"Of course not, I won't allow you to give up so quickly. Didn't you say that you wanted to become a brain doctor to cure Yue's illness? You said you'd take care of us. " Chen Xi's eyes reddened, and she said in a slightly out of control.

"Now that I'm like this, you have to worry about me. How can I take care of you? "Xi Xi, I just feel that I'm a bit useless. I've never done anything for you, and I still need you to suffer and suffer for me." Ling Xun's eyes were filled with pain.

"It's not like that. If it wasn't for you protecting Yue and me when we were young, we would both have been bullied." Chen Xi gritted her teeth and forced out a smile.

"You always remember these things. You'll be very tired. "Xi Xi, we have to keep looking forward. You always keep the memories of your childhood in your mind, it's just as good as it was then. It's really not worth it." Ling Xun sighed.

"You were the one who gave me the tuition fee, so how can it be that you've never treated me well?" Chen Xi replied, unconvinced.

Ling Xun was rendered speechless and could only shut his mouth. Leaving Chen Yue to play with Ling Xun, Chen Xi went to the doctor alone.

"Doctor, how long can Ling Xun's body last?" Chen Xi looked at the doctor and asked sadly.

"The hospital has already contacted them, but they haven't found the right kidney. His illness could not be delayed any longer. The longer it lasted, the more dangerous it would be, and the less likely the operation would succeed. With his deteriorating situation, he may not survive this month. " The doctor told Chen Xi the truth.

When Chen Xi heard this, she stood up excitedly and kneeled down in front of the doctor.

"What are you doing?" The doctor was shocked by Chen Xi's actions and hurriedly pulled her up.

"Doctor, I beg of you to save him. He's only twenty-three years old, and he wants to be a doctor. Doctor, with my kidney, please, I can operate. " Chen Xi began to cry and tightly held onto the doctor's hand.

"It's not that I don't want you to donate your kidney, but your report shows that you have a recessive heart disease. If you donate the kidney, it might affect your body. We have a rule that we can't operate on you. " the doctor said awkwardly.

"Doctor, my kidney fits, doesn't it? Didn't they have no kidneys? I can take on everything. If something happens to me during the operation, I don't think the hospital will be responsible, I promise. I can sign the guarantee. "

Chen Xi had no other choice. It was too difficult to wait for a suitable kidney. They had waited for so long, but there was still no sign of her. Chen Xi didn't matter. Without money, there was nothing she could do.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the doctor asked Chen Xi seriously.

Chen Xi nodded without a second thought. "Didn't I say that if my heart is well protected, it might be fine for the rest of my life?"

"But we're not sure if the function of a kidney can sustain your heart." The doctor said earnestly, "Even if this kind of surgery succeeds, we won't be able to guarantee your health in the future." Miss, a heart attack is not a joke. If you don't make it, you will die. The heart transplant department is now more difficult than a kidney transplant. Have you really thought about it? "

Chen Xi wiped away her tears. "Doctor, I've already thought about it. "Let's do the operation."

The doctor nodded. "The operation should be scheduled for next Monday. You should prepare the money first."

Chen Xi pleaded, "Doctor, I hope you can keep this a secret. It's about my donating the kidney. It's confidential to everyone. "

The doctor stared blankly at Chen Xi for a long time before agreeing.

After Chen Xi left the doctor's office, she made a decision.

Chen Xi wandered around the Aoshi Group Building for more than two hours, but didn't have the courage to enter. Chen Xi naturally didn't realize how strange it was for her to be walking around in other companies. However, Chen Xi did not look like a bad person, and the security guard also hesitated for a long time before slowly walking over.

"Miss, do you need any help?" the security guard asked carefully.

Chen Xi was originally thinking about something, but after being called, she jumped up. Seeing that it was someone wearing a security uniform, Chen Xi smiled embarrassedly.

"Excuse me, did I disturb you?" Chen Xi said unnaturally.

Seeing Chen Xi's awkwardness, the security guard was even more confused. The girl who looked like she was only in her early 20s seemed to be in a dilemma.

"You have been walking here for more than two hours. Is there anything I can help you with?" Or do we need to find someone? " The security guards tried their best to slow down their tone.

Chen Xi lowered her eyes and muttered, "Has it been two hours?"

When he looked up again, the hesitation was gone from his face. Chen Xi smiled at the security guard and asked, "Excuse me, Mr. Han Aotian, can I see him?"

"What?" The security guard thought he had heard wrongly.

"I want to see Han Aotian, where can I wait for him?" Chen Xi repeated herself.

"You're looking for the CEO? Do you have an appointment? " The security guard asked in disbelief.

Chen Xi would never have any connection with someone as high up as Han Aotian.

An appointment? Chen Xi was shocked. She still needed an appointment to see him? Chen Xi smiled bitterly and shook her head.

"I don't have an appointment, but he said I can always find him. I have his card. He gave it to me himself. " Chen Xi hurriedly opened her bag and started rummaging through it.

"Miss, we can't let you see the CEO. But since you say so, you can go in and ask at the front desk. " The security guard didn't look like he was joking as he looked at Chen Xi. His delicate and touching face made him feel pity for her.

"Front, the front desk?" Chen Xi had never seen such a formation before and was momentarily at a loss.

"Follow me." As the security guard said this, he led Chen Xi into the company and led her to the front desk.

The guard then told the front desk girl about what happened to Chen Xi. The front desk girl cast a sarcastic glance at Chen Xi and said with a cold smile: "Meet the CEO? Do you think the president can be seen so easily? Make an appointment first. "

The front desk girl's sarcastic tone made Chen Xi feel embarrassed and her face turned red.

"Please, please give him a call. Tell him that it's Chen Xi who is looking for him, and that he must see me once." Chen Xi took a deep breath and pleaded again.

"She's been out for more than two hours, so why don't you help her make a call?" The security guard couldn't bear to watch Chen Xi's expression, so he too opened his mouth to ask for help.

"Big Brother Security, it's not that we can't help, this is the company's rule. You just stand there and watch, it's not your place to talk about this sort of thing. "I haven't told you yet, but our company is a big company after all. Not just anyone can casually enter." The front desk girl snorted disdainfully.

Chen Xi couldn't hold it in anymore. She took out her phone, found the name card Han Aotian gave her, and dialed the number.

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