Han Jingtian's message was initially asking her why, but the latest information was saying that it was not good.

There was nothing wrong with him. She was the one who was truly unlucky. She knew that she shouldn't touch him, yet she still allowed herself to accept his gentleness.

"Chen Chen, I promise I won't force you. Please don't ignore me, okay?"

Chen Xi couldn't help but feel her eyes turn sour from such a low attitude. The two of them were really blood brothers. They even thought of the same nickname. They even clearly knew how to make her suffer, so they took turns fighting.

Chen Xi pretended as if she didn't see anything. She didn't hesitate to delete the phone and put it back in her pocket. She had already softened her heart once, but she was wrong. She couldn't do it again. Let go now, before Han Jingtian has a deep love, leave is the best, won't be too sad, also won't forget.

At three in the afternoon, the driver arrived at the usual place to pick up Chen Xi.

"Miss Chen Xi, Young Master has already chosen clothes for you. I will bring you over to give it a try." The dinner will begin at 5: 00. After you're done, I'll take you there directly. " The driver said respectfully.

"Got it." Chen Xi looked out of the window and said indifferently.

The clothes fit perfectly. Han Aotian had also picked out a few different styles for Chen Xi to choose from. However, Chen Xi didn't have any interest. She just casually glanced at them and picked up a pink-purple dress.

"Miss Chen Xi's eyes and Eldest Young Master Han's eyes are really the same. He also said that you definitely would like this one, so the size of the model is based on your figure." The stylist said with a smile.

Chen Xi frowned but didn't say anything.

Chen Xi remained expressionless as she endured the stylist's gesture. She did not say anything either and just quietly made her model.

Until she saw Han Aotian, Lili was like this. There was no change at all. Han Aotian's originally good mood instantly turned gloomy.

However, Han Aotian wasn't a patient person, so he definitely wouldn't coax Chen Xi over and over again.

"Chen Xi, it's been a week and you still haven't made any progress?" Han Aotian asked coldly.

Before Chen Xi could answer, a pink butterfly jumped straight into Han Aotian's arms, ignoring Chen Xi's existence.

"Brother Ao, I missed you so much!" The voice of the butterfly was also very sweet.

"Dia." Han Aotian was not angry, but he still had a faint smile on his face.

Chen Xi sneered in her heart. He humiliated her in such an open and honorable manner, yet he said that she wouldn't let her touch anyone else. He was truly unwilling to give her even the slightest bit of dignity.

"Brother Aotian." Another gentle and beautiful voice sounded from behind Chen Xi.

Chen Xi could clearly see the relaxed expression on Han Aotian's face. Unlike the courteous smile of the butterfly just now, it was a relaxed smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

Facing others with such a sincere smile actually made Chen Xi slightly unhappy.

Chen Xi turned her head to look at the person who had just spoken, but remained rooted to the spot, unable to move.

She had always felt that when Han Aotian looked at her again, there were some complicated feelings of love. She never thought too much about it. But now he knew that there was no love at first sight. From the first time they met, he had thought of her and raised her only because in his heart, she was another person's shadow.

Actually, it wasn't very similar. If one didn't look very carefully, one wouldn't be able to see any similarities. However, they wouldn't be able to tell whether it was an eye, an eyebrow, or a mouth. Chen Xi's mind was a mess, and her heart was filled with pain.

In all these moments of helplessness, she was only playing the role of someone else. The reason why he had endured so many times was only because of someone else.

"Jie." Han Aotian let go of Shen Mengdia and walked to Chen Xi's side. He gently put his arm around her shoulders and used strength that was neither light nor heavy.

Chen Xi finally snapped out of her daze and raised her head to look at Han Aotian, her eyes filled with panic.

"Is this the girlfriend Brother Aotian was talking about?" Shen Mengjie walked over and smiled at Chen Xi with a pure and beautiful smile.

"Sis, this isn't a girlfriend. It's not like you haven't read the domestic newspapers. Most of the people around Brother Ao are like this." Shen Mengdia harrumphed angrily.

"Xiao Die, don't talk nonsense." Shen Mengjie retracted her smile and looked at her sister reproachfully.

"Sorry, don't take my sister's words to heart. You're the first girl Brother Aotian brought to meet me." Shen Mengjie's smile didn't change as she stretched out her slender white hands. "Hello, my name is Shen Mengjie."

With such a friendly introduction, even if Chen Xi didn't have the mood to, she couldn't bear to refuse it.

"Hello, my name is Chen Xi." Chen Xi also smiled and held Shen Mengjie's hand.

However, at that moment, Shen Mengjie was stunned. She looked at Chen Xi and frowned slightly. "Have we met somewhere before?"

It felt very familiar, but Chen Xi wasn't in his memory.

"No, it's the first time we've met." Chen Xi was not in the mood to chat, so she replied half-heartedly.

"Brother Ao, is she really your girlfriend?" Shen Mengdia glared at Chen Xi in disbelief. Then, she took Han Aotian's other arm and pulled him away from Chen Xi.

"Little Butterfly, stop messing around." Seeing her sister's reaction, Shen Mengjie finally stopped smiling.

She already knew what her little sister was thinking, but if they were in love, she would happily bless them. However, he didn't. Han Aotian had also clearly said that Shen Mengdia was just a younger sister. Having known Han Aotian for so many years, Han Aotian was just someone who would never lie.

It was rare to see someone she liked as her big brother, but her little sister was still so impudent. Shen Mengjie was a little upset.

He originally thought that in the years he had been overseas, his sister had also been in love a few times and had already given up on Han Aotian. He didn't expect that he would be embarrassed for Han Aotian's girlfriend now.

"Elder sister!" Shen Mengdia swung her arms, unhappiness written all over her face.

"Didn't you tell Brother Ao to bring your sister-in-law here? Why are you so angry now? Be careful, Brother Ao might be punished by your sister-in-law when he goes back." Han Aotian withdrew his hand without revealing anything. His tone was completely different from how he treated Shen Mengjie.

Although they were two sisters, their attitudes were as different as the sky and the earth, let alone Chen Xi. Chen Xi's heart felt even worse.

"She's not some sister-in-law!" All of you are bullying me! " Shen Mengdia had been spoiled since she was little. She never knew what she wanted, and she always wanted what she couldn't get. If she got what she couldn't, then she wouldn't treasure it.

"Yo, who caused our little Dia to be unhappy?" A familiar voice echoed in Chen Xi's ears. Chen Xi didn't even have the courage to look back.

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