"Scared?" Chen Xi didn't have the time to wipe her tears away as she mockingly laughed, "My brother is also your patient. Now that he has disappeared from your side, don't you guys have the responsibility to look for him? Why didn't you inform me when we first went missing? Now that I can't find it, you called me here. Do you dare to say that you did it for the sake of the patient? "

"Chen Yue ran out by himself. This is already a violation of our hospital's rules." The doctor's face sank and his voice became even colder.

"A rule?" My brother's brain isn't normal. If you ask the patients here, who can understand your rules? You guys are the irresponsible ones. You don't care about anything once you take the money. " Chen Xi's emotions fluctuated even more. She took out all the money she had and threw it at him.

"You just want money, don't you? I'll give it to you! What else do you want? Speak up! " Chen Xi roared.

"What are you waiting for? Go call the security guards." the doctor snapped, pointing to the nurse.

At this time, Chen Xi had already calmed down. Since the hospital had already made up its mind, there was nothing Chen Xi could do about it. This was how society worked. If one had money, they could listen to whatever they wanted, but without money, they couldn't even get angry.

Chen Xi squatted down and picked up the things she had just thrown at him. However, she found the business card that the man had given her in the pile of money that night.

Chen Xi's hand that was picking up the item stopped as she turned the card around to look at it. With just a glance, Chen Xi lowered her head.

The CEO of Aoshi Group, not to mention the market value of the group, even his value was much higher than Chen Xi's.

Chen Xi couldn't help but recall the words that the man had said before he left that night. He said she would come back for her, for a week.

Only four days had passed.

Tightening her grip, Chen Xi put the business card into her pocket. Now, he could only ask for his help.

Z City was very big. It was really hard to find someone in the vast sea of people. Chen Xi searched through all the places that she thought Chen Yue might go, but she couldn't find him.

Originally, he wanted to rely on his own strength to find the person. If that was the case, then those who owed Han Aotian would be less. But it seemed like there was really nothing she could do about it now.

Chen Yue had been missing for less than 24 hours. If the police didn't file a case, they couldn't be used to help. Chen Xi stood at the intersection, looking at the people coming and going, the traffic flow, her heart was in chaos.

While Chen Xi was struggling to find Chen Yue or asking the person who gave the business card for help. Across the road, two figures sitting on the edge of a flower bed caught her eye.

Chen Xi no longer cared about the passing cars. She just drove past them like nobody else was around at the red light.

At this moment, Chen Yue was sitting beside a flower bed with an unfamiliar man. He was holding an ice cream in his hand and eating it contentedly. He had ice cream all over his mouth because he didn't know how to eat, and he even had a pile of it on his hands.

The man beside him had a warm smile on his face as he patiently wiped away the dirt on Chen Yue's mouth. Chen Xi walked over in a daze and hugged Chen Yue.

"Chen Xi." Chen Yue smiled foolishly and called out Chen Xi's name happily.

Chen Xi let go of Chen Yue and shouted at him for the first time, "How can you run around? Do you know how anxious I am to find you? What if it disappears? "

Chen Yue's mind was low. Normally, he would not be scolded by Chen Xi. He was shocked when Chen Xi suddenly spoke to him in such a loud and serious manner.

"Chen Xi, bad guy." Chen Yue didn't know how to express his dissatisfaction, so he could only get closer to the people beside him and throw away his favorite ice cream.

Chen Xi realized that she had lost her composure and took a deep breath. After calming her emotions, she smiled and held Chen Yue's hand.

"It was Chen Xi's fault. Chen Xi apologized to Yue, okay?" Chen Xi coaxed gently.

Chen Yue looked pitifully at the ice cream that fell to the ground, with a longing expression in his eyes. Chen Xi also took a glance and felt her heart ache. Her grip on Chen Yue tightened.

"Chen Xi, buy another one for Yue."

Chen Yue smiled happily. He didn't care about the stain on his hand and grabbed Chen Xi's hand.

A clean handkerchief was handed over at this moment. Only then did Chen Xi recall the man who had been taking care of Chen Yue. Zhang Xuan looked at her doubtfully, but he remained rooted to the spot.

The man's smile was warm and bright. It brushed away the layers of dark clouds in Chen Xi's heart and only made Chen Xi feel warm inside.

"Your clothes are dirty. Wipe them." Even the voice was gentle, like a clear stream.

Chen Xi smiled and took the handkerchief, but was in no hurry to wipe off the stains on her body. Instead, he wiped Chen Yue's body gently and patiently before taking care of what was on him.

The man, on the other hand, was watching Chen Xi's movements from the side. He was trembling as if he had touched the bowstring in his heart.

"Chen Xi." The man gently called out to Chen Xi. "Are you his elder sister?"

The question crossed Chen Xi's bottom line. Chen Xi's face darkened as she looked at the man who still had a gentle expression on his face. "This has nothing to do with you. Thank you for taking care of Yue."

He was about to pull Chen Yue away, but he was stopped by the man.

"I mean no harm. If you misunderstand, I apologize." The man's face was filled with panic, as if he had done something wrong. "Chen Xi, you really don't remember me?"

Chen Xi was stunned. She looked over with a puzzled expression and asked, "Have we met before?"

The man looked a little upset and embarrassed. He cleared his throat and looked at Chen Xi, saying, "We were rivals in the school's debate. You won." Have you really forgotten? "

Chen Xi was also a bit embarrassed and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, but please let me go first." With a little effort, Chen Xi retracted her arm that was still in his hand.

"Chen Xi, I admire your talent, so I've always paid attention to you. But do you really not remember me? " The man was clearly hurt.

Chen Xi smiled embarrassedly and shook her head.

"Don't worry, my name is Han Jingtian. I hope you won't forget it in the future." "Also, I will not tell anyone about what happened today. You can rest assured." Han Jingtian smiled brightly.

Chen Xi was also infected for a moment, but the smile on her face lessened.

"Thank you so much for today. Yue didn't give you any trouble, did she?" Chen Yue was a child who needed someone to put their heart into it. Usually, there would be very few people who would have such patience.

"No, I only said that I wanted to find my sister. Now it seems that you are his big sister. " After pausing for a moment, Han Jingtian looked towards Chen Yue. He slightly bent his body and looked straight into Chen Yue's eyes. With a friendly smile, he asked, "Did you say that I would help you find your sister and make her treat me to a meal?"

Chen Yue laughed happily. He pulled Chen Xi and said with expectation written all over his face, "Chen Xi, let's eat."

Although Chen Xi didn't like strangers getting close to Chen Yue, but Han Jingtian didn't look like a bad person. Moreover, Chen Xi had never refused Chen Yue's request. Thus, he nodded in agreement.

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