching the people around me." Han Aotian no longer had much patience left. Coming out to find Chen Xi was something he didn't even dare to think about. He had never wasted so much time and effort on a woman before.

"Yes." Chen Xi replied indifferently as she stopped her flirting.

"Miss Chen Xi, the young master said that he will ask you to accompany him to the royal ball tonight." The Special Agent sent a message. There was no need to think about it, Chen Xi had no choice but to go.

"I know." Chen Xi hung up the phone after she finished her cold reply.

Chen Xi and Han Aotian hadn't seen each other since that night. No, it should be that Han Aotian never went to find Chen Xi again.

Chen Xi put down the newspaper with Han Aotian's gossip on it. Her face was expressionless. She always knew that Han Aotian wasn't just a woman, but when she was with him, she never saw such news. Only in the last week, there has been a lot of gossip about it. Today was a new pure day, tomorrow would be the beautiful and mature Queen of the fashion circle. It had a long span and a very different taste.

But no matter who it was, it was much better than her.

So many women, why must she go? Chen Xi was puzzled.

"Every day for a week, the beauties by my side will be different. This CEO of Aoshi Group is way too amazing." While Chen Xi was still in a trance, the sound of discussions could be heard from the back row.

"This Han Aotian wants money, money, looks, and looks. This kind of repressive department beauty, it would already be lucky if she didn't bend the knee. Who cares if she has a lot of women?" Another girl said arrogantly.

"It's not as good as being bent, to be swapped for so many times."

As the two of them spoke, they started chuckling. Chen Xi did not listen to the rest of the story, nor was she interested in listening to it. Because her cell phone rang again.

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