"Get out of here. Turn left. You can get off the elevator." The man no longer looked at Chen Xi. He spoke plainly, as if the person who had almost lost control was not like him.

"Can I really go now?" Chen Xi asked with uncertainty.

The man took a business card from his pocket and said coldly, "This is my business card. "Chen Xi, in a week, you will come find me yourself."

Wen Ning didn't know if it was because the man's tone was too domineering, but her heart skipped a beat. She felt somewhat at a loss.

She definitely wouldn't be able to get her answer on the reason. Chen Xi grabbed the business card tightly and ran away as fast as she could.

The man looked at Chen Xi's fleeing figure with a cold smile.

"Chen Xi, I'll be waiting for you."

Chen Xi, who had just finished her class and was preparing to work at a nightclub, received a call. After hanging up the phone, Chen Xi rushed to the hospital before she could even get a leave of absence.

As soon as she got out of the car, Chen Xi gave the driver a hundred yuan and rushed into the operating room of the hospital without waiting for the money.

Chen Xi was burning with anxiety as she stood outside the door of the operation room. No matter what, she could not calm down.

When the doctor came out of the operating room an hour later, Chen Xi grabbed him in a hurry.

"Doctor, how is Brother Ling Xun?" Chen Xi asked worriedly.

The doctor took off his mask, looked at Chen Xi and asked, "You are Ling Xun's relative?"

Chen Xi nodded. "Doctor, how is he?"

The doctor looked behind Chen Xi and said, "The patient needs to undergo the kidney transplant as soon as possible. If you are a relative, do the matching surgery as soon as possible." The hospital will also pay more attention to this aspect. Be quick about it, the patient's condition can no longer be cured by medicine. "

Chen Xi was stunned. "How could that be?" Last week, the attending doctor said my brother was recovering well and that he might be able to control it without a transplant. "

"But now the patient has a very serious rejection, and dialysis and medication are not completely acceptable, so they have to do the transplant. "It's already the third stage of renal failure. If we were a bit later, it would have become uremia. Your families can discuss it." The doctor started to leave.

Chen Xi pulled him back, lowered her head and asked, "If we do a transplant, what are the chances of success?"

"About fifty percent. But if he doesn't have surgery, he only has twenty percent chance of survival."

"How much do I need to prepare for the operation?" When Chen Xi said this, her emotions were no longer visible to the naked eye.

Chen Xi, who had her head lowered, looked very heartbreaking. However, the more the doctor saw of these things, the less surprised he would be.

"A million dollars is to be prepared, because organ transplants are expensive surgery. If it's possible, remember to get someone who can speak to sign it. " When the doctor had finished, he walked away as if in a hurry.

Chen Xi was still standing there motionlessly, and the grief surrounding her seemed to be able to drown her. However, the hospital had been putting on this act of separation every day. No one cared anymore, so no one cared about how she felt right now.

A million.

Chen Xi silently counted in her heart. Right now, not to mention a million, she wouldn't even be able to afford 100,000 yuan. Ling Xun's treatment was already an astronomical figure, and so was her brother.

However, even if Chen Xi risked her life to work, she could only earn less than 10,000 yuan a month. She definitely wouldn't be able to take out a million in one go.

Wiping away the tears that were about to fall from the corner of her eyes, Chen Xi took a deep breath, raised her head and walked to Ling Xun's ward.

Because the effect of the anesthetic had not passed, Ling Xun was still asleep.

Chen Xi looked at the person who could still make her and her brother laugh a few months ago. Now, he was lying powerlessly on the sickbed, relying on medicine to maintain his life every day.

Chen Xi didn't know if she was lucky or not. All the pain and suffering hadn't come to her. However, of the two people he cared about the most, one had fallen and the other was still inexperienced. He would never be able to live like a normal person. If she had been ruthless enough, she would have let it go, but she couldn't.

When Ling Xun woke up, it was already two hours later. When he saw Chen Xi sleeping beside his bed, his heart was filled with boundless guilt.

"Xi Xi, wake up." Although Ling Xun couldn't bear it, he still woke up Chen Xi.

Chen Xi woke up with a blank look on her face. She looked at Ling Xun, still in a daze.

"Brother Ling Xun? You're awake? " Chen Xi was surprised and happy at the same time. "I'll go get a doctor."

However, Ling Xun pulled her back, "No need, I'm fine. It's just that it's a little useless, causing you to be so tired, yet you have to worry about me. "

Chen Xi's nose twitched as she tried to hold back her tears. "Nope. The doctor said you'll be fine soon."

Of course he knew it was Chen Xi's white lie, but Ling Xun didn't refute and just looked deeply at Chen Xi.

Just as Chen Xi was about to say something, the phone rang. Chen Xi retracted her hand and picked it up.

"Chen Xi, not good. Chen Yue is gone."

By the time they got to the treatment center, Chen Xi no longer knew what she was feeling. His younger brother was originally a retarded kid who was different from normal people. Now that he ran away, it was simply too difficult to find him.

"What's going on?" When Chen Xi rushed to the ward, the nurse looking at Chen Yue lowered her head and didn't dare to look at Chen Xi.

"Say something." Chen Xi, who was anxious to begin with, became even more anxious when the nurse remained silent. She couldn't help but speak in a loud voice.

Chen Xi did not have much money, so she brought Chen Yue here because Ling Xun was sick. The wards were the cheapest, and the nurses were new, so she had never experienced anything like it. Chen Xi asked hurriedly. She knew nothing else besides crying.

"I-I didn't do it on purpose. He said he was looking for his sister, and I didn't know what to do. Who knew that she would leave when I wasn't looking? By the time we found him, he was already gone from sight. " the nurse cried.

"No idea?" Don't you know he's retarded? When he makes a scene, won't you coax him? If you didn't pay attention, then where did you go? " Chen Xi was exasperated.

Ling Xun had just been operated on and was told that he needed a large amount of surgery fees. Chen Yue was gone again, and Chen Xi's mood sank to the bottom.

"I, I, I'm sorry." The nurse choked.

"Go look, go look." Chen Xi finally couldn't hold it in and burst into tears.

Looking at the nurse, who could easily cry, she found herself laughable. Others could cry if they were scolded, but she didn't even dare to cry if she had to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

"What are you arguing about? This is a hospital, and there are many other patients who are worse off than your brother, so don't scare them. " While Chen Xi was crying, the hospital's doctor came over and said coldly.

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