"But, I don't have any money, but I promise you, it's absolutely safe and healthy." Chen Xi could only helplessly say to Han Jingtian, who had a warm smile on his face.

"It doesn't matter." Han Jingtian raised his eyebrows and followed behind Chen Xi happily as they left together.

Han Jingtian thought Chen Xi would take him to a place like a roadside stall to eat. He had already made his preparations. But beyond his expectations, Chen Xi brought him home to eat. Han Jingtian looked at the simple yet warm house and admired Chen Xi a little more.

"Your home?" Han Jingtian asked in disbelief.

"No, I rented it." Chen Xi opened the refrigerator and looked at the ingredients inside. She could barely make a few dishes out of the ingredients.

Han Jingtian looked around. This house was really too small. He could look at it all in one glance. But from the furnishings and items inside the house, it could be seen that Chen Xi wasn't the only one living here.

"Do you need help?" Although Han Jingtian really wanted to ask Chen Xi something, but their relationship wasn't suitable for him to ask these questions. Maybe it was Chen Xi and Chen Yue who lived together.

Chen Xi shook her head. "I'll trouble you to take care of Yue. He likes to bite things randomly. He'll want to bite anything he sees. Just watch it for me."

"Alright, leave it to me." Han Jingtian agreed immediately, but did not immediately take action. Instead, he walked up to Chen Xi and said, "Chen Xi, open your mouth."

Chen Xi didn't know why, but she opened her mouth reflexively. She didn't know what Han Jingtian threw into her mouth, but a sweet taste exploded on Chen Xi's tongue.

"Chen Xi, I still like the confident you when arguing with me. You look good when you smile. I've heard that when you're in a good mood, the dishes you cook will be better. So, you need to maintain a good mood. " Han Jingtianyi said righteously.

Chen Xi couldn't help but laugh out loud. Perhaps the happiest thing in the past few days was now. Chen Xi's good impression of Han Jingtian went up a level, in her heart she classified him as a friend.

"Got it, hurry up and look after Yue." Chen Xi said with a smile.

"As you command, Lady Princess." As Han Jingtian spoke, he even made a standard gentleman's salute.

Chen Xi looked at Han Jingtian's back as he left. The haze in her heart seemed to have dissipated completely. Perhaps life wasn't as pleasant as she thought, but there were still people in this world like Han Jingtian who wanted her to be happy.

The food was simple, but the colors and the like were very appetizing. Han Jingtian was very picky with his food, but he couldn't pick it up when he saw what Chen Xi tried so hard to make.

"These are all things that Yue likes to eat. I don't know what you like to eat, so I made them myself without asking you. I'm sorry." Chen Xi, of course, did not let Han Jingtian off the hook.

"Don't worry, Yue is the oldest here." Han Jingtian was still smiling good-naturedly and even carefully helped Chen Yue pick the fish bone.

As Chen Xi watched Han Jingtian's movements, her eyes warmed up. She felt that life wasn't as difficult as it seemed.

Chen Yue ate happily, but Han Jingtian, who had been taking care of Chen Yue, only managed to eat a few mouthfuls. Chen Xi would still feel embarrassed even if she was a good friend, let alone someone she had just met.

"Is the food not to your taste?" Maybe taking care of her was just an excuse, but Chen Xi was observing him attentively.

Having been exposed, Han Jingtian felt embarrassed and scratched his head in annoyance.

"It's not that it's not tasty, the taste is really good." It's just that I don't eat melons. " Han Jingtian tried his best to defend himself.

Chen Xi glanced at the dishes on the table: green melon, bitter melon and the only fish specifically prepared for Chen Yue. This meal was to entertain Han Jingtian, but there was nothing that he liked. Chen Xi felt embarrassed.

"Are you saying that you don't eat all the melon foods?" Chen Xi had never seen such a picky eater.

As someone who had grown up in an orphanage, she couldn't afford to be picky about food. Because it's very likely that because of your picky food, you will starve for a long time.

"Yes." Han Jingtian nodded in embarrassment.

"What about watermelons and cantaloupes?" Chen Xi was in disbelief.

Han Jingtian shook his head.

"Then next time, when I send Yue to the hospital, I'll treat you to a meal and express my gratitude for taking care of Yue today." Chen Xi did not get angry. She just smiled and said.

"Didn't you live with Yue?" Han Jingtian was anxious and blurted out.

"I used to be, but now I live alone. As I have to work every day, I don't have time to take care of him, so I can only send him to a special hospital for treatment and care. "

Han Jingtian felt the tension in his heart loosen.

After eating, Han Jingtian had no reason to stay, so he could only leave. After seeing Han Jingtian off, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

After eating, Chen Yue fell asleep on the bed. Chen Xi looked at Chen Yue's carefree sleeping visage and smiled bitterly.

She still didn't know what to do tomorrow. Today, because of Ling Xun and Chen Yue's matter, Chen Xi had called her at her office to dismiss her. Her bank card plus Ling Xun's bank card added up to just over 40 thousand yuan, which was far less than Ling Xun's operating expenses.

Chen Yue's hospital had to be replaced, but Chen Xi was helpless now.

Helpless, Chen Xi found the name card in her pocket.

The CEO of Aoshi Group, this should be a drop in the bucket. But how could she say it when she had not come to vouch for anything?

Chen Xi was at a loss, but still gritted her teeth and put the name card back into her bag.

Chen Yue couldn't leave Chen Xi now, so Chen Xi took a long leave to take care of him and tried to find a way to solve Ling Xun's problem.

Ling Xun also knew about Chen Yue's disappearance. After seeing Chen Yue, he was also relieved. He smiled at Chen Yue and waved him over.

Hearing Ling Xun's words, Chen Yue ran over happily.

"Ling Xun, why are you still sleeping? Yue is already up. " There was an unquenchable pride in Chen Yue's voice.

"Because Yue is stronger than Ling Xun." Ling Xun touched Chen Yue's head, and when he looked up, he saw Chen Xi standing on the side in a daze.

"Yue, can you go to the side and eat something first? I want to talk to my sister." Ling Xun passed a peeled apple to Chen Yue with a smile.

Chen Yue took the apple and nodded his head. Then, he obediently sat on the sofa and started to eat.

"Xi Xi, I've seen your sad face for the past few days. Did something happen?" Ling Xun asked in concern.

Chen Xi smiled in a perfunctory manner and shook her head.

"Is it because of my illness?" But Ling Xun knows everything, "The doctor told me everything. Even if we managed to raise the money, we might not have the right kidney. Morning, don't waste your energy. We can't afford to have so much money. " Ling Xun said seriously.

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